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Watching on a Nude Beach

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I couldn't look away...


I recently visited a nude beach for the first time. I was really nervous at first, and it took me about a half-hour to get up the courage to strip off completely. Finally I said, 'Now or never,' dropped my trunks and quickly ran into the water.

I was still nervous, not to mention cold. Even though I am well endowed (7.5') when hard, I've always been a bit of a 'grower.' I'm also pretty overweight. Factor all of that in, and let's just say that Mr. Happy wasn't making much of an appearance.

Finally, I got ready to head back to my towel. Fortunately nobody stared, and that helped me relax. I lay down on my towel to get some sun, on my stomach first. After a few minutes, I got hot on my back, then turned over, so my junk was on display, and it was OK. I could feel the tension melting away.

After a while, I turned over again, and as I did, I took notice of a guy who was about 10 feet away, on his side facing me. His head was obscured by a cooler, but judging from his body, he was a regular. He had a deep, all-over tan, and in contrast to me, no body hair except for a thin patch over his penis. What caught my attention was that he had his hand on his penis.

At first I thought he was just adjusting himself or scratching, but soon he put his thumb and index finger around his cock head and subtly gave it a stroke. He wasn't hard, or if he was he is pretty small. I tried to look away out of modesty, but I was drawn to watch him. I repositioned to get a better look, but with my eyes behind sunglasses, I was pretty sure he couldn't tell I was staring at him.

He couldn't stroke it openly on the beach, but with small strokes, he managed to get close. A glob of precum would appear at the tip, and he would use it as lube. Anytime somebody would walk by, he would stop, then start again. I began to feel increased flow in my own dick, not enough to get hard, but enough to correct the earlier problem.

I could tell he was getting close when his legs pushed out straight. Sure enough, a minute later his basically flaccid dick pumped out 4-5 squirts of cum into the sand. He squeezed the last couple of drops out, then buried the evidence in the sand. A minute later, he had picked up and left.

I was only a little turned on, and while that episode gave me courage to walk around a bit, I knew better than to follow suit. That kind of behaviour is inappropriate and illegal. But when I got back to my hotel that night, I pounded it a couple of times, and once more in the morning, thinking about what I'd seen.



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