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Watching Sharon

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My wife's sister came to stay, so I set up a covert cam in the bedroom..


My wife told me last month that her sister was coming to stay with us until she could sort out her divorce, she said she would be here in under a week, this was last month and gave me an idea so before she arrived I decided to have some fun by setting up a hidden cam in the spare bedroom.

My wife was out visiting her mother for a few days and this gave me enough time to set-up the camera hardware and test it out, it cost just under $150 and I have to say it’s pretty good for the price, made in China but has everything that is needed, including the set-up instructions and the receiver for the PC which I hooked up easily, the camera is small and I located it on top of the air vent in the bedroom, this camera is color but will also work in very low light so it works in almost darkness.

From the location I could clearly see the entire bedroom, including the bed and dressing areas, it also had sound and I had this set-up and working in under a day, I was shaking with anticipation of what I would see with the camera.

Sharon arrived later that week and was all upset at her divorce, my wife and her talked at length for many evenings, I felt for Sharon, I guess you could say I had a soft spot for her, she is 45 and looks hot for her age, and she still has the looks and curves of a woman 15 years younger, she has 38b tits and long auburn hair. (I checked the bra cup size in the laundry room)

Anyway the first week of her staying with us nothing much happened, I’d review the recordings from the previous day and other than a few times where she got undressed and changed she was off to sleep within a few moments of retiring to bed.

On the second week, I was out and away on a conference so on my return I had several days of video to review, the camera is triggered by movement and then stores the video by time and date stamp to a large 2Tb drive I have shared on my private network in the office.

On that same Tuesday, I was away my wife called me to let me know she was going out to help out with some friends who had gotten flooded in the storms, and she had left Sharon alone at the house, she asked me if I thought she would be ok alone and I said that she would need to give her sometime on her own to reflect and come to terms with the situation, and I was also thinking it would give Sharon the opportunity to rub one off, from the video and the date and time stamps I could tell the same evening my wife was out Sharon was walking around naked in her room with only her bra on, she would sit down for a while and read a magazine and then begin to rub her pussy then stop and get up, this went on for about two hours and I wasn’t sure why but then I figured it out further into the video, after she finally got up and begun searching through her suitcase for something, finally out popped a large pink dildo with a suction cup on the end, holy crap, my dick was hard as steel and I had to get him out of my shorts before it bust the stitching.

I ran the video back and forth several times looking in detail, the dildo was about 7-8 inch long, pink and fleshy in color, Sharon took it out and began by smelling it. I guess she could tell if it was clean or not and anyway she washed it in the vanity and then dried it on a hand towel, then took out some oil or lotion from her suitcase and smeared it all over the dildo, she then walked over and stuck it to the full length mirror in the bedroom wall and proceeded to lower and back-onto-it, she then took it off again and adjusted the height, this went on a couple more times before she had got the angle right, I guess she was right with the angle as she pulled off her bra, cupped her tits pulling at them and tugging at her nipples, all the while she was slowly rising and lowering herself on the dildo and moaning at the pleasure she was receiving, watching this and knowing it was real was so freaking erotic and I blew a load of sperm all over the office floor, no sooner had I cleaned this up I went through the rest of the video and found at least 3 more occasions where she did the exact same thing while my wife and I were at home upstairs in bed… horny bitch!!

On one other occasion she used the dildo while relaxing lying in bed and surfing porn on her laptop…. I blew another rope at that sight, I counted Sharon took at least 10 orgasms from that dildo before she left, you can clearly hear her coming on the video on the day she was home alone, moaning out loud and you can see her toes curl, and go rigid on the bed with the power of her orgasm… that actual video will make me come again and again regardless of when I came last.

Sadly Sharon left last week to move in with my mother in law, but I still have the video’s and still watch them whenever I get the opportunity, it has to be the most erotic masturbation video I have ever seen.

The camera is still set-up in case Sharon comes to stay, and if she does I will let you know what she does when she’s alone in her room.



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