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Weekend of Skiing

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My nephew and I went up to the mountains for a weekend of skiing...


My brother died four years ago. Every winter he would take Steven skiing for a weekend. Since I'm an avid skier, after Will died, I thought I would continue the tradition. So, for the past couple of years Steven and I have gone.

Steven and I have a great relationship, we've always been able to talk about anything; girls he's been dating and so on. Steven is also my only nephew, so I was really looking forward to spending some time with him.

We drove up to the mountains Friday evening, checked into our lodge, then went to get some dinner. During dinner the conversation was mainly about girls, one of his teachers, to be more specific. I knew, most boys had crushes on a teacher or two growing up, but what made my ears spark up was, while describing her, he said, 'you know, kinda like you, Alice' I was a bit taken back by this, so I quickly changed the topic.

After we got back to the room, we both brushed our teeth and got ready for bed. About midnight, I woke up, Steven was breathing pretty heavy, so I didn't think he'd wake up if I took care of myself. I had felt the need to take care of myself ever since Steven said that the teacher he had the hots for looked like me. I liked the fact that a young handsome man found me attractive, even if it was my nephew.

I guess my breathing got a little heavy, because when I was getting into it Steven asked if I was alright. I quickly gained my composure, or the best that I could, apologized, and told him I was fine. He said, 'ok, goodnight' and rolled over. I didn't dare try it again, so I just lay there still, until about five minutes later, Steven said, 'Alice are you awake?' I said yes, he then asked if I was masturbating. Shocked, I figured I've always been truthful in the past so... I responded, 'yeah, sorry' he said, 'ok, cool.... Do you do it often?' I said, 'occasionally, but after you had said you had the hots for your teacher, the one who looked like me, I was really flattered, and feeling a little horny, so, since I thought you were sleeping I decided to take care of business'.

He then said he'd had a hard on all night, ever since he saw me get ready for bed, so if I wanted to, I could take care of myself, and he would take care of himself.

I know what the correct answer was, and what I should've said, but I was feeling extremely horny, and was thinking with my crotch, not my mind. So I said, ok. I started, I wasn't too far into it when I looked onto the other bed and saw Steven stroking slow and sensually, I soon found myself just staring at Steven and not worrying about myself and my needs. I was getting hot just watching.

Steven looked at me, and asked if I was going to do it as well. I said, 'I will, I'm just enjoying the show'. Shortly after, he squirted, then said, 'ok, I'm done, now it's your turn'. I went into it... Then I heard, 'need a hand?' I thought, fuck it, sure, so he climbed into my bed, and started running his hands up and down my body. I never knew how erotic that was, I soon came, and came hard. My hands were wet from my juices, so I went to the bathroom, and when I came out I expected to see Steve on his bed, but he was still in mine, I jokingly asked if he was going to be sleeping with me. I was shocked when he said, 'if you want me to, I'd love to.' I figured, I've done everything else, ok, so we slept together, and cuddled the whole night.

The next day I woke up early, looked at the man sleeping next to me, kissed his forehead, he woke up, raised his head and kissed my lips. Then he told me how much he enjoyed last night. I smiled and told him that I enjoyed it as well, and we could do it again that night if he agreed to not tell anyone.

We put on all our ski gear, got some breakfast, then hit the slopes. Steven and I are a bit competitive when it comes to skiing, and I've always been a little better, but he certainly had new confidence and out skied me.

The afternoon came to an end, we went back to the lodge, put on swim suits and headed for the hot tub. A nice long sigh as we both got in. Soon all the other people left, and it was just Steven and I. He slid over next to me, the next thing I knew his hand was on my leg. I looked at him, then deep into his baby blue eyes, and where I was going to move his hand, instead, I grabbed it, and slid it to my crotch, once his hand was in the right place, my hand then moved to his crotch. As soon as I touched his shorts, a young couple got in with us. Then I looked at Steve, and said that I was getting a little too hot, and asked if he'd be up for some pizza for dinner. He got out, grabbed a towel, then I got out, being the gentleman he is Steve wrapped the towel around me, then got his. I smiled, in my mind, I was thinking all the different things that I wanted to do with that handsome young man.

We got back to the room, I said I'd order the pizza then after Steve's shower I'd get in. Steve then said, why don't we just shower together. Again I knew what I should've said, but didn't, so we showered together, soaped up one another and got all clean, I'm not going to say we had a little make-out session in there, but I'm also not going to lie and say we didn't.

After the shower the pizza came, we ate, played cards, and watched some tv. Then got ready for bed. Tonight, I was only wearing a shirt, so I was really feeling sexy and a little randy. Again Steve got into bed with me, this time we didn't masturbate, or get off at all, we just cuddled and made out a little.

The next morning we got ready and hit the slopes. It was another beautiful day of skiing. That evening I took him home. It was a wonderful weekend at least I had a great time! Steven asked if we could go up again, later in the season, when the snows better. I said, 'absolutely, I'd really love that.... The skiing would be fun to', as I gave him a little wink and left.



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