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Webcam Surprise

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One of the most erotic moments of my life.


I own a small business, am happily married, living a suburban, conservative but immensely satisfying lifestyle. As an engineer, I am usually predictable in my habits and such, but my story is about a pleasant surprise in my journey of life.

About 8 or so years ago, a lovely married woman a year or two older than me worked for me helping me with the business. She was with me for about a year, and we developed a wonderful friendship with much trust, and although we flirted a lot, were not involved sexually at all, but I greatly enjoyed the dialogue with her. She is intelligent, beautiful, with striking blond hair, an amazing body with a thin waist, large but firm breasts and an ass to die for.

Anyway, she followed her husband's career around the country and we always stayed in touch via email, some calls, and then IM and Webcam. I just loved it when our schedules lined up where we could just chat a while on-line and I could see her on the webcam, and we could laugh together, etc.

One day we were chatting via the IM/Webcam. There was no sound, just typing and a visual of each other. She gets a phone call and types, 'shouldn't be long' and she talks while I watch her on the webcam. I just kept typing trying to distract her in a fun way. 'You look great', 'Lovely when you talk' etc, etc.

I then found myself just admiring her, and enjoying how pretty she is, and found myself getting aroused, watching her talk and laugh with whomever was on the phone. I adjusted my pants, but could tell I was on my way to a nice hard-on.

With my heart pounding, I typed to her, 'Can you back away from the computer so I can see more of you?' She was consumed with the call, but saw the note and rolled back in her desk chair to where I could see all of her. She was wearing jeans, had her legs crossed, and had on a tight sweater accentuating her breasts wonderfully. She just looked gorgeous. She does a pair of jeans right.

So, as she was involved in the call, and not looking at the screen anymore, I casually turned my camera away from me, and toward the wall, and with my nervous hands, undid my fly and let my very hard cock out of its cramped position. I was unbelievably hard, and I just love the way my cock looks when it gets that way.

There was no turning back now, and I watched this lovely woman who I care for, as a friend, dearly, enjoying this call, laughing, and I started stroking myself, looking at her body, enjoying her figure, fantasizing about her. The feeling was incredibly powerful.

Well, I am not even close to completing this wonderful experience, when I see her hang up and roll back to her computer, and seeing me not on the video picture, ask, 'hey, u still there?', which I answer, but delayed, 'yes'. I don't adjust the camera back on me, so she is curious and asks, 'hey what are you doing?', I answer, 'sorry, just taking care of something'. Pause. She then types, 'are you masturbating?' Caught!

But I am not embarrassed as I so trust her, and don't have a problem being vulnerable with her, as she never judges me. So, with my whole body flushed, I answer, 'yes, sorry, I will stop'.

She types my name with an '!' and then to my wonderful surprise, types, 'well, you might as well finish.' Me 'you sure?' Her, 'yeah, but we can't do this again'. With that she rolls back her chair to her prior position. I type, 'could you touch your breasts?'

She then just softly rubs her hands over her breasts focusing on the point where her nipples must be. As simple as this may sound to you, the reader, it was an amazingly erotic moment for me. I was unbelievably turned on, and felt so connected at that moment to this woman I admired. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and could trust her totally not to judge the situation.

Well, from that point I didn't last long and had an incredibly powerful orgasm, and enjoyed a wonderful, all body numbing afterglow feeling.

Not wanting her to wait for me too long, I turned the camera back, and typed, 'hey, done here' and was admittedly a little nervous feeling kind of silly. But she was wonderful, asking if that felt good and then just continued our conversation as if nothing happened. She is an extraordinary woman.

So again, a simple story, but truly one of the most erotic moments of my life that I will always cherish!



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