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Watching Someone

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To complicate matters, I shared my story with my older sister and she informed me that she has had two sexual relations with other women. One was a twenty year old co-worker. My head is spinning.


I have just read the April story of the young woman who excites herself by exposing a part of her breast in public situations. I was on the receiving end of such a display several months ago and after reading the April story I thought I would share this with you readers.

I'm thirty-four and have a daughter Miriam. It was a Saturday and we were going out to lunch to a chain restaurant that had booths, tables and high-tops. High-tops are small round tables that are elevated above the other tables by probably over a foot. You have to be careful if you are sitting at a high-top with a dress or skirt as other diners at regular tables can get a look up your dress if your legs are not totally closed.

Miriam and I were seated at a regular table and behind Miriam and slightly to my left was one of those high tops. Seated at that table was an attractive woman who looked to be about my age. She was wearing a beautiful Kelly green skirt that was a bit short for a woman her age but she looked quite stylish and had a nice figure. I noticed a bit later while looking at the menu that I had a clear view of the upper portion of her thigh as her legs were just a bit too open for that table.

I immediately went back to my menu but curiosity got me to look again. Now I saw even more thigh and I looked up at her face to see if she noticed me looking. She was just studying her menu. It was at this point that I got that slight tingly feeling that one gets when sexual arousal begins. This was a first for me as far as getting aroused by the sight of a woman's thigh. This concerned me but it didn't stop me from discretely looking a third time. I just couldn't believe my eyes!! I could see all the way up to her kitty which was totally shaved. She wore no panties.

I immediately looked at her face and she was looking directly at me and smiling. I smiled back and resumed talking with my daughter. Another quick glance and I saw the same view and at that moment her legs parted a bit more. I now realized for the first time that this woman was doing this deliberately and for my benefit. I was also getting considerably more aroused and I knew that I was getting quite wet.

I paid a visit to the ladies room where I confirmed that I was really wet. I wiped myself thoroughly to prevent any wetness from showing through my pants. The rest of our lunch time I frequently looked up to see her kitty. Finally, she left. I couldn't wait to get home and take care of myself. I immediately went to my room and removed my clothes. I rubbed my clit feverishly while all the time visualizing the inside of that woman's kitty.

I had neglected to totally close my bedroom door and Miriam stuck her head in to ask me a question. Yes, I'm sure she saw me lying there naked with my legs wide open. She immediately excused herself and closed the door. We never discussed what she saw. I continued to rub my clit while fingering myself with my other hand. I then experienced the most intense orgasm that I have had in quite a while.

So you see, you ladies who enjoy exposing yourself to other women, this is what you sometimes cause.

I have masturbated frequently to the thoughts of that woman and her open legs and exposed kitty. I don't think that if this was accidental I would have been quite so aroused. It was the idea that this woman was deliberately doing this and knew I was looking that got me so excited. The more I looked the more excited I got. I really think that if she had approached me in the ladies room I would have done anything she wanted.

I now have thoughts of a woman touching me and me touching a woman. I feel like I did in high school when I had my first boyfriend. I really think I want a girlfriend. Who knows where this will go.



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