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Watching the Ordeal

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To many of you female readers my story will probably seem weird and maybe even a bit of a turn-off but I assure you that every word is true. You can be the judge of my mental and physical reaction to a particular happening. Think how you might have reacted.

My good friend Sandy loves to give small parties and frequently incorporates an activity or event into the party that makes her parties quite unique. As an example, at her last all-girls party she had two male strippers perform for us. Sandy is quite wealthy and is generous and free with her money. It is her most recent all-girls party that I'm going to tell you about and the impact it had on me as well as others.

Counting Sandy and I there were a total of eight women present this time. Lots of good snacks and plenty of whatever you wanted to drink. We gabbed with each other and ate, drank and listened to music. At around ten o'clock Sandy had us gather in her great room where we sat on folding chairs each facing in the same direction. The music stopped and the lights dimmed and a soft spotlight illuminated a small area of the wood floor around a wooden straight-backed chair. Needless to say, we ladies were dying to see what Sandy's newest treat was going to be about.

Then, a very attractive woman of about mid-thirties enters the room and is dressed quite sexy. High heels, tight skirt, black stockings and a beautiful silk blouse. I could tell she wore no bra. Sandy introduced her as Caroline. I didn't have a clue as to what this lady was about or what was going to happen and neither did the other ladies. Sandy then told us we were going to watch something that we probably had never seen. Sandy told us to feel free to go to another room if what we were about to see upset anyone. She said she would ask for our reactions afterward.

The lights now went out except for the spotlight on Caroline. Caroline proceeded to slowly remove her skirt. She wore lace trimmed bikini panties and she had a beautifully shaped rear end. There was about four inches of white flesh between her panty legs and the top of her stockings. Extremely sexy. Next, off came the blouse and we all checked out her quite large tits and perky nipples. Caroline then leaned over and took hold of the back of the wooden chair. Sandy picked up a long wooden rod that I barely noticed leaning against the chair. Sandy asked one of the ladies to come up and 'assist' her.

Marni went forward and Sandy told her to pull down Caroline's panties. At first she hesitated, then she pulled them down to just around the knees. Sandy handed Marni the rod and told her that she was allowed to administer five firm strokes to Caroline's rear. I heard two or three of my friends gasp and I think I gasped also. Marni looked at Sandy and then at Caroline. Sandy nodded her head to Marni who then raised the wooden rod and brought it down quite hard on Caroline's rear. She didn't utter a sound. The room was so quiet that the sound seemed quite loud as the rod landed on flesh.

Marni took her time using her five strokes and still Caroline did not utter a sound. Her rear was already becoming red in the direct spotlight. By the fifth stroke I knew I was entering a state of high sexual arousal from watching this. We were each given the opportunity to administer five strokes only if we wanted. All eight of us took our turn and no one left the room. I was the last one and by that time I desperately wanted to plunge my hand down my pants and finger myself. I knew I was really wet and my friend sitting next to me whispered to me that she thought she was going to cum. I couldn't wait to have my turn. I struck Caroline hard each time and I was breathing heavily. I actually didn't want to stop striking her and twice I got her across the backs or her legs. I knew the adrenaline was pumping through my body. I wanted to hear her cry out and she didn't.

During the entire time of Caroline's ordeal she never let out a sound. When it was finally over Caroline just stood up and dressed herself. She then just smiled at us and left. During Sandy's questioning of us it was obvious that we were all very sexually aroused by what we had just witnessed. One lady friend even said she almost came.

I couldn't wait to get home. I didn't want sex with my husband I just wanted to rub a clit that wanted to be rubbed in the worst way. I stood up in the bathroom and rubbed away hard until I had one of my most intense orgasms.

I continue to think about that night when I masturbate and I see Caroline in my minds eye receiving those strokes. A few days ago I was talking with my friends and they were discussing asking Sandy to have another such night. Then Marni had a different idea. She suggested that each of us receive a total of seven strokes, one from each lady. I suspect that is what will come soon. I must admit that I would look forward to seeing what it would be like.

I wonder how you would have reacted mentally and physically had you witnessed Caroline's ordeal that night?? I wonder why all of us reacted nearly the same as we watched and participated?



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