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We Were so Hard

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I just wish that we had taken it further....


It was my senior year of college. Lying in our bunk beds one night, lights out talking. I really don't remember how the conversation got to sex, especially since my roommate and I rarely discussed it. Not that we were shy, but it just never came up.

Both of us obviously masturbated, but always when the other was out of the room. Jay had a friend who had decided that he was too innocent, and needed to be educated. So over the couple of years that we roomed together, Jay received a series of hard back porn books. These were expensive, with really good pictures. They ranged from sex manuals to fantasy books. But lots of full frontal nudity and even couples having sex. I knew where he kept them, and would pull them out to jack off when he wasn't in the room. I'd drop my pants, and sit back in my recliner with my pants around my ankles, cock in the air, stroking and edging until I just had to come. It was a daily routine, at LEAST once a day-we knew the other person's schedule.

We talked about the books that night, and Jay asked me if I masturbated, and I admitted that I did. He said he did too, and that a couple of times I almost caught him when I unexpectedly came back to the room. I had to laugh-the same had happened to me too! It's amazing how fast your cock goes down and you get your pants up and fastened when you think you're going to get caught!

By the time we got this far in our discussion, I had a full blown, almost painful erection. I mean that I was HARD, and wanted to cum. Jay then asked me if I was hard, and I admitted that I was. Then he said that just once, he'd like to see another guy's erection. I told him to come on down, and we'd look at each other. He hurried off of the top bunk, turned the lights on, and we both dropped our briefs-he liked to wear tight nylon bikini briefs with no fly, and I wore the cotton ones. Man, I liked his bikinis!

Both of our cocks were standing straight out, proud and hard, heads purple and sensitive. Like me, Jay was cut, and a little larger than me, but both of us around 7 inches.

We were so nervous, looking at the other's erection. Jay leaned forward and made a comment. I flinched a bit, and then like a couple of cockroaches when the lights come on, we both dove for our covers, totally embarrassed. I don't remember who turned the lights off. Not another word spoken. I masturbated under the covers, hoping that he didn't know. I HAD to cum!

To this day, I wish that we had taken it further. I would have liked to feel his hard on in my hand, and to feel him stroking my swollen, sensitive penis. I wish that I could have made him cum. As aroused as we were, we would have cum SO hard, shot so far... I even think that we would have started doing it together on a regular basis, and maybe advanced to other stuff. Who knows...

But I know that it's provided material for many fantasies, and I've cum hard, so many times thinking about Jay and that amazingly hard erection of his, and my sensitive cock.



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