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Watching Video

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00:00: I am watching video on a small camcorder screen. From beneath my T-shirt, I can see my legs sheathed in opaque black panty-hose. My crotch is covered by white panties worn over the hose. My hands roam around the panties, pulling and stretching. The crotch is double-thickness; through the rest, the black of the hose is visible.
00:35: Posing a bit for the camera. I am straight. Why is this sexy?
01:05: Right hand slips inside the panties. I begin to caress myself through the hose, and the second pair of panties worn underneath. I can see my fingers working through the sheer white material.
01:48: Both hands inside the hose now.
02:15: I slip the outer panties down a little, then the hose, revealing the inner layer and my erection forcing them up at the front.
02:30: Stroking the top of my cock through the panties with my left thumb while my fingers reach down into the front of the hose and massage my balls. My other hand is off camera, stroking my ass.
03:15: Want more sensation: right hand stroking cock while left plays with the edges of the hose and outer panties.
04:00: Posing again. I am sideways to the camera, admiring the shape of my ass wrapped in hose and panties. I can't see my hand, but I know it's working as my hips gyrate.
04:40: Couldn't resist: my cock is standing proud from all the nylon and lycra and I have begun lubing it with lotion.
05:10: I'm standing, facing the camera again. Lubed left hand gripping and massaging the top of my hard-on, right pulling the outer panties down, rubbing my balls.
05:40: Slow and gentle.
06:05: Longer shot, the outer pair of panties are a little way down my thighs, stretched between my sleek black legs. The second panties peek over the hose. My cock is more than peeping - it's standing proud. Long, slow, strokes.
06:45: Tighter shot. The crotch-piece of the panty-hose is clearly visible. Now I pull the hose down a little to make it easier to rub. The bulge of my balls in the inner panties looks great.
07:45: Adjust camera position so I am looking up my legs at my crotch. Squelchy sounds of lotion in hand.
08:15: I am squatting. The camera is close to my crotch. I can hear the rubbing of taut material.
09:00: Close-up of hand massaging cock. Audible pants.
09:20: I stand. Too much tension to squat.
09:45: Standing back from the camera, one pair of panties and hose around my thighs, just enjoying it.
10:40: man, that looks good.
11:03: I'm closer to the camera now, rubbing harder and panting. My free right is gripped the outer pair of panties which are stretched between my legs below my balls.
11:30: Lots of panting. Right hand now fondling balls. More lotion for left.
12:20: Pants turn to moans. Knees bent a little.
12:45: I pull the hose up again, and pull outer panties up around around my hips. I want to look like girl in high-waist panties. That's the right hand's work: the left keeps working on you-know-where.
13:40: Legs apart over camera for crotch shot.
14:25: I stop just to let the camera admire my hard, straight, shiny erection.
14:26: Not for long!
14:55: More lotion.
15:15: Standing up is getting harder now. I can see my legs shake a little. My right hand roams all over my legs, enjoying the feeling of the tightly-stretched hose. Then, back inside the hose to feel my balls through the inner panties.
16:00: Pants getting shorter, and my hand movements are getting frantic. Moans, sighs, my legs quiver.
16:18: I begin to bounce up and down. My free hand is gripping the top of all the underwear. Things are getting urgent.
16:40: Down come the outer panties. Down comes the hose part-way down my thighs. My left hand never leaves my cock, never stops rubbing.
17:08: My voice is quavering, desperate. I am going as fast as I can without my hand flying off my slippy cock.
17:20: Slow down!
18:00: My breathing sounds as if I have run a mile. I just want to come.
18:20: I move right in front of the camera and kneel on a bed. I can stand no longer, and I don't want the camera to miss this.
18:40: Long, plaintive moan. Just want to COME!
19:05: Moaning turns to yelps.
19:10: More lotion!
19:30: As fast as I can go. Both hands.
19:40: Right hand takes over. Left hand reaches down to feel my balls and hook them out from the constraint of the panties. I am going for it.
20:10: Going as hard as I can. I can't believe how long this is lasting.
20:50: Oh my. Really going for it, the tip of my cock is inches from the camera.
20:55: Frantic rubbing. Moan of release. I'm nearly there. Out of control, I jerk briefly away from the camera.
21:10: ORGASM! A stabbed cry, a huge involuntary movement of my body. At 21:13, the cum spurts from my cock before I collapse onto the bed and out of view. HUGE.



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