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Watching Myself in the Mirror

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I wake up with a raging hardon. I lift up my blanket and sheets, to peek at my naked body. My dick is pointing straight at me, surrounded by hair. I keep the rest of my body smooth, except for my bush. It's grown thick and curly, with a mix of light brown, and some red as well. I'm circumsized, and the head of my dick tapers nicely, to a round tip, and I have a wide hole, that gapes open when I'm really aroused, allowing the pre cum to ooze freely. I see a wet spot on the flat sheet, where my dick was begging for release, and I slowly peel the sheets down, pushing them with my legs and feet.

I get out of bed, and walk out to the kitchen. I can feel pre cum dripping out of me, as my dick bobs freely up and down. I make coffee, tugging lightly at my hair dick. The last time I measured myself, was when I was in college, at the age of 19. It was a dare with some buddies of mine. We were in the dorms, and had a late night of studying, which made us crazy stupid. Only four of us actually measured our dicks in front of each other, which is the only way the dare worked. Mine was 7 and 1/4 inches long, and 5 1/2 inches around the shaft. I've grown at least an inch since then, and my shaft is more likely 6 1/2 inches thick. My fist barely reaches entirely around it.

I sip at my coffee, and head to the living room, opening the vertical blinds, letting the light in my fifth story apartment. I slide open one of the balcony doors, listening to the sounds of the streets below. My apartment faces an office building, but at 5:45 am, I'm quite sure no one is looking. I walk out bravely, into the brisk morning air, feeling the breeze flow through my crotch and ball hair. I have a slightly larger scrotum, with nicely hanging balls. I don't trim around my balls, taint, or ass either. The air feels nice through my hairy undercarriage, and I calmly sip my coffee, hardon bobbing up and down, in response to the cool air. I feel more pre cum dripping from me, and step back into the apartment.

I walk back down the hall, to the large bathroom at the end. The apartment is at least 40 years old, and one whole wall is covered by mirror panels, with decorative metallic designs around the border. The shower has a floor to ceiling glass door, and glass block surrounding. Whenever I have company, it makes for quite the show. I set my coffee mug on the pillar just inside the door, and watch myself, as I walk along the mirrored wall, dick bobbing up and down, the way my chest flexes as I walk. My arms are nicely developed, and I keep them smooth as well, leaving my armpits to grow freely, and thickly. I start a hot shower, letting the bathroom warm, and the mirrored wall slowly starts to fog at the top. I lean against the tiled wall directly across from the mirrored wall, and take hold of my raging hardon. Pre cum squirts out at the first squeeze. I moan loudly, and lift my left hand, up to the back of my head, watching my bicep flex, and tighten, bulging out nicely. My thick, curly armpit hair quickly becomes moist by the hot shower steam, as well as my crotch hair. It starts to droop, and gather tightly around my shaft. The more I jerk myself, the more moisture appears on my toned body. I'm jerking, moaning, and slowly lifting myself by the balls of my feet. My thighs are flexing, while I lift and tug. I watch as my large nipples become erect, and beads of sweat appear across my chest, abs, and neck. My forehead is already sweaty, as well as my upper lip. My short brown hair looks matted, and I feel I'm about to cum any minute. I lower my left hand, and reach under, to pull at my large, hairy balls. I pull them tightly down, between my finger and thumb loop, and moan loudly again. I hold tightly to them, and continue to jerk my hard dick. I'm edging just a little, allowing myself to reach a certain point, and then I ease up. I edge for about 10 minutes, reaching my left hand up to smell my musky scent. I look at my fingers, and see a couple of curly public hairs. I raise my left leg up, resting my heel on the mirrored wall, placing a couple fingers on the inside of my left cheek. It's thickly covered in sweaty hair, and I lose my fingertips in the wetness, pressing them firmly against my taint. I press hard, feeling the hard prostate under my skin. I press rhythmically, and slowly slide my fingertips closer to my hole. I don't enter myself, but I keep my fingers pressed firmly at the entrance, rhythmically pressing, feeling the wet hair around my fingers. I quickly reach orgasm, and watch as I spray my load across the floor, onto the mirrored wall. I leave a nice coating, and lick my fingers clean of the leftovers.

I leave the mess, and step into the hot shower, turning in time, to watch the door fog up around my sweaty, freshly drained body. The hot water sprays over me, and I milk the last drops of cum out of my quickly softening dick...



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