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Watching Niece

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Before Christmas, I had been living with my brother and his family. He has a 13-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter Julie who is very hot. After I had been there about a month Julie began to relax more and often she would come and sit in the lounge in her nightie before bed. I found myself checking her out more and more, sometimes getting glimpses of her hard nipples and her cute bum would get me stiff. One night I was alone sat on the floor watching TV and she came in, she bent over the arm of the sofa to get a magazine and I stared at her firm thighs and cute bum encased in her sleep shorts, the visible lines of her panties cutting high across each cheek. She sat on the floor opposite me leaning against the sofa and beamed a smile at me that melted my heart. She sat there reading with both her legs drawn up, out of the corner of my eyes I glanced between her thighs to see her sweet puss bulging between, my cock began to stir. After a while she let her left leg which was closest to me, drop away and I could just see up the leg of her shorts to where her panties appeared, soft white ones stretching tightly over her mound, she gently wafted her thigh up and down which had the effect of drawing the centre seam of her shorts tight against her puss and my cock throbbed as I secretly watched the flesh of her mound being caressed by the fabric of her panties.

A couple of nights later after her parents had gone to bed she came in again and sat in the same position. We briefly chatted about her day, the whole time I was checking out her sizeable firm breasts beneath her night shirt and a moment later I almost let out a gasp as I stole a glance up the leg of those shorts again and realized she had no panties on. I made out the inside of her thigh, the muscle in her groin and a small patch of dark pubic hair, I felt my cock unwind in my jeans and bulge and throb, then she got up and for a half second I had a view of her puss and I swear the pinkness of her lips, she pecked me on the head and went to bed, I unzipped my fly and took my pulsing cock in hand stroking myself to orgasm dreaming of what I had seen.

A few days later I was alone in the house and decided to check out her room. Shaking with excitement and fear I opened the door and could immediately smell her. I padded about and found her sleep shorts balled up on her bed, undoing them there was a pair of white panties inside, I picked them out, my cock raging in my shorts, the panties were sweet white cotton ones with a pink bow on the front and the crotch was wet and sticky with a few pubes, her shorts were also stained on the fabric that went between her legs and I trembled at the thought of this 15 year old girl fingering herself and masturbating her puss, I smelled her crotch which was musky and I wondered what she was doing to make her panties so wet.

Checking a few drawers, I found her underwear drawer, full of pretty bras and her knickers were cotton and a few silky ones, buried underneath was a small hair brush and a thick marker pen and it then dawned on me that perhaps these were her make-do dildos as there were just the right size for her young puss, my mind was now racing and my cock bursting. In the corner was a pile of clothes and I found some more panties, green cotton bikini and pink silk bikini, the green pair were stiff in the crotch and the pink ones were also stiff with her juice.

By now I had to release my pent up lust so taking her white panties I opened my fly and stroked my raging cock with the soft fabric squirting great gobs of cum into the crotch in a matter of seconds, my whole body shook and bucked as I thrust into them. After I finished I wrapped them back into her sleep shorts and left.

Over the next few weeks I shot my load into several of her panties, I was always amazed as to how soiled they were, she must have been horny and masturbating a lot. I was treated to a few flashes of her panties beneath her short school skirt, once as she bent over I caught a glimpse of her baby blue knickers stretching over her bum. Several times in the car as she sat down and one time she was sat on the sofa I am sure she was teasing me by letting her thighs drift open and showing off her bright white panties.

One evening we were all in the lounge and her mum brought in a pile of underwear for her to sort through, she unfolded hers and laid them neatly on the floor, the whole time my mind racing as I saw the ones I had jerked into, watching her fingers running over them made me very horny and I wondered if her pussy was twitching at that very moment. During one visit to her room, I discovered her hairbrush and marker pen in her bed amongst her nightie, and a pair of very soiled baby blue panties, the crotch was still wet and I could make out a thick line of whitish goo. Moments later they were soaked with gobs of my cum as I thought about her rubbing herself with the brush and marker pen, her legs splayed as she thrust each object in and out of her slippery pussy.

One Saturday evening I was left with Julie and her brother as their parents went out. About 9 o'clock Julie and her brother had changed for bed and said we should play cards for a bit, so we sat on the floor and played. Julie was looking heavenly with her blonde well brushed hair, she had on a longish blue nightie and she sat with her legs crossed and nightie pulled down to cover her crotch. As we played she fidgeted about and soon I had a view of her knickers stretched over her puss, she had her legs crossed and pulled close to her and her panties were just covering her, I could just make out small bulges of her lips, as we played she relaxed and let her nightie ride up slightly, I was again in heaven and stiff at what I could see. As we played on I became aware of her brother rubbing himself, he had his hand inside of his PJj's and I think he was rubbing his erection, I ingnored it but noticed Julie taking a side ways look at him, the rubbing went on for a bit then he let out a grunt and it stopped.

As we played on some more my attention went back to Julie and now I noticed she had the heel of one foot jammed right between her legs and she was almost sitting on it. At first I thought how flexible she must be for it not to hurt and then realized she was in fact pushing it against her puss. Every time she leaned forward to pick up a card she would ride over it and if she was waiting she would gently rock on her heel, her face began to flush and her voice got trembly as I realised she was getting off,. Every chance I had I sneaked a look at her puss squashed against her heel and at one point I swore I could smell her, the same smell from her knickers.

When it was time for bed she got up and I got a look at her panties, the shape of her heel indented into the moist fabric. When they were both in bed I went to the loo and jerked myself off thinking of her, sending streams of cum all over the toilet.

One afternoon I fell asleep on my bed and woke to the noise of someone tapping away on a key board. I looked out and it was Julie sat at the PC in the lounge; she was home early from school. From the landing I quietly watched her and she looked so horny in her school uniform, her skirt ridden up really high exposing her wonderful thighs. As she tapped away she was also giggling and I guess she was online to her friends. The she snaked one hand under her skirt and began to rub, her thighs were wide apart and I could make out a definite rubbing action. The horny cow I thought and I watched in anticipation.

Next she adjusted the web cam and put both feet on the seat, then she let her legs fall open, her right hand went between her thighs and she typed with the other. I almost fell over and had to steady myself while trying to untangle my stiffening cock. I gently moved to get a better look and now I could make out Julie pumping her fingers into her hole, her thighs flexing and wafting about, quiet murmurs coming from her and a definite squelching sound as she pumped away. Then she reached up and picked up an object, it was a marker pen like she had in her room and now there was a more slow and definite action to her pumping. She was wanking herself off with the nice fat marker in her puss. Moments later she was speeding up, gasping until she let out a huge sigh and slumped over the pc. I had ejaculated and left a huge wet patch in my tracky bottoms, still horny and shaking at what I had seen. The Julie stood up, picked a tissue from her bag and wiped between her legs and the marker, and I heard her knicker elastic snap back into place. With that she went back out through the kitchen and moments later I saw her pedal away on her bike. I went to her room and took a fresh pair of her knickers to wack off into, dreaming of the wet pussy grinding on her bicycle saddle. When I came I put the panties back and though about getting the ones she had just masturbated in-which I will tell you about another time.



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