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Wathcing Joe

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The first time I aw another boy jack off I was 11 and he was 12.


When I was 11 years old, I had been jacking for 3 years, but producing only dry orgasms, and was deathly afraid of anyone discovering that I was an experienced masturbator. I had learned the art at 9 years from listening to the stories told by 12 year olds, and trying what they described either in bed or the bathroom. Two years later my 12 year old cousin was farmed out to my family for 2 months while his parents were on an extended European trip. Since I had 2 beds in my room, he was allowed to sleep with me which greatly interfered with my usual practice of jacking off every night before sleep since I didn't wish for him to know what I was up to. One saturday morning when we were alone, my cousin asked me out of the blue if I jacked off. Before answering, I blushed bright red and began stammering. He said I should relax that every boy jacked off, and I should not be ashamed to admit it. Next he said that when he was home, he jacked off every day, was tired hiding, and had to get in his morning jacking. He went into the bathroom, came out with a towel, spread it on the floor, took his boxers and tee shirt off, and lay down on the towel naked. I watched goggle eyed. His hard 5 inch pecker had an upward curve and a swollen head which just peeked out of his uncircumcised foreskin. He wrapped his fist around his pecker and began to stroke slowly up and down beginning with a tight grasp around the head and ending when his hand hit his belly. He held his thing so tightly that the head of his pecker came into full view on the down stroke and was covered again on the up stroke. Naturally, I got a raging hard on myself from watching him. After about 5 minutes of this, he asked me to take my clothes off so he could see my pecker which he said was only fair since I could see his. I took off my clothes, and he saw my little raging hard 4 inch hairless penis. He kept jacking, and after about another 5 minutes of this, he stopped and asked me if I had any vaseline or other lube. I got out my tub of vaseline which I kept hidden under my bed, and he scooped out some smearing it on his now very red pecker. While he continued jacking, he asked why I didn't lube up and stroke my own. I told him that I wanted to watch what he did, and after he came, I would jack off for him. He seemed to think that was a good idea, and continued his jacking. As he got into it, his strokes became faster and faster until at last his entire body began to tremble, he raised his behind off the floor, and finally he shot 3 rather skimpy squirts of come. I was engrossed by what I had seen, and very impressed with the patch of pubic hair over his pecker, the dark red color of his shaft, and purple color of his pecker head which looked like a mushroom now fully out of his foreskin. The hole in his head looked like the mouth of a little red fish quivering and open with thick white come dribbling out of it.
By then, I was so horny that I started jacking as if I couldn't do it fast enough, and quickly orgasmed although mine was dry. While we were resting, I got him to tell me how he learned to do it, how often he jacked, whether he did it with other boys and a lot of other questions. He said he learned from an older boy when he was about 8, jacked once or twice a day, and had been shooting for about 6 months. He and a friend usually jacked together on saturdays when they rode heir bikes out into the woods. After about half an hour of rest, we lubed our peckers up again, and had another session. Every day afterward until he went home we jacked together usually before going to sleep and in the morning when we woke up.



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