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Weekend at the Office

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Just to set the story, I work in a doctor's office at the local hospital. The job that I do is part receptionist, part file organizer with a few other girls roughly my age. Since we have a lot of people coming through the office, there is always a ton of paperwork to sort and sometimes we get backed up. Normally, it spills over into the next week, but every now and then I will go in on the weekend and get everything caught up. One particular weekend, I decided to have a little fun while I was there.

Since I knew I was going to be alone, I dressed as lightly as I could, consisting of a t-shirt, scrub pants and sandals. No underwear or bra. As soon as I walked into the office, I locked the door, kicked off the sandals and walked around, enjoying the rough carpet against the soles of my bare feet. Feeling very free, after about a half hour I decided to lose the shirt, leaving me in only the blue scrub pants. Eventually, I started to get that familiar 'itch' and I noticed a few damp spots in the crotch of my pants. It was then that I pulled them down and kicked them off, leaving my completely naked in my desk chair, enjoying the cool breeze from the vent.

I tried to keep working, but it was no use. I knew I had to masturbate. Getting the small vibe I carry in my purse, I gently started rubbing it on my stiff clit. After a few seconds, though, I decided to be a little naughtier. Getting up, I began roaming around the office, walking naked through the halls that are usually busy with people. The first stop was the waiting room. I laid down on the of the couches, spread out and began working the vibe in and out of my dripping pussy. Laying there, I couldn't help but squirm around on the slippery leather, with my back arching and my toes spreading and curling sensually. It only took about a minute before I stiffened, let out a huge gasp and exploded in an orgasm.

Normally, after one orgasm I have had enough, but today I almost felt hornier afterwards. Next, I walked into the break room, and seeing the large wooden table there, I climbed up, got on my hands and knees, shoved the vibe in and rode it out to my second orgasm in about 10 minutes. Surprisingly, I still wanted more. This, time, I decided to take it another step further. Knowing my boss never locked her door, I walked in and sat down in her big, cushy desk chair. Wanting to heighten the experience, I opened the blinds and pressed my feet against the window and quickly started rubbing myself. Since the office is only on the second floor, anyone could have easily seen what I was doing. Minutes later, for the first time I let out an orgasm for the whole world to see with the warm sun shining directly on me. Carefully, I made sure to clean off the chair and wipe my sweaty footprints off of the glass. After I came for the third time, I started to get kind of sleepy, so being even a little more daring, I went into one of the exam rooms, hopped onto the bed and curled up to take a nap.

Waking up later on, I realized that I had fallen asleep for a few hours. I decided it was enough for one day, so I went back to my desk, straightened up my papers, put on what few clothes I had and made my way out. Maybe next weekend I will come back for a little more after hours 'work'...



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