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Watching the Girl at the Window

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This happened when I was about 21 and visiting my girlfriend who was still in college


I have been an avid fan of Solo Touch for years but this is my first story contribution. When I graduated from college in Edinburgh, I got a job about 300 miles away but I would travel back to Edinburgh to see my girlfriend every two to three weeks. My girlfriend shared an apartment on the second or third floor of an apartment block built around a courtyard. The apartment faced a bank of similar flats and so there were lots of young people and lots of windows around...a great opportunity for a young voyeur and exhibitionist like me to take advantage of any sexual situation that might arise. Of course, these situations existed mainly in the realms of fantasy until one memorable day...

I was visiting my girlfriend on a Friday afternoon in May. I was to attend the college ball that night so my girlfriend was excited about the chance to dress in a ballgown and I was nervous about fitting into my hired Tuxedo. As I settled into the chair looking out of the living room window, I looked across to the apartment directly opposite and my heart skipped a beat. Ever alert to the presence of others, I detected the swirl of a skirt and a flash of blonde hair opposite. It was dim in the interior but as far as I could make out, it looked as though the girl opposite was changing. The skirt was coming off and my youthful cock was stiffening at the possibilities...if I could get rid of my girlfriend for a few minutes, this might turn out to be a perfect flashing opportunity! Frustratingly, my girlfriend stayed in the room, then she followed my gaze (I think I must have looked like a deer in the headlights) and saw me looking into that apartment. 'Oh', she said 'is that blondie stripping off again?'. My cock leapt fully to attention. I tried to stay cool but was delighted and amazed to find out that 'she' regularly undressed in full view. My girlfriend was dismissive of her but I was willing to give her a second chance!

My second chance occurred a few hours later, around 5pm. I had showered and was getting changed into my Tuxedo. I was wearing black briefs, a white shirt and black bow tie but was keeping my trousers off to keep them neat until it was time to go to the ball. My girlfriend was in the shower and I was idly daydreaming in the kitchen which also faced across the courtyard to the apartment where 'Blondie' lived. As I wandered into the kitchen and looked out, I was stopped dead in my tracks. Blondie was right at the window, naked apart from a pair of blue panties and she looked like she was 'doing her make up' in the mirror. As an experienced flasher I could tell this was a set up. She was in the window so people above and below me could see her clearly. The mirror was merely a prop, she needed an excuse to be on display at the window.

My cock reacted instantly and I instinctively reached into my underpants and grabbed it. I stared across the gap (maybe 20 yards) and she then realized there was someone in the apartment directly opposite (they were all normally girls) and probably thought she had been caught by one of them. She instantly dived for cover behind the curtains at the side of the window. I was shocked but excited and, knowing my girlfriend was still in the shower, I knew I had a little time to play. I stroked my now rock hard cock as I looked across at her, hoping she would come back into view, and she did.

Now it was her turn to be shocked. When she dived for cover, she pulled a purple sweater on over her modest breasts and then she moved back to the window. I could see her expression clearly to see her cheeks were flushed, but better than that, her mouth was open and her eyes were like saucers! Instead of the girls in the window she could see me, clearly aroused with my hands in my pants. There is nothing more exciting to a flasher than the reaction: knowing you have shocked and excited someone through your actions is very arousing and now, here we were, two exhibitionists flashing each other!

Now we stood, each in our underwear, 20 yards apart and staring at each other in fascination. To my delight, she openly stared as I started to stroke my cock, still inside my briefs. She immediately slipped a hand inside her panties and began to rub herself. This got me going and I stroked faster. Looking around at the other flats, I saw no signs of life so I threw caution to the wind and dropped my briefs to my ankles. Her eyes got bigger as she realized that she was responsible for creating my now throbbing boner and I could see her arm start to move inside her panties.

Our eyes fixed on each other as we started to stroke and rub harder and faster and I could feel my balls starting to tighten. We were now openly masterbating and watching each other. I remember thinking her breasts were tiny but her nipples were pointing straight through the thin top she had put on. In a few moments, I was lost in the throes of the most intense orgasm I had ever experienced and my cock gushed a huge stream of cum. I was proud that none of my rented clothes were spattered but there seemed to be cum everywhere. I was breathing hard but watching her across the street as she arched her back and reached her climax.

As soon as that was over, my girlfriend started moving around the flat and I rushed to clean up and finish dressing. I lost sight of Blondie and focused on hiding my still hard cock from my girlfriend. I didn't want her to think that working in the kitchen got me excited!

We headed to the ball and then, when we came back, the flat opposite was all closed up. Curtains were drawn and there was nothing on display so I headed to bed. The next morning, I could see a pretty nightdress hanging on the back of the door but no sign of my fellow exhibitionist. The next day I was leaving to head back to the train station when I literally bumped into Blondie at the corner of the apartment block. She was wearing the same yellow skirt I had seen her strip off on the Friday. We instantly recognized each other and I like to think that she blushed. We both grinned at each other, apologized and then moved on.

Unfortunately, I never saw her again. My girl friend graduated (and is now my wife) and moved out of the complex so I never went back. But even today, I look back and smile at that unexpected and memorable experience.



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