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Weekend With My Cousin

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About a year ago I was visiting my cousin. I would visit him once a year or he would come and visit me. Anyway, we had gone out to several bars that night, having a great time talking and dancing with some of the women. When we arrived back at his apartment, I told my cousin that I was going to take a shower and go to bed because I had to leave the next day.

After I finished the shower I dried off and put on my shorts. As I walked past his bedroom I heard moaning, so I quietly walked back to his bedroom where he had the door slightly open. I looked in and got a big surprise, as he was lying on his bed massaging and stroking the biggest penis I have ever seen. His cock had to be at least 10 inches long because when his cock was laying on his stomach the head just went past his belly button. I was totally mesmerized by the size of it.

He would put some lotion on his cock, stroking and massaging it, then adding more lotion every few strokes. As I watched the show, my cock started to get hard, I was really becoming aroused. I never thought I'd get excited about watching another guy jack off. After watching him for about 10 minutes he said, 'What do you think?' I was kind of shocked me that he knew I was there. He said, 'Come in for a closer look if you want.'

I told him I was totally amazed by the size of his cock and he said, 'Everyone is, especially some of the women.' He said that it actually scared some of them because they thought that it was to big. He said that with most women he could only fit 3 to 4 inches inside of them and that some won't have any sex with him. He said he spends a lot of time jacking off.

He asked if I wanted to touch his penis and I said I did. I ran my fingers down the length of his cock and he told me to do whatever I wanted to with his penis. The only thing was, that I had to make him cum. I held his cock by the base and stood it up, it was huge. I tried to stroke him with one hand and I couldn't. I had to put one hand on top of the other and stroke it that way. I was really turned on by all of this, with my cock throbbing and straining at my shorts.

He told me to stand up, which I did and he reached over, pulling my shorts down. He released my throbbing cock and then examined my average six-inch penis. He said that sometimes he wishes his cock was the same length as mine. It really felt strange to have another man slowly stroking my cock. and massaging my balls, but at the same time it really turned me on.

I laid down next to my cousin and put my penis up against his. It was like looking at a giant and a dwarf. His penis towered over mine and it was twice as thick as mine. I rubbed my hard cock up and down the length of his, mixing our pre-cum and the feeling was great. I massaged and stroked his penis for what seemed like a hour. It felt wonderful to feel the softness and how firm it was at the same time. I would run my hands up and down the shaft feeling the head how it was soft and rubbery.

He had quite a bit of pre-cum on the head and I spread it on the rest of his cock. I was also massaging his balls, which were normal size. I would place one hand about three inches below the head of his penis and stroke him. At the same time I would use my other hand to massage and lightly squeeze his balls. I then alternated between massaging his balls and his anus. I would stroke the head of his penis and watch, as that huge thing would twitch because of how sensitive it was by then.

It was about then that my cousin told me to make him cum. I grabbed his cock with both hands, pumping it fast and hard. It took about three minutes or so before he started to cum. He let out several moans and started to buck his hips before he finally shot his load. His cum exploded out, with three spurts that shot about three inches high and fell back on my hands. I continued to pump his cock and his cum just kept coming out down my hands. His cum was hot as it hit my hands.

I let go of his penis to look at all the cum on my hands, as he rapidly went soft. By now my cock was so sensitive and wet from the pre-cum that a strong wind would have made me cum. My cousin got up, grabbed my penis and squeezed it to prevent me from cumming just then. As he stopped squeezing my penis he began to pump it fast and hard. All the time he was massaging and squeezing my balls. It didn't take more than half a dozen pumps and I was shooting my load all over his hand.

I never thought another guy would get me so turned on. I'm not a gay man, but needless to say I make a yearly trip to his house and we spend hours jacking each other off.



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