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We Will Find a Way

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OK, so here's my story. I am not making any appologies if what I say offends, its all how it happened and the feelings are 100% genuine as are the encounters I mention. Should really be FMF/FF/F I guess


Only a girl knows how it feels. That first girl in your class to NEED a bra... the first girl to have a period... if that girl isn't you, it triggers months of waiting, wishing and more. For me I used to check my chest measurement daily hoping that something would have changed. Towards the end of my 13th year, it did. I finally reached the puffy nipple stage but for me that only lasted a couple of months before I had rapid and painful breast development. But it all triggered THAT talk with mom. OH it was embarrassing as all hell. All that crap about washing, NEVER letting anyone see up my skirt, NEVER touching myself, always the need to hide my body. What mom didn't know was that I already knew about masturbation. I could give myself a real nice feeling there since I was 12! It didn't take long though before just my fingers wasn't enough. I wanted interraction... someone else touching me and someone else to touch. I also had started to explore the effect my body had on others. I would deliberatly sit so boys, (and men) could see up my skirt. I loved how boys my age would gawk, but what really turned me on was the way older guys would check me out without it seeming too obvious.

My first real sexual encounter happened during PE. (Which I HATED) I had skived off yet again and thought I would have the hour to myself in the changing rooms. A girl called Emma had also decided to skip PE that day. Emma and I were kinda friends, but she was always a little distant and BOY was she smart! After a little chat she said, 'So, wanna have some fun?' I asked what she meant and she just said 'Watch me.' With that she leaned back and spread her legs and pushed her hand into her panties. I went bright red, but also got turned on. Emma had pushed her school shirt up and her trainer bra with it and was really getting into it. Then she tugged her panties down to below her knees and I could see she had about as much hair as me but soon she started to breath heavy and say THE most disgusting things. Then she tensed up and with on long 'Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck' I knew she had cum and cum hard. I wanted to do it like that and Emma said 'Go for it.' I started but wasn't really getting into it. Then Emma knelt in front of me and put her hand between my legs. 'Relax' she said. I did and suddenly from nowhere I had the most overwhelming desire to pee. I told Emma that she better stop or I would pee all over her, but she just smiled and suddenly BLAM I had my first ever orgasm.

From there, I became something of an avid jiller. I would turn myself on just about anywhere by just squishing my thighs together. Sometimes I would go to the bathroom to finish off, other times I would even do it right there in class. Whatever seemed ok. The trouble was I used to get sooo wet, and I could smell myself really clearly. Nothing nasty, just pure arousal.

Meanwhile, I was getting interested in boys. I had seen my brother naked a couple times and also with a stiffy. I remember feeling funny in my tummy when I saw it thinking about how that (well, not THAT one obviously) was supposed to go inside me. I also got interested in whether and how he jacked off. Then, one glorious day, I caught him red handed jacking off in the garden by the pool. I guess he was way too close to stop because he just looked at me and carried on. I carried on walking towards him. When he came a huge amount jetted into the air and it hit me on my legs. I got my first sight and scent of sperm. I can tell you my jilling off THAT night was nothing short of magical.

At school I had also heard a lot about girls who said they had 'done it' (I guess we were all around 15/16 at this time) and a couple of girls who said they were lesbian. Then my best friend made a massive confession. She had jacked her own brother off! That's what gave me the idea really but it didn't turn out how I thought it might. I had decided to talk to my brother about the day I caught him and ask if I could watch and hope something would happen from there. Instead, when I decided to have that chat with him, I had arrived home early only to find him in my room, naked and wearing my panties from the day before! He also had a massive boner that had started leaking precum into my panties. Well, nothing needed to be said then. I instantly gave him the name Emily and told him that I thought 'she' looked lovely. Soon we were kissing and I let my hand drop. Although I was jacking him I talked to him like he was a girl and told him how lovely his clit and pussy felt. Then I told him I was going to lick him out. What I did, in fact was to lick my own panties against his balls as he unloaded into my hair and face. It was kinda odd smelling myself and licking my own panties but it gave me an idea for myself later.

(That was 10 years ago and my brother is now living as a woman awaiting gender reassignment surgery)

As for me, I was already a sexual being at the age of 13. I was horny, I knew how to satisfy my feelings and I was totally fearless about exploring new ones. I have settled into being bi-sexual. I love cock. With other girls though, I am even more adventurous. I do things with my girlfriend I would never do with a man. I have been naked in public with my girlfriend and have become totally submissive to her. I even let her brother bring me off while she watched. I also love it when she whips me. She is capable of making me cum through the pain she inflicts on me and the way she does it.

All in all, once I put aside the pathetic 'goo girls don't' crap and decided to make my own rules I have been a whole lot happier. My body is exactly that. MINE. I will give it to whomsoever I wish, WHEN I wish and HOW I wish. I am having no-one, expecially not some outdated legal system dictate when I am ready for sex, and how old my partner should be. IN fact, I lost my cherry to a middle aged man and it was fucking amazing. I have tried girl/girl, threesomes, older men, public, bondage, watersports, and I love role play.

Not bad for the daughter of an anglican priest eh?



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