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Weekend at the Ski House

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Although this happened several years ago, I remember it as if it was yesterday.


I've been reading this site for some time and finally decided to contribute one of my own experiences. This happened in my senior year at university and still makes me smile and wonder.

During my junior and senior years I spent a lot of time visiting with friends at an apartment in the next town over from where we were all going to school. My friends consisted of seven girls who occupied the entire third floor of the apartment building. One of the girls I had gone to school with since the fifth grade and we were quite close. I spent so much time there; I think they sometimes thought of me as their eighth roommate. Anyway, the parents of one of the girls owned a vacation home at a ski resort about two hours away and several times during the winter months four of the girls and I would travel down there and spend the weekend. We always went when her parents would NOT be there. I had my own separate bedroom, and nothing sexual happened, even though I really had the hots for one of the girls.

One Friday in February of my senior year we decided to head on down to G's parents' vacation home for the weekend. There were the usual four girls and myself. We spent the evening talking, eating cheese fondue and drinking some wine, all very typical. Around 11:00pm we all went to bed, the girls one way, and I to my own room.

Sometime in the middle of the night I awoke to the feeling that I wasn't alone in my room, but couldn't see anything since it was so dark. I had just decided that it was my imagination when I felt something brush across the covers of my bed. I wasn't sure what it was but just laid there without making a sound. I thought I could detect the faint odor of perfume or shampoo, so I wasn't afraid that it was an animal, or an intruder. I felt the brushing on the covers again, this time a little harder and could hear someone breathing next to the bed. The hand was rubbing across the covers as if searching for something. Since I was lying on my back, the way I usually sleep, it wasn't long before whatever it was slid across my crotch and paused. You can imagine how I felt, especially with the possibility that one of the girls had sneaked into my room for a little fun.

I didn't move, or say anything so I wouldn't scare them away. After sliding around on my crotch a few times my cock started to get hard, making a large obvious bulge in the covers. I felt the covers move and then a warm hand touched the side of my thigh. I almost jumped out of the bed, but tried hard not to move or say anything and the hand moved across my thigh and closer to my crotch. As was my habit, I was only wearing briefs and I was getting really hard thinking about the possibilities. A hand rubbed lightly up over my hip and bare stomach and then down to my belly button. It didn't stop there, but moved over my briefs to the bulge where my hard on was tenting it up, the head sticking out of the waistband and already wet with a drop of precum. It wasn't long before whoever it was started to rub lightly up and down the length of my shaft and I thought I would lose it right there. A finger rubbed over the end of my wet circumcised cock head, spreading the precum around in a circle. Then that small warm hand slid down into my briefs and circled round my cock, pulling gently up and down. I could hear some breathing, but couldn't see enough in the dark to make out who was in the room with me. At that point I didn't care because I liked all the girls (although one especially) and the thought of it being any one of them was a real turn on.

After a couple of minutes of having my cock stroked and the top of my balls caressed I got bold and reached down and slid my briefs down to my knees and kicked the covers back. The hands didn't leave, as I feared they might, but rather got a better hold of my cock and balls, stroking and fondling, circling around the head, and gently squeezing and teasing using my precum as a lube. It didn't take too long before I started to breathe really hard and buck my hips up off the bed, unable to control my response to the hand job I was getting. What seemed like an hour later, but was probably only a few minutes, I could feel that familiar ache in my groin building to an inevitable orgasm. Cum started to spurt out, rope after rope, five, six or seven times, my cock pulsating with every shot. It flew up onto my chest, on my legs, all over the bed. It was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. Hot sticky cum was everywhere, but I didn't care. As I laid there gasping for breath the hands milked my cock for the last drops of cum and then let go. I could hear soft footsteps toward the door, but that was all. Not a word was spoken between the two of us which made it even more incredible.

The next morning we all had breakfast together as usual and as I looked from face to face there was not any indication of who might have been my mysterious night time visitor. To this day, several years later, I still don't know who gave me that wonderful hand job.



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