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Watching My Wife

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No, it wasn't one of those parties where you throw your car keys into the middle of the room and get off with someone else's wife. It was a high-school renuion in fact!


And I was along for the ride. My wife, Anna, had wanted to go and well, I thought I may as well. I guess I was interested in whether any of her old flames would be there a little, but since she only had three boyfriends at highschool I wasn't really that bothered. Anna told me years ago that she had her first sexual experience with a boy when she was 14, she let him finger her, and that at 18, she had decided she didn't want to go to Uni a virgin and had lost her cherry after the prom. (Fairly typical I guess.)

So, the school hall was very busy, not just a reunion, more of an end-of-term party too. Anna mingled, talking to old friends, and after a while, I got bored of being introduced to total strangers and going through all the niceties while feigning interest, so eventually, I sat myself down with a beer and let Anna do her thing.

About half an hour later, she came back to me looking a little flushed. 'Ivan is here' She said. Ivan was the guy who fingered her at 14 and later took her cherry. Anna clearly had something more to say. 'He is still as hot on me as ever, even though he is married now.' There was a pause. It didn't take a mind-reader to know she was still hot on HIM too! I am possessive, I would never have thought the following words would pass my lips. 'Well, Anna, you know, you probably won't meet him again. Why don't you give him a treat?' Clearly this was exactly what Anna had in mind. (I didn't learn till later that Ivan and Anna had already spent most of the missing half-hour making out.) We agreed some ground rules. No fucking, no sucking off, but anything else was fine. Then Anna said 'Do you want to watch?'

I wasn't sure I was ready for that, but she hit on a great idea. 'We will go to his car and I will phone you. Don't speak. Just listen.'

She disappeared into the throng of people and about fifteen minutes later, my phone rang! Way too loud to hear anything in the hall, so I slipped out to the car park and into our car. I saw Anna and Ivan scurrying out and heading my way and for a moment, I thought she was going to use our car, but instead, about two rows down they both got into his. Now I could hear clearly.

I heard the sounds of kissing and heavy breathing, plus a few 'Ohh Anna, I've missed this.' Anna was, however being very vocal, for my benefit. 'Oh fuck, Ivan, undo my top and suck my nipples.' Followed a little later by 'Put your hand in my panties and finger me like you did that time.'

More moaning and sighing and plenty of 'Ohhh fuck!' Then, Anna breathlessly said. 'Ivan, I have to jack it.' I heard my wife jacking his dick and the hard on it gave me actually hurt!

Ivan, of course, said 'Ohh shit, Anna, I want to screw you.' At that moment, I wished I had a way of telling her to go ahead, but Anna said 'No. That's not gonna happen. But THIS is!'

Lots of moaning, Anna crying out 'Ohhh Ivan! I'm gonna cum!' Ivan obviously did a short time later because I heard that kinda animal grunt us guys make when we shoot a heavy load.

A few moments after, Ivan left Anna (presumably to tidy herself up and since he was here with HIS wife, I guess they didn't want to be seen together.) When I saw him leave, I almost screamed into the phone. 'OUR CAR-NOW!'

Anna came over grinning from ear to ear. She sidled into the passenger seat and reached for the light switch. 'Look!' She lifted her skirt up high and tugged the front of her panties down. Her mound, pussy lips and the crotch of her panties was covered in sperm. 'Why didn't you just fuck him?' 'Because we agreed I wouldn't, but I would have, in the blink of an eye.' I sat there staring at the cream in her panties, smelling that sharp almost metallic scent of sperm and then.....(things happened that are not for here.)

It was a good 45 minutes before we re-joined the party.

Later that night, with my full approval, Ivan got his wish, and my wife got hers, which lead to us having to stop the car on the way home TWICE! And we did things we (she) has NEVER been keen on doing! (Again, not for here, but I think you can guess.)

I would never, given how I feel about my lovely wife, have thought for a moment it would be so erotic her getting off with another guy, but it was without doubt the most exhilerating thing! And it drove me wild!

Anna has wondered about seeing me finger another girl, but, for us guys, it's not that easy to pick someone up these days, especially if they are married. I think that Anna is going to talk to one of her friends, but I am going to leave it up to her.



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