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We Couldn't Wait

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Our amazing first time with each other


Finally we're able to see each other. I was on my way to pick Jim up from the airport. My mind was already thinking about all the stuff we finally get to do with each other. And I have to admit, I was thinking really kinky. I already had a hotel picked out nearby, where we would immediatly head to after leaving the airport. I wanted him so badly, I could already feel that ache between my legs. Pulling into the pick up zone I let my mind wander as I waited for him to come out. I could almost feel his light teasing kisses over my lips, on my chin, down my neck... And almost as if he could hear my thoughts, I saw Jim walking out of the airport towards my car. He had this smily smirk on his face (gorgeous) like he knew what I was thinking while sitting there. I got out to meet him, and leaned back against the car. When he got to me, he put down his bags and opened his arms out to me. I go to him, his hands snake around my back then rest on my hips as my arms curl up around his neck. I look up at him, and he smiles. I can see it in his eyes too, the same urge I was feeling, and I'm sure he saw it in my eyes too because he then kissed me...so lightly on the lips. A soft brush against mine. I leaned more into him, pullin him closer to me. I wanted more. No longer teasing my mouth, his tongue dives in and twirls with my own. I lean back against the car, his hips press up against mine and our kiss gets more intense. I could feel his hands holding my hips, then sliding up my sides, getting oh so near my breasts. I could feel my nipples harden with the need to feel his hands caressing me. I couldn't help but let out a soft moan, and he slowed down the kiss. We were both breathing deeply, my lips felt slighlty plumper from our session. I smile up at him and he gives me a soft kiss before pulling away.

We get into the car, and he drives it out of the airport. It was late already. The sun had already gone down. The hotel wasn't too far away. But as I sat there, I could feel the air around us sizzling. I was looking at him while he drove. He was wearing a t-shirt, his arms kind of bulging as he gripped the steering wheel. His hands were big, I could see that he had an amazing body underneath his shirt. He caught me looking at him, and gave me an inquisative look which made me blush. He knew what I was thinking. I then saw him glance down at my chest, I was wearing a lowcut button down tshirt. My breasts are full, so they were obvious over the top of my shirt. I could feel my nipples press against my clothing, feeling him stare at me got me hot. I smiled at him and leaned back in my chair. He kept watching me, and I made sure to look at him as I started to trace my body with my hands.

I traced my chin with my fingers, down my neck, down to the top layer of buttons on my shirt. I unbuttoned the top three, and opened my shirt up to reveal my silky thin bra. He kept glancing over at me while driving. I traced the top of my breasts, sending chills in my body. I arched my back into my hands as I cupped them fully, and started to massage them. My fingers brushed against my taught nipples over the thin layer of bra. My hands then went down my stomach, and to my sides, down to my hips, over my legs. I was wearing black leggings which clung to my skin. I traced my thighs, opening my legs. I dragged my hands on the inner of my thighs, teasing circles upwards. I could hear Jim breathing a little faster, and I could see a tent growing in his pants. I then cupped my pussy over my pants, arching my hips into my hands. I could already feel a small wet spot forming on my thin layer of leggings. I pulled my pants tightly which revealed the outline of my panties, and the center of my pussy. Jim started to rub his hardening cock over his pants, as I started to rub between my legs, then up my stomach, and rubbing my breasts. I started moaning softly as my hands went back down again.

Jim looked over at me and asked if there was anywere closer that we could go to. I smiled and gave directions to a really secluded park that was not even a block over. We pulled in and he parked the car and he pulled me into his lap. I could feel his hard on press against my butt. He started to kiss me passionately, he traced my face with his hand, and then down my neck. He kept kissing me as he completely unbuttoned my shirt revealing my creamy olive skin to him. He then traced circles around my nipples, I could feel the little bumps around them rising and my nipples hardened even more under his touch. I moaned into his mouth as he gently squeezed my nipples and his hands continued to explore my body. He traced my stomach, and around my belly button, over my hips and down my thighs. I spread my legs open for him, and he took the invitation and started tracing circles with his fingers up the inner of my thighs. I was lifting my hips slightly urging him on, wanting more. He continued to kiss me as he cupped my pussy over my pants. He dragged a finger between the slit of my pussy lips. He smiled on my lips and murmured how he loved that I was wet for him, and kept kissing me. I started moaning more as his fingers kept tracing my pussy. Along my panty line, over my mound, down the center. I then asked him moaning, please Jim... I wanted him to touch me. He told me to lift my hips as he slid down my leggings. My panties were wet with my creaminess. He slid his hands into my panties and cupped my pussy. He let out a groan and told me how he loved how wet and warm I was as he kissed me more. His fingers dived in between my wet lips and dragged my juices up to my clit, where he did slow circles around my throbbing clit. My hips started to move with his hands as he kept playing with my pussy. His fingers would circle my clit then dive down my pussy and back up again. I was breathing harder and faster, I could feel it building deep in my body. I moaned his name, and asked him again, Jim pleasse. He looked into my eyes as he slid two fingers into my pussy. I let out louder moans as he started fingerin my pussy. My hips were moving with his hands, I was so wet I could he my juices as he was playing with my pussy. I layed my head back as his fingers moved faster, and then he put his thumb on my clit and it sent me even higher. I kept moaning his name over and over as my stomach tightened and my body exploded with an orgasm, my legs squeezed over his hands as I came over his fingers.

He kept smiling at me as he pulled his hand away. I pulled his hand to my lips and licked my juices off his fingers and he moaned. I then kissed him hard, letting him tasted my pussy off my lips. I could feel his rock hard dick pressing against my ass, so I gave a lil wiggle and he moaned more. I moved off his lap and he undid his pants. Revealing his velvety hard dick dripping with pre cum dripping out of the tip. I reached over and touched it with my fingers. I spread his cum on my lips and tasted his cum off my finger. I let my finger drag along his length, loving the feel of the skin on his hard cock. I started kissing him as he started rubbing his cock fast, and I watched eagerly. He told me he was going to cum and I bent close to him, his dick pointing towards me. His whole body seemed to tense as he moaned loudly and he squirted his cum onto my breasts, he kept rubbing it as every drop squirted out. He then collapsed back into the chair, both of us finally relieved. I covered my fingers with his cum that was on my breasts and licked it all off. MMM I said, yummy.



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