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Wearing Panties

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I love to wear panties. All the panties that I have are panties I have taken from girls I know or a friend's mom. I will occasionally nab a bra, but panties are mostly where it's at. Though, better than panties, I love pantyhose. If I can find stockings (seems so rare), I will take those, but generally, if I am able to find pantyhose (which seem much more common, obviously) I will always take at least one pair. I enjoy wearing panties, thongs, and/or pantyhose under my clothes and going to the store or something. The sight of my feet in pantyhose gets me off, especially the toe seam. I won't wear socks and just enjoy the feeling of my pantyhose-covered feet in my shoes. I do not really share this particular fetish with anyone, for obvious reasons. I am not into being a 'sissy' or gay; wearing girls' undergarments is just really hot for me.

So one time, while everyone at my friend's house was at work, I went over and into the house (people are often coming and going as multiple people live there, and the door is often left unlocked). My friend had his girlfriend living with him, and she kept a significant amount of clothes at the house. Strangely, she did not keep them all in my friend's room, but in the hall and in an office in the house were small, plastic drawers that were full of her panties and bras and shit, and I would see these all the time and think about how I would love to go through them. So I am there and going through everything, and she's got panties of all kinds. Plenty of ordinary full panties, to the skimpier kind that hug your hips, to thongs, pantyhose, tights, bras, socks...no stockings, though.

I picked out a pair of nude pantyhose, a black thong, several other pairs, and this victoria's secret bra that was just smooth all-over. I put the thong on with the pantyhose, and tights over those, as well as the bra, and proceeded to rub my dick through it all. I had one used pair that I found to smell while I jerked off, but I didn't keep them because I felt she would notice these missing. The rest of the panties were so numerous in her drawers that I didn't think she'd have any clue if they went missing.

By this point I am pretty close to coming and decide to come into a pair of her panties and leave it for her to find. I found this sexy pink thong. It was from Victoria's Secret and a bit of a fancy thong. I inhaled the scent of this girl's pussy, enjoying the creamy panties she left from the day before, and I was so hot from being in her lingerie, I shot my load right into the crotch of her pink thong. The orgasm was pretty intense and I remember it lasting a good 10 seconds as my cock pumped out rope after rope. I was quite surprised I came so much, but it seems to make sense seeing as I was hard and horny from the moment I embarked to the house. My absolute best orgasms are when I get free range on a girl's clothes.

I put the thong back in the drawer I found it in, hoping she would find it later, and her used panties back in my friend's room where her other shit was, gathered up my loot, and took off, with no-one the wiser. Like I said, other people lived in the house and I sort-of pride myself in my ability to plan this shit out. Right now I am wearing her pantyhose, her tights, and her bra. The panties are these ass-hugging tiny panties I took from one of my friend's roommates at college when I visited her.

I did go back and jerk off with my friend's girlfriend's panties once more, but this time I decided I would just be quick about it and enjoy her panties, not to take any. I didn't want to be too greedy as what I do is stealing and these girls probably pay good money for this sexy shit. I rubbed a few pairs that I hadn't played with before all over my dick as I enjoyed the sensations, and finished with one of her ankle socks around the end of my dick, right into the sock. Of course I put the sock back in the drawer.



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