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Weekend after the Beach

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I was invited to my friend's going away party. It would be at the beach, and last all day and most of the night, until the beach closed. I was excited not only to hang out with my friends away from our boring city, but also because her younger brother would be there. I met Mikey through his sister, the one leaving. I was now a senior, his sister and most of my friends graduated, and he would be going into his sophomore year. I had known him for about a year, but there was something about him that attracted me to him, even though I had never felt that way about another guy before. I guess it was his boyish looks and personality.

A few days before the party, he messaged me online, and told me that he wanted me to come over that night, and hang out for the weekend. I had nothing better to do, and plus he was supposed to get me into some game. I agreed, and said I would drive him home since his sister was going to head to the airport shortly after the beach. When the day of the party came, I drove down to where it was held, and hung out with everyone that showed up.

Mikey had wanted to play football, or at least throw the ball around, all day, so I kept playing with him. We would run around and tackle each other, or jump each other for the ball. Nothing sexual, just some good physical contact. Whenever he got bored, he would go sit down, or help dig this huge hole. When he bent over digging, sometimes his trunks would slip a bit, and the top of his crack was visible. Another time, he was sitting with his feet on the ground, knees spread apart. When I glanced at him, I could barely see the edge of his ball sack. I didn't know what I was thinking.

At one point he had to pee, and so did I, so I jumped up to go with him. I wasn't planning on sneaking a look or anything, just to go relieve ourselves. It was about two hours to the close of the beach, so they had locked the restrooms closest to us. The next ones were a long walk away. The beach had pretty much emptied, so Mikey caught my attention.

'No one is over here, just piss on the wall.' Not my preferred way, but we both had to go. I shrugged, and then stepped to the wall, opening my trunks and peeing into the sand. I heard the same sound from next to me, and then I heard him snicker, but I didn't really ask why.

Things settled down as the night continued. Lots of eating, football, music. No swimming, the ocean was too cold. Still, Mikey looked awesome with his six pack and hairless body. I put it out of my mind though, spending the last hour with everyone around his sister, saying goodbye. When the beach closed, I told Mikey to follow me to my car after his family picked up his sister, and then we headed back for our hour drive to his house.

We were listening to this radio show that's on at night, where people can call in and talk about just about anything. There was this guy that called, and was asking if the fact that he didn't shoot, but dribbled was healthy. I started joking with Mikey while the conversation went on.

'I bet you're just as worried as the guy,' I teased.

'Yeah right, I bet I can shoot farther than you,' He challenged. We both laughed, and then he found this the cue to talk about masturbation.

'Do you jerk off?' He asked, even though he was sure of the answer. I nodded my head as some guy nearly cut us off.

'Just like you, apparently,' I said.

'Yeah, but I'm not one of those sex crazed maniacs who constantly has his hand down his pants,' He said, raising both his hands to prove his point. We laughed and kind of dropped it, listening to the next caller. When we finally got to his house, it was around 11:30, and we weren't tired, just sore from running so much in the sand. Mikey let me in the door after I grabbed my things, and then headed up to his room. His parents weren't home yet, they were still at the airport. He told me that his parents had remodeled the house a few years back, and he had gotten the old master since his sister would be leaving soon. He told me to go ahead and take the first shower, and wash the sand away. I got in, washed off, and changed into some gym shorts and a light shirt. I got on his computer while he took his turn, and he appeared in the same outfit.

He showed me the game, and we played for a while. It was close to four in the morning when we finally turned it off, and moved to go to sleep. He got on top of his bed, lying over the quilt, and I laid on the floor. It was kind of hot to sleep comfortably, and I usually slept naked as it was. I found it more comfortable that way. After a few minutes of talking, I looked at him as he sat up on his bed.

'Do you mind if I sleep in my boxers? It's kind of hot.'

'Hell, I don't care. Sleep naked if you want, that's what I do. I've seen it all, try being in the wrestling locker rooms.' He said. He had sat up to strip, and was sliding his shorts off. He had nothing underneath, and revealed a small, trimmed area of pubes, and a nice dick for being fifteen. Probably about the same as me, 6 3/4 inches long, about 5 1/2 thick. I was a little surprised at his boldness, but I shrugged.

'I usually sleep naked anyway,' I said, stripping down and letting my own cock flop out. Then I remembered when we were peeing, and he laughed. He was having an ego trip that he was as big as me, two years older than he. He looked down at me, his hand resting on his chest.

'Wanna take that bet?' See if he could shoot farther than me? Jerk off with the guy that was making bi-curious? His cock was already growing, and I knew that when I was really horny, I could go pretty far. I grinned. 'Sure.'

Without much other talk, he both got hard-ons, and he came to the floor to lay next to me. We started to jerk, taking our time. Seeing all of the hot girls at the beach, and Mikey to top it off, put me in a huge rush of pleasure as I laid next to him. A few minutes later, I felt my orgasm, and my cum flew all over my stomach, chest, and behind me onto the floor. I heard grunting from next to me, and then his breathing stopped as he shot over himself too. When he was done, he flipped over, and looked at the cum on the floor.

'Damn, you win.' He said, a little annoyed he had lost. I looked to see as well, but then I was stopped as Mikey came and sat on top of me, and kissed me. He pulled back, and grinned. 'Bet you didn't know I was bi.' He said. I shook my head, though I might have pegged him for gay before. I realized now there was more than the game he wanted me over for. And with him sitting on me, things only got better...

To be continued!



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