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Weekend of Decision

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This is a long story I could not figure where to break it up. There is FF F solo and FM elements to this story


This story happened last summer. It was the something that could have torn my marriage apart but it turned out to be the impetus to bring us back together. We were going through a rough patch. He was under a lot of pressure at work and I was left managing the home front nearly exclusively, except where public perception dictated my husband's appearance. He works in the DA's office and was in position to run for the head job when the current DA retires. My husband argues all the high profile cases. This for months meant him working 60-70 hour weeks.

This is unusual in the public sector, and was why he chose this over being a private attorney where the pay is much better. In fact when we started out, he had a small private practice, along with his job with the county. He was always home by 6:00 we had dinner as a family, and he was available until the kids were in bed. He would book a couple hours in after the kids were in bed, or first thing in the morning on court days. We always had our weekends and things were very nice.

With staff cut backs, and his posturing for a run, he has been unavailable unless the kids were in some public program. If the news or paper were to be there, he was sure there. If media didn't show, a release went to the paper about the accomplishment as a school, and noting our kids. Neither the kids nor our friends knew the origins of the articles, but based on the frequency of the articles, you would think ours was the only school in the county. The kids and their friends loved the attention and I think they worked harder to do note worthy things, the school as a whole worked to live up to the hype. The by line for the articles was a pen name he had used in collage, or even I would not have known their origin. If you want to improve a school, have someone be a PR publicist for the school.

My 20 year High School Reunion was coming up and several of my friends were on me to attend. I had not been back to my home town since my folks move south in retirement. My husband agreed to find a way to get away for most if not all of a week. The kids were going to visit my parents down south. One of my friends was putting us up in the honeymoon suite at her bed and breakfast. As the week came to go the trial my husband wanted to have wrapped up the week before was stretching out. He needed to do the close, and the judge was not about to grant a week long continuance in a jury trial.

So off I went alone to my home town. My friend picked me up and had an afternoon planned for us at the beauty parlor, so we would look our best for the reunion. She was married but had no kids. Her husband commuted to work and was away 4 nights a week. We did the works: cut, color, highlights, curl, and mani- pedi. It was a real treat. We got caught up on ten years and reminisced about days gone by.

After the beauty parlor, we raided her closet with the goal of dressing in the raciest outfits we could come up with. She had quite a selection, double income no kids allows for that. By six we were dressed to kill, I would have never dared to go out like this back home, being the wife of the next DA carries expectations. However, four states away, where no one had ever heard of him, and where my family had been gone for a decade, I felt completely energized.

She had a surprise for me. She had made reservations in a near by city and arranged for a limo with a barter group she was in. We had dinner at a lovely Italian restaurant where the owner saw personally to our every need. We finished around 10:00 and she suggested we go clubbing, I was glad we were two hours east because I would not have been up for it but I figured I'm certainly dressed for it, this was my vacation, I'm going to live it up with or without my hubby. The club scene I guess is pretty dossal on Thursday, we were able to get right in, and even got a table. We ordered drinks and when they came they were paid for, our hosts might have been as old mid 20's but doubt it. They came over and introduced themselves, and asked if we minded a little company. We told them we were married. They said if you don't mind, we sure don't, we are just out for a fun night. I told my friend as long as they don't expect us to go home with them, what's the harm. She leaned in close to the shorter guy who seemed to be flying lead. He shrugged his shoulders and said it's your call.

We danced and drank till well past midnight. The guy I was with was a great salsa dancer. He managed more than the casual grope over the course of the night. He held my hand under the table and used the finger of his other had to lightly caress my palm and wrist. He leaned in close and spoke ever increasing endearments and suggestions as to how hot he thought I was. My girlfriend seemed to be getting much the same treatment. I finally asked him how old he was. He said I old enough to know how to please a woman and young enough to do it all night long. He took my hand and rested the back on the inside of his thy, he had the beginnings of an erection. His boldness, and the size of his equipment, shocked me into near sobriety. There was an unmistakable tingle, and flood of juices, and a panicked realization, if I did not get out of here now, I would regret it in the morning. My body was so ready to test if he was as good as he suggested. I told my girlfriend we needed to go. She sensed my certainty and she called the driver to pick us up.

They asked to walk us to our cars, as we came out the limo was just pulling up, I think they realized that their opportunity was about to slip away. My guy drew me in close and said 'thank for a wonderful evening.' He kissed me with an intensity I had not felt in years, his tong probed and my lips parted. As he held me close I could feel his arousal, his leg shifted forward and he pulled me to the side so my cunt was saddled on his hard flexed leg. Visions of us doing things I had not done in months, if not years raced through my head. I broke the kiss somewhat dazed and looked to my girlfriend who was getting the same treatment. I cleared my throat, and I said we have to go. My date held the door as we got in, he said we are available to go with you, if you would like. I just said I'm flattered but must say no. He handed me his card and all that was on it was his name a number and an email address. These guys were as smooth as they come. They caught me at a moment of weakness, and but for one more drink or one more week without sex at home, and I'd have ridden him till the morning.

The ride back we were as giddy as school girls. It was great to be appreciated and to be the focus of attention. We talked about the goings on under the table, apparently my girlfriend was getting the same treatment I had been getting on my palm and wrist except she was getting it up the leg. At one point his finger was creasing the gusset of her panties. She pulls up her skirt proceeds to show me. Her panties were dark with moisture and crease from her anus to her clit. I asked if she had ever cheated on her husband. She said they had done some swinging, but she had never gone out alone like that. I asked if she would have gone home with them. She smiled and said I don't know. I loved the attention. It was just like when we were in high school. We called the shots, and we could tease like crazy, not have to put out. Now we get to go home and cum to the fantasy.

Her words struck my. I had packed for a romantic weekend and I did not pack any toys. I can only get off with a vibe. Don't get me wrong I can screw all night and love it, but I need a vibrator for full release. I Shared this with my host and asked if there was anywhere in town that sold such stuff. She said 'we can check it out tomorrow but we can use mine tonight.' We used to jill off together back in high school those memories came flooding bact. She rolled up the privacy screen and whipped off her panties and said 'It's a long ride no sense wasting the time.' She came twice on the long ride back. I got sooo close, but was weirded out with the driver just three feet away.

We got home and she suggested she get her toys and meet me in my room. I was undressed and in my silk robe when she arrived she wore a nighty and a long robe.

We shed our robes and hopped in bed she had an incredible selection of toys, and she said these are only my favorites, I told her 'if my hubby doesn't show up tomorrow I what to sleep in your room'. She said her hubby will be in town, Then the drinks started talking and I said 'all the better.' She had me lie back and she used warming oil to ready me for penetration.

She said this is my favorite, it was vibrating dildo whit a separate vibrator for the clit. I had a battery one that was similar, that I had been giving quite a work out on occasion lately. Hers was different the clit vibe had different patterns. She said relax and enjoy, there are no batteries to ware down we can go all night if you need to. When we were young we never touched each other except to kiss, the drinks and my extreme horny state had me very willing to anything she might do or ask. She set it on a pulsing rhythm. Three shorts and a long, I told her I don't think this is going to do it, patients girl friend, don't rush it, this is your big city stud, and he has all night. My mind drifted back to the stud that had promised to show me he knew what women liked. I dreamed he was running the vibe and it was his hands that were caressing my tummy to my tits. It was he who began to suckle and nuzzle my nipples. After about 3 minutes it was clear that I absolutely could cum from this, I don't know how long I lasted it was like a long climb to the peek of a mountain. I could see peek but just wasn't there yet. Then she started seeding my fantasy, whispering in my ear. 'He is in you now; he is only giving you  1/2 his enormous cock. He has no rubber and he is going to flood your cunt with sperm, then I'm going to lick you till you cum again. He is getting closer, cum with him' and she pressed the clit vibe hard onto my clit, 'here he comes, cum with him,' I was bucking and whining and finally it hit. I came and came and came, then the vibe was too much so she shut it off. It was only then that I felt the grinding of the shaft. She said 'he is still pumping cum. You are the hottest fuck he has ever had.' I don't know if I blacked out or fell asleep but. The next thing I remember was the curtains being drawn and light streaming into the room. I had a bit of a hang over, but felt well rested. Then I asked 'Did you use a vibe on me last night?' 'You know I did.' 'and did you eat me out.' 'No darling but if you would promise to return the favor I'd be pleased to. You kind of left me hanging last night.' I told her 'I'm so sorry, I was so horny and so drunk and so tired.' 'no worries' she said. 'I took care of myself. Sorry you missed the show. Your husband called this morning, he is coming but not until Monday night.' I was really steamed.

Then she said 'if you're still horny we can do stuff before my husband gets home or I can talk to my hubby about a three way tonight after, I'm sure he would be up for it.'

I was really tempted but now in the light of day even what we had done the night before was making me feel guilty. 'Can we just masturbate ourselves together with your toys? I think last night my libido was writing checks that my bank won't cover.' She said 'I think that was the booze girly.'

I asked 'Can we go shopping so I have a toy for after the party?' She said 'sure but I doubt we will find anything other than a massager in town.' I said 'that's fine. that's my weapon of choice at home.' She replied 'you need to work on a more subtle approach; you came like gang busters last night.' 'Maybe I'll barrow one of yours tonight too.'

Between shopping a late lunch and primping for the reunion, we did not have time to do any sightseeing. My Host insisted I wear one of her bustier bras and a strapless dress instead of the 'mother of the bride dress' I had brought as she called it. I was expecting to see several old boy friends at the party, since my hubby wasn't there I readily agreed.

The party was at a country Inn in a converted barn. I danced more that night than I had since before I was married, several slow dances with the guy I would have married if I had stayed in town. I mused that if my marriage broke up, I would move back here and try to reconnect with him. He was between girlfriends at the time. He had married once, but it was a bad deal she was jealous of his business, it did not even last a year. He owned a day spa that catered mostly to women.

At the party they did a fundraising Chinese auction in memory of a class mate who had died of cancer. They had prizes of furniture, dinner out, to car detailing. The only thing that was offered that I would have much use for, which I would not have to ship three states away, was an all day spa treatment. I figured I could treat myself for enduring an in attentive husband. I put all my tickets in that basket and low and behold I won it. I spoke to my Steve who owned the place. I said I was only in town until Thursday and he said, they could work me in on Monday, which worked because my husband was supposed to arrive on Monday evening.

Several of us went out for an early breakfast. My host did not come so my Steve offered to drive me. Breakfast was even better than the party for reminiscing, it is amazing how perceptions very on events that happened over two decades ago. When he drove me back he asked me why I had come stag. Word was my marriage was on the rocks and I wanted to see how he was doing. I must have told everyone at the party except him that my husband had to work, and that he would be joining my later in the week. Just like high school, that was not how it was communicated. He seemed disappointed. When he dropped me of he came around and opened my door just as he always used to do. Something my husband used to do, but has not done in ages. He asked if he could walk me in. I told him I did not think that was a good idea. I went to my room and wanded out three massive orgasms fantasizing about my Steve and alternatively a three way with my girl friend and her hubby. Saturday we met with some others and took a harbor cruse and visited some museums that had escaped our interest when we were young. Sunday there was a 5 k walk run for the cancer society, so I did that in the afternoon. Come Sunday night after being on my feet dancing and dancing and touring and running. I was beat. My legs and feet were very sore. I was looking forward to the spa day on Monday. I had some butterflies about seeing my Steve again as well.

I arrived at the appointed time and presented my certificate. The girl handed me a menu of services and the time allotted for each I was entitled to 6 hours of services. Hair colors, Piercings, body art, or take home products, were extra. I had just had my hair and nails done and a mineral wrap (mud Bath) did not excite me. I had not shaved for about 7 days and I had let my garden grow wild after having done waxing for years. So a full Brazilian wax, a massage, and a spray tan, were my choices. I figured with my new style my husband might not even recognize me.

The receptionist said I had credit for three hours more, which I could use at another time. I told her I was from out of town. So she suggested a spa tub, and a facial and a shiatsu massage.

Waxing was first. The hair on my legs was just long enough to wax, my bush on the other hand needed a serious trim before waxing. I'm fair skinned and had waxed for years up until my 3rd child, then there was never time. I offered to trim my bush and was told by the Asian beautician 'we trim'. They used an electric trimmer with a trimmer shield. The vibrations of the trimmer reminded me of an old vibrator I used to have. Despite their meticulous attention to detail the buzz was over before I could get too excited. The wax was hotter than I remember. They did the outside of my crotch and worked in so they could stop at any time and if the pain was too much and it would look balanced. The numbing spray was wearing off as they got to the end. I could not believe I used to do this on myself. The facial was very relaxing.

The first of two massages was a shiatsu massage; it was a pounding massage that though invigorating was not very relaxing. They had this four headed machine they used on my back and legs. I thought would buy on of those in a minute if I had someone to run it on me.

Next they brought me to the hot tub the attendant asked me if I would like to be in it for the filling. If so she would be pleased to leave the room, it dawned on me why she said this as they started to fill the tub, there was room for one's feet to extend beyond the faucet and rest comfortably with your knees at right angles. The faucet was a long sweeping arch it was labeled, laminar flow, spa tub faucet. I don't know what the means, but the effect was a up to a  3/4' column of water that would be perfectly positioned to hit your clit, if you assumed 'the position'. After this revelation I asked if she could step out. She explained the controls and stepped out. The controls were on the top side within easy reach while in 'the position'. Unlike a normal faucet that have hot and cold, this one had one knob for temperature and one for flow. They told me it was custom made for them. They would come back in a show me the jets after the tub was filled. All I had to do was turn off the water and that would light a signal and they would come back in and show me how to operate the jets.

This was like a stroll down memory lane my first orgasm was achieved just this way at the tender age of 13. This tub seemed to be singular in purpose designed to deliver orgasm. In less than 5 minutes I had the most glorious orgasm. It took another five minutes to fill the tub with the drain fully closed.

There were jets that concentrated on the neck and shoulders there were jets that focused on the souls of the feet, there were jets it the hips and or ones for the knees, before demonstrating the last jet she had me skooch up, I'm kind of tall. As she turned it up a jet came angled from the floor of the tub. It hit just above my clit. She then said I could skooch back down. I understood implicitly she said to be careful with the last jet it is possible to injure yourself. She offered to stay and run the jets, all I had to do was nod, or shake my head. If I liked where we were going, or wanted a change. I elected to have her stay. She was masterful. I could not imagine doing this back home; it was one sexual arousal, then recharge for the next sexual arousal, after another. One could keep it on the up and up I suppose, but I doubt many do. She had me cum just as time was running out; I sat there a few minutes basking in the afterglow. The relaxing massage was next, when they came to get me, I needed help getting out of the tub, I was so relaxed. Apparently that is not uncommon.

Then they said they could not get a hold of the female relaxation massage therapist and wondered if I would like another shiatsu massage or to have a male therapist. I had not even realized that I had requested female, so I said a guy is I said no problem. I get massages back home from time to time and I prefer a man's touch, larger stronger hands heavy enough to apply more pressure where it's needed. They had me climb on the table and put a sheet over my mid section. What happened next surprised me, my Steve came in. dressed in scrubs. He apologized and said he was sorry he did not have another therapist available. 'You are a massage therapist?' I asked. 'Yup that's how I got started in the business.' 'Do you pierce clits and tattoo breasts too?' I could not believe I had just said. I was jealous and had absolutely no grounds to be. He said if this to weird for you I can have the other girl try to do a relaxation massage on you, but she normally does not do those.

I allowed as such that I would deal with it. I secretly would have dreamed for just this scenario but would not dare to show it. He then says the standard line if anything is painful or embarrassing or you want me to stop just say so.

He started with my feet. They are prime ticklish/erogenous zones for me. I don't let the guy back home touch them; my Steve knew this about me and was very careful. He missed the all the tickle buttons and hit all the Eros buttons. I was moaning approval. Steve turned on some inferred lights and turns on of erotic music. Steve then started on the backs of my legs working his way to my buttocks then up my back with a heavy hand, between the warming lights the hot oil and his hands I was drifting away in the most erotic dream. He worked my back side heavily for quite a while. Then he said I'm going to use a massage wand on your back it has clean sterile prophylactic cover to no need to worry. He used it on my back and butt and upper thighs. I instinctively spared my legs to allow access, and moaned approvingly as he trended towards my clit. He asked 'would you like to do this'. We both knew what he meant. 'Naugh ugh'. 'would you like me to do this'? 'emm hmmâ.' 'are you sure?' 'Please.' His technique was masterful a wand is like the sledge hammer of vibes it will get the job done. But as my girl friend had noted it lacks subtlety. The way my Steve was using it was like the fineness sculptors chisel being accomplished with an air hammer.

He took my right to the brink three times until finally throwing me over. It was wonderful. After I came back to earth he had me roll over. He started back at the bottom and worked his way up then spending time with my swelling boobs. He handed me the wand and said I need some help you use this while I use my hands. I did not have to be asked twice. I turned it on and went right for my clit. He stood at the end of the table and lowered it about six inches. From there he could reach from my hips up and began stroking me alternately with a heavy hand a feathery touch and light scratching. I have yet to master any subtlety with the wand. I put it to work, and expect results, it happens every time, and with my Steve's additional ministrations, I was over the top again in no time. He had me turn on my side and curl into the fetal position. He rubbed my entire upper body, again alternating between heavy hand, a feather touch, and scratching. He suggested I go for one more. I took the wand and put it to work again. As I got close he inserted first one then another fingers in my cunt. I wondered how many cunts those accomplished fingers had been in. It both infuriated me, and aroused me at the same time. As contractions began I realized how nice it is to have something living to contract around. Something I had not felt in years. I was determined to make that a regular occurrence again. As I was coming down from that last orgasm I realized there was no way I could share Steve in this way, as he unquestionably had been, on likely a daily basis, and how much more beyond.

I suddenly longed to show this level of attention to my husband, and to teach him how to please me. I was certain I could lure him back. If it meant waylaying his carrier so be it.

The last procedure was the spray tan, I almost skipped out on it, but I knew it would turn on my husband to see me in an all over tan.

I arrived at the airport late to pick him up. I expected him to be mad. I was wearing a sun dress that had a diaphanous quality in the setting sun. His greeting was 'I'm sorry I missed the reunion. I really missed you. I lost the case, which my boss thinks will blow my chances at election. I thought I would be upset, but it turns out that news made me happier than I have been in a long time, I'll have time to spend with you again. Wow, look at you, you look simply radiant. Is this what happens when you get a break from work, house chores, and the kids, for four days.' I may have to help out in that arena and take you away quite regularly. We spent the next three days doing all the touristy things that I had never done while living here years ago, and spent the nights making love past midnight.

It has been almost a year we have been away for two long weekends and my toy chest is growing. He is learning the art of massage. It turns out he was having some medical issues that have since been taken care of. Steve has nothing on my man. I may not get the laundry all done each week, but he will never complain. He has not missed our weekly date night since that weekend. With all our practicing, I've learned a few new ways to trip his trigger as well, I even wear sexy clothes out in public locally. Such scandal, if they only knew.

PS we are getting our bathroom remodeled.



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