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We Had an Argument

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Fm with a touch of ff


My husband and I had a row. We had fucked the previous night and, truth to tell, it wasn't great for either of us. I came very fast and he just couldn't get there. All the time I got drier and sorer.

The next day we started to talk about it, each blaming the other. I said something like 'I didn't have this with other lovers' of course he replied with 'yeah, we'll I've never had any complaints!' I suggested that maybe I should see him with another girl and make up my own mind. He stopped dead as, if I had slapped him. 'What? You really want to watch me fuck another girl?'

I said, (and I remember exactly the rapidly changing emotions in my head) 'No! Maybe! Er yeah...yeah actually I would'

He stormed off to work. But I couldn't get the idea out of my head. Chris kissing another girl while I watched, touching her, fingering her.....

The next thing I knew I was on my bed, hand between my legs frigging myself off.

Fast forward two months. Andi had come to stay. She is an American friend I made at Uni. Andi was also 22 although smaller than me in every respect. We used to tease her about our college allowing schoolgirls in! I told her about our row, and how since, things hadn't been great. Andi suggested actually going through with it. 'You guys might learn something about each other. At least you would learn what makes him cum, and it sounds to me like that is the problem. He doesn't have any trouble getting YOU off, does he?' I hadn't thought about it like that, but it's true. My hubby can make me cum so easily, but I can't seem to get him off anything like as quickly.

So I agreed that I might, but added 'it's not something you can ask really. Hey do you mind goofing around with my husband while I watch. That's gonna fuck up a friendship.' Andi was straight back with 'I'll do it.'

So, that night after dinner, Andi disappeared to her room for a while but when she came back, she had a small black dress on, clearly no bra, and she proceeded to use every flirty trick in the book. She sat so my hubby could see up her skirt, she started talking a little dirty and in the end she stretched in her chair which made her dress ride right up over a white cotton thing and said dreamily, 'I'm horny' Chris looked at me and I nodded. He was over her like a shot. Andi said 'no fucking, but anything else goes....and I mean ANYTHING else'

Chris kissed her, felt her tiny but perfectly formed tits, and soon had her dress in a crumpled heap on the floor. He kissed down her tummy to her crotch and then kissed her through her rapidly wetting thong. I noticed that he was fascinated watching that dampness spread. 'I want to kiss you where you pee' he said. Andi replied...' I think you would like to watch me pee.' Chris couldn't speak! He just nodded. Andi did that sensuous stretching that she is so good at and gently punched him away. Then, she just let some pee go into her thong. Chris's reaction was instant. He stood up, got his cock out and placed Andi's hand round it. Four strokes was all it took. He spurted so much cum!

Andi looked dreamily over at me. 'He likes it kinky...that's all. I guess you guys should role play, maybe a bit of forbidden stuff...you know schoolgirl, daddy/daughter...outdoors....something unusual. Chris has obviously had a much more active sex life than you Cath.' And it was true. Chris had been my first and only.

However, he hadn't finished yet. He tugged Andi's wet thing down, and knelt between her legs and fingered her off, using a finger inside her and one in her ass too. Andi clearly enjoyed it and came twice. I realised how aroused I was too, and wanted some attention.

Well. It ended with all three is us in bed. Chris made me cum, but under Andi's direction, he learned to slow me down. I in turn tried out Andi's advice, and we role played.

Since she went back home, my sex life has been nothing short of spectacular. But the one thing I use now when I want to masturbate is an image of Chris, fingering Andi. (Oh and sometimes my first lesbian experience of course)

Chris wants to see me with another man now. I hope that happens.



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