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Weekend Pass

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Try it, you might like it.


I have sent several contributions to Solo Touch over the last year or so. This one has to do with an experience I had while in the army. I was stationed down South and had been recently married. Needless to say, celebite life was very difficult to endure, especially since I knew I had an easy score if I was at home. My wife was most willing to please me. However, the nearest I got to satisfying myself over that 6 week period was late at night in the latrine, but it wasn't the most satisfying of times. As a result, horniness became my way of life in the army.

After a treacherous week of tactical training, my company was given weekend passes. My bunkmate, Paul, and I decided to pair up and go to town and see what havoc we could raise. On the bus ride to town we buddied up with two other guys who said they knew where to stay in town, and if we registered at the hotel desk for a room we could share the space among the four of us to save some money. We were all broke, so we all agreed.

Once in town we paired off and took in the sights. We looked for a base of operations from which we could recon the prospects for a fun weekend. We found a great bar near the hotel. It was fairly crowded and we squeezed to the bar and ordered some drinks.

There was a fellow from New York sitting alone and he offered to buy us a drink. It was a patriotic gesture. We accepted his offer and struck up a conversation. We later found out he was a TV director who was working on a local TV talent show.

Paul and I looked at each other and we both had the same thought. This guy has to know some hot babes in this town. Maybe we could work a deal. We explored the possibilities with him and he said it was a great idea. He suggested we go over to his apartment and he will make a few phone calls. He had wheels so we were doubly grateful. Girls and wheels for the weekend. Great!

On the way to his place he stopped to get some liquor. He trusted us enough to leave the car running as he went inside to buy some scotch. We didn't drink scotch, but what the hell...

We pulled up to this large victiorian house and pulled into the driveway. His apartment was over the garage in the back. He was feeling no pain, and Paul and I, both, had had plenty of drinks as well. Up we went into this TV director's love nest, or so we thought. After settling in, he mixed us drinks. They were extremely strong. He preceeded to make a few phone calls for girls.

After a few calls he looked at us and said no girls would be forthcoming. Jeeze! Here we were hoping to have a hot time and now it was all gone and we were way out here with nowhere to go and no way to get there. We sat in his living room and started to discuss the alternatives.

He said that it was too bad that he couldn't get a hold of some girls to show us a good time, but he had a way to help us anyway. He placed his hand softly on my knee and began to rub my thigh as he smiled. I was not prepared for this kind of seduction. Neither was Paul. We were both married and super straight and wanted no part of a homosexual. He offered to give us a hand job and maybe even some head if we wanted. He knew we were hot and horney since that's all we talked about all night. But his offer actually took us by surprise. That's when we both stood up and told him that he had to drive us back to town, immediately.

The three of us left and he had trouble driving because of all the liquor he had drunk that night. All we knew was that he better get us back to our hotel or there might be some shit to pay. Aside from the tree he hit on the way out of his driveway, the ride went well. He pulled up to the hotel and said, were we sure we wouldn't change our minds? He reached over and felt both our crotches, and I have to say that I was either going to smack him in the face, or maybe, even be tempted to let him have his way with me. I was super horny, and a hand job is a hand job. (Any port in a storm.)

But calmer heads prevailed and we left him in his car at the curb. My buddy slammed the car door to make it emphatic. We both looked at each other and shook our heads and uttered a sigh of relief. As we walked through the hotel lobby, we thought about having something to eat first, but my buddy, Paul, was tired so we headed up to our shared room.

We entered the room quietly, not to wake our roommates. The room was empty, except for the mattress pulled off the box srings to give us a place to sleep four. We both stripped down to our boxers and plopped on the double box spring. We'd let our other buddies take the mattresses when they got in.

I rolled over and pulled a sheet up over myself. Paul got into the bed from the other side. I turned my back to him and bid him goodnight.

I lay there wishing my wife was laying next to me. It didnt take me long before I was in a twilight sleep. I could feel Paul next to me. The heat of his body was coming throught the sheet. Oh boy! What was I thinking? The events of the night had made me excrutiatingly horny. My cock was hard pressing against the top of the boxspring. What would Paul think if I made a pass at him. My thoughts kept going to the TV director and his hands all over our cocks. I remember how Paul looked when the TV guy suggested he fill in for the girls. Paul actually had an interested look on his face, or was I imagining that?

Just as I was fantasizing a hand job, I felt a hand on my hip and thigh. It was Paul's hand. It was searching. I rolled over and he found what he was looking for. My cock was as swollen as it had ever been. My hand brushed agaist Paul's stomach. It came to rest on his hard cock. Was I dreaming?

I could feel my precum juices sliding out of my cock as Paul began to stroke me. I automatically began to do the same to him. It all seemed so natural, in spite of the fact that neither of us ever thought this would happen.

We both shed our boxers and clasped our bodies together, feeling our warmth and hardness pressing into ourselves. Our legs were entwined. Our arms around each other. We even kissed. This was a revelation. Never would I have ever dreamed that this could happen. We were both in a state of ecstacy. We both fell back to the prone and allowed each other to explore our bodies. With my eyes closed, it felt as though my hardness had risen to beyond 12'. I couldn't believe how hot I was.

It felt as though an hour had gone by, but it was just minutes. I could feel Paul's hand delivering me to some promised land. It felt so extraodinarily good. Paul's hard cock felt good in my hand as well. We both slowly stroked each other, allowing each of us to get harder than ever. I could feel our build-up of semen. We were both going to explode with abounding lust and affection.

Suddenly, It dawned on me that the other guys might pop in any minute. It shocked me into reality, but I didn't care. Let them find us holding each other's cock. Let them join in with us. I didn't care. I could feel Pauls hips tighten and thrust slightly. My cock was teetering of the brink as well. Suddenly we both shot our white love juice into the air, landing and mixing together on our chests. Our satisfaction was better than any time I could remember.

We wrapped ourselves in the sheets and turned toward each other. We touched each other's cock one more time and drifed off to sweet dreamland.

The other two guys never showed up that night. I guess they got lucky. Paul and I got lucky, too, It was the first and last time we were ever together sexually. It's a memory I will always have.



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