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A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend convinced me to have video sex with him. We go to colleges 700 miles apart, and my horniness took over my doubts. It was great, particularly listening to him talk dirty to me, as he never does that in person. I was so looking forward to our followup sex session last week! I got the camera setup on a table at the foot of my bed, wore sexy lingerie, had a vibrator all oiled up and ready to go.

I signed into the website, and waited. When he called and told me he had to cancel due to a paper he had to do, I was very disappointed. I started to log off, but hit the random button by mistake, and webcams started appearing every five seconds. I watched a couple of old fat guys jerking off for a few seconds, and hit next. The next guy was really cute, sitting at his computer fully clothed. He commented on my nice pussy, when I realised my cam was on too. He asked me if I wanted to have cybersex, and I said yes.

He took off his shirt, revealing a really nice smooth chiselled chest. I complimented him on his body, and told him I needed to see more, and lazily played with my pussy lips. He stood up, unzipped and pulled his pants and underwear down, revealing a very large, very hard circumcised cock, that curled upward toward his flat abs. He put it right in front of the camera, and asked me if I wanted to taste it. I said yes, and moved the camera to show my tits, pulled my see-through teddy up, revealing my tits, and asked im if he wanted to suck my nipples.

I told him his cock felt so good in my mouth, and how hot and salty he tasted, and he started to jerk off, telling me how soft my tits were. I took the vibrator and put it between my tits and told him to titty fuck me, while I licked the head. I moved the cam back to my pussy, and spread my lips to show him how pink and wet I was. I told him I needed to feel his big cock in me, and begged him to fuck me. I placed the vibrator on my clit, and told him how much I wanted him to cum in me. He sat back down, and I could see his face, chest and cock, and he was rubbing really hard, with this intense stare as he watched me start to slide the vibrator into me. I moaned about how good it felt, and how full he made me feel, and to please fuck me harder.

I started plunging it into myself faster, and I could tell he was really close. His mouth was open, he was panting hard, and his hand was a blur. When I told him to shoot it deep into me, he came all over his stomach. He leaned back, smiled, his cum as high as his nipples, and then he scooped it up, and held it to the camera, and asked me to taste it. That sent me over, and I shivered as I orgasmed. Then he said bye, and turned off his camera.

As I reached to turn my cam off, two boys from Sweden popped up. They were shirtless, but with their pants on. They looked fairly young, but insisted they were 18. They were looking at my very wet pussy, my lips still engorged from my orgasm. They told me in halting English that I was beautiful. I told them I wanted to have sex with both of them inside me, and they nervously laughed, and said ok. I asked them to take their pants off, and they both did, revealing two slender dicks, both uncircumcised, the tips peaking out from their fair skin. One had shaved his pubes completely, the other had blond wisps.

They both started to jerk off, as I told them I wanted them inside me. I told them to stand, press their dicks together so they could double stuff me. And they did it! I couldn't believe I got two guys to put their dicks together, and when I told them to rub their fists up and down the two dicks, that it was my pussy, they did that too. The shorter bald one came fast, shooting his cream onto the other ones stomach. He flinched backward, but kept jerking off, and came into his hand a few seconds later. Then the screen went black.

I logged off, excited that I had made three guys cum that night. I felt guilty, but I did it again three more times last week, and have watched seven guys cum because of my pussy.



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