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Way Back When

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This is a memory or three from a while back, or as I say to my friends 'When I was a young lad growing up in the great white north' heh

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When I was 5 or 6, I lived in Calgary before moving to California when I was 9. I knew a girl named Natalie who I was kinda friends with, but not really. One day she came over to my house to play. We went downstairs and after a while, I finally asked her 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours.'

She agreed so I whipped my tiny penis out while she pulled down her pants. I was horny but I don't think I could get really erect at that age, so instead the blood rushing to my groin turned it all red instead. She only pulled down her pants a little bit so I could only see the front of her crotch, but that was enough. A few days later she told all of her friends and they all laughed at me, apparently my balls looked like a tomato...

A few years later I was hanging out with a few of my friends by the bike racks at my elementary school when suddenly we noticed a piece of paper flying around in the wind. It wasn't a normal peice of paper, it was a torn out page of a Playboy. We all gathered around and marvelled at our first glimpses at naked women. One of my friends took it, and I borrowed it once just to look at, I didn't know what to do with it at the time.

That same year, my mom would babysit another kid I knew whose name I've forgotten. I'll just call him Will. In my basement, we had some old mattresses set up so my brother and I could play on them, bounce around and stuff. Underneath the mattresses was a wooden support. We'd prop the mattresses up on the wall, pull down our pants and just rub each other, innocently, and smell our hands and stuff. Not much.

One day, however, Will got up on top of me. By this time, I could get erect, and so could he. We'd been playing with our cocks for a while so we were hard. Anyway, he leaned over me and started slapping my cock rapidly. It felt good, really, really good.

Eventually it started feeling like a warm sensation in my crotch, and he stopped. We continued to rub, but I was flushed. I now realize that was my first dry orgasm. I don't remember much else about our encounters, only that I really enjoyed that. I would try slapping my dick in the bathroom and in bed like he did, but nothing happened.

Finally, when I was 10 or 11, I was lying in bed one night thinking the typical sexual thoughts a boy in puberty thinks. My cock was hard and I was slowly caressing it, rubbing it, pulling my foreskin down, and what not.

It felt good, and as I kept thinking about it, it felt better. Then the same warming sensation of a dry orgasm came over me. I fell asleep, truely content for the first night in my life. The next night I tried again, but this time, it felt almost shocking, like a wet orgasm I feel today. I'd start jacking off three, four times a day in the bathroom and at night.

Finally, about three years ago, I found the panties on top of my cousin's laundry basket and loved them. This is the latest turn in my sexual life. Whenever I go over there, I wait until I've faded into the background of everyone's conversations and what not, and sneak up into her room.

First I check her bathroom for panties she removed while showering (hopefully earlier that day), but most of the time there's nothing. Then I take her laundry basket out and dig around for and smelly, used panties I can find. I'm not sure, but I think the smellier they are, the better because that means she masturbated in them, and that thought REALLY gets me turned on.

Most of the time I have to settle for a moderately fragrant pair, but sometimes I get lucky and find the wet, sticky fresh kind, or some really nice and smelly ones. Anyway, I start thinking about her naked while I stroke myself and smell the panties. It doesn't take me long to cum, and I lower them to my cock and shoot my load into them, into the smelly crotch and carefully replace everything. Occasionally I'll take a particularly smelly pair for future use. My favorite is thong with cherries on it that's slick and dark near the middle and has a nice, fragrant smell.

Anyway, thinking about her panties is making me damn horny. I think I'm gonna go to bed and jack off now. Thanks for listening to me ramble and have fun solo! Please leave comments if you like my stories!



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