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Waxing and Waning

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This technique makes you increasingly responsive to sexual stimulation and yields a delicious orgasm. The only thing you need is a clock, as you have to repeat this every 5 minutes. That pace is important as you will see below. Undress completely, lie quietly down on your bed, don't think about sex. If you have an erection you must wait 'til your penis is flaccid again.
Minute 1: PREPARE. When you have an uncut penis, uncover the head of it. Apply ample saliva. Try not to have an erection. When ready, wait 'til this minute passed completely.
Minute 2: STIMULATE. Caress the head of your penis, especially the most sensitive part, just where your foreskin is attached to the glans. Apply little pressure. Use your fingers, not your fist. Don't touch other parts of your penis, balls, nipples, or whatever. Move your fingers in the well-known 'cum-rhythm', which is about 4 per second. Try to quickly build up a horny feeling while at the same time postponing an erection as long as possible (relax all musculature in the pelvic region). At a certain moment you cannot prevent having an erection any more. Go on now, with erection and with relaxed pelvic musculature, and soon you will be close to the climax. Then STOP!!! Cover the glans of your penis with your foreskin and forget about sex. Don't touch your penis any more. If you are trained well, all this happens well within a minute (for me personally in 30 seconds or so).
Minutes 3-5. Think about something else, but watch your clock. Restart after minute 5 passed, however, only when you penis is flaccid again. Else, WAIT.
Obviously this technique, which is a bit tantric of nature, is not at all a torture. Give yourself a big reward after having done this at least 3-6 times and go right to the climax. You will ejaculate amply, as the prostate has built up a lot a seminal fluid. The more you practise, the more five-minute cycles you can complete, the more sensitive your penis will be, the stronger your erection, and your orgasms will become very intense.
A good everyday thing to do before going to sleep.



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