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Watching Others & Being Watched

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I posted my first story here in September of this year. I was never open about sex & masturbation, it was the way my parents had raised me. However, I got a job with a woman who loves sex and is more than open about it, I feel she has brought me out of my shell. I have only had a few boyfriends that I have had sex with a few times each. I do not feel that I have to sleep with a guy, just because he bought dinner. I also have not been with a woman until the other day.
My boss has been very good to me since she hired me. We have spoken about sex a lot at lunch time, when we go out together. I even began to think she was hitting on me. Anyways she invited me to her home in upper Westchester County for a sexual experience. I was unsure what to do, and had turned her down a few times in the past month. After she continued to push I agreed, she said the way her home was laid out, that I could stay outside in the hot tub and watch everything go on inside the house, she had a very large picture window, that she makes love in front of, so she never knows who is looking in, kinda of a voyeurism thing.
So, last weekend I went to her home in the morning, and it was very big, one of the largest homes I have ever been in. I met her boyfriend (or so I thought) and her former sister in law, and it turn out we were all staying for the weekend. We all got in to her SUV and went into town to do some shopping. When we got back, I wanted to try out the Hot tub before dinner. I was told that bathing suits are optional. I got into my swim suit and got into the tub, I was there about 20 minutes with my eyes closed, when I opened my eyes and looked towards the home, I could seem my boss (Emily) going at it with her former sister-in-law (Dianna) both in the nude, one ways playing with the other's nipples as the other just laid back and enjoyed herself. As I watched I became aroused, I could feel myself getting wet from inside and not from the hot tub. I began to play with myself, and touching myself through my bathing suit. As I watched the girls going at it I just did what they were doing to each other, I just did it to myself. This must have gone on for about half an hour, they just explored each others' body with their hands, touching all over. When one started to touch the other girl's vagina I could see her shake all over, I got out of the hot tub and removed my swim suit and laid on the deck watching everything, My nipples were so hard and larger than ever before, My vagina was so wet and my clit was enlarging like I had never experienced. As I touched my outer lips I would shake all over, and as I touched them my finger would be drawn in towards my opening. As I lay there touching myself all I could do is watch them. Then someone appeared over me, it was Dianna's daughter Nichole (she was 18 and very pretty), she introduced herself, and told me she was watching me from her room on the second floor, she was playing with herself, and after she had her big 'O', she wanted to come down and ask me if she could watch up close or even help. By then I could not care who showed up, I was feeling sooooooo gooood, I was more than ready to EXPLODE, and I said sure come on down, She removed her robe, and had V-String panties on, in light pink, and no top, her nipples were much bigger than mine, almost as long as my little finger. As she lay along side of me her finger touched my tummy, and I came like never before, it was the BEST, and I do mean the BEST I have ever had. It felt so good to have a soft female's hand touch my skin, it sent shivers through my entire body as I came. We lay there touching each other for about an hour, it was so nice. I would never have thought about touching another woman before, now I recommend it.
As we continued to touch each other, at some point we looked up and saw Emily with a huge smile on her face, she reached down and touched my ass so softly, and then said, 'Welcome to my home, I see you are having some fun after all.' Then she turned away and said, 'we have been watching you for sometime now, and dinner will be ready soon'.
As we lay there, neither one of us wanted to move, I did not like the feeling of being watched, but did not want to leave either, as I went to get up, Nichole went with her tongue between my legs, it was about 10 seconds and as she used her tongue on my 'A' hole (a rim thing) I did it again, another huge 'O', I shook all over and could feel my wetness running down between my legs as Nichole was licking it up.
Nichole and I laid there in the nude for the longest time, Emily & Dianna came out to us with dinner, we were in the nude and Dianna & Emily were in robes, until Emily said that they were over dressed and they took them off, we all sat on the deck in the nude discussing our day, very openly, like I thought I would never do. Later I asked Emily about her boyfriend, she replied that it was not her boyfriend, just a friend that lives down the road, and stops by from time to time to talk, he is married to a woman who seems to be all dried up, and he come here looking for love & sex. He has not had either here yet, but maybe one day he will catch us in the act, and we will let him join in.
More happened this past weekend, but that is for a later time.
Oh, by the way. Emily, Dianna or Nichole if you read this and still feel the same, please call me.
Kathy K.



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