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Wedding Grind

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Grind with Me reminded me of this happening Story


My wife had a work associate that was getting married. At the reception we sat at a table filled with her co-workers and their spouses. To my surprise, one other man and I were the only spouses that showed up. The rest of the women at our table came alone.

When my wife and I go to one of her work events, she usually is so engrossed in work conversation that she ignores me. I usually flirt and dance with other single women; all oblivious to my wife.

This one woman, who worked with my wife, and someone I had never met before, was very hot. She was having marital problems and came alone. Her name was Angela. She was really pretty and very personable.

When the music started, she asked my wife if it was OK for me to dance with her. Of course my wife said yes, that way I wouldn't bother her for a dance. Angela and I danced a couple of fast dances. Then the music slowed down. Angela smelled so nice. I don't know what kind of perfume she was wearing, but it was really getting me aroused.

We danced slowly and Angela started to hold me tighter against her. I could feel her rock hard breasts against me. She felt so good in my arms.

As we danced, I became bolder. I placed my right leg between her legs. I figured she'd move away, but instead she moved in and to the rhythm of the music, proceeded to grind her pussy against my leg.

To my delight, the DJ did a set of eight slow songs in a row. Angela and I danced every song with my leg grinding up against her pussy. As the number of songs increased so did our grinding. Angela was breathing very heavy and holding me tight. I kept up the pace with my leg rubbing her pussy as we danced. Finally, she dug her nails into my neck and back (it hurt, but who cared) and Angela came. She held her pussy against my leg; grinding and humping to the music while holding me very tight and digging her nails into my neck. I could feel her pussy and thigh muscles spasm as she came and she breathed heavy sighs into my ear. Needless to say I was very hard but couldn't cum the same way Angela did.

Later in the evening, Angela announced that she had to go and asked my wife for permission for me to walk her to her car. Again, oblivious, she said yes. Angela and I got to her car; we kissed a couple of long, nice, wet kisses. Our tongues were dancing with each other in our mouths. While kissing her, I was remembering our dancing and got hard again. Angela opened the door to her car, sat in the driver's seat with her legs out of the car. She was face level with my cock. She pulled it out of my pants and started to jack me off. Not having any lube available, Angela got me real hot and used her saliva as lube. She then wrapped her hand around my throbbing, hard cock and proceeded to pump me back and forth; up and down; back and forth until I couldn't hold it no longer. I came in spurts onto the parking lot.

We agreed to meet again; I gave her my business card. Angela never called me to which I was very disappointed. She also got a divorce from her husband and moved to Wisconsin. I feel bad that I couldn't have more time with her, but the memory of that wedding and my own private masturbation sessions have given us hundreds of times together.

Thanks Angela.



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