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Watching My Twin Sister

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I have probably watched my twin sister masturbate a lot more than I have actually done it myself. It all began when we were still little toddlers. We would take baths, and she would be rubbing and playing with her private part. I thought this was strange, and just ignored her and never did it.

Then she would start lying on her back anywhere around the house, and place a chair leg or a table leg between her own legs, and kind of slide her body forwards and backwards. Then she would lie on her stomach on the ground, or on a couch, or on a bed, and place her hands between her legs and start rubbing. You could see her butt rising and falling too, and her legs sliding forwards and backwards. And she would do this about six times a day, even though we were only three or four.

I just ignored it and never thought anything of it. My parents started asking her to go to her room whenever they saw her doing this. I thought this was a punishment and that what she was doing was bad. But really, my parents weren't punishing her, they were just trying to teach her not to do it in front of people, and they were just giving her the chance to do it in her room. They weren't meaning to stop her, the way I took their actions to mean.

Now, the thing is, I shared the same room with her until I was a teenager. So I can remember her spending lots of time in our room lying on her bed rubbing. She had stopped doing this activity around the house, but always did it in her bed, and she started doing it underneath her blanket too which was also good. But I could always tell when she was doing it. Part of the blanket covering her waist rose up and down, and I knew she was rubbing herself. And she made a little noise too. She did this every night, and often every morning, but even at times in between.

Sometimes I would walk into our room in the middle of the day, and she would quickly jump up and stop rubbing soon as I walk in and pretend like she wasn't doing anything. But I knew better.

When I was twelve years old, I was determined to find out what my twin sister was doing all the time, but I didn't want my parents to find out that I was wondering, and I was feeling kind of embarrassed and ashamed. All I would have needed to do was to try to do the exact same thing as my sister when nobody was around, but nope, I didn't think of that. I decided that I would have to ask my sister somehow when nobody is around, and hope that she would tell me and nobody else.

At a time when we were alone together, I asked her, 'So, what is that thing you do in your bed every night?' To which she said, 'sleep?' She seemed to have no idea as to what I was talking about. But I insisted, 'You do it every night, I can see you and hear you.' I didn't want to actually say the words, 'vulva', or 'private part' I felt ashamed if I would use those words or talk about them. So I just left it, and said that I'd ask her another time.

A few days later, I got an idea. I would wait in my bed that night until I saw and heard her doing it privately in her bed. I got out of my bed and walked up to hers. She didn't notice me as her eyes were closed. But there she was with her hands between her legs, doing that thing I could never understand why she did. I wanted to interrupt her actions and ask her something, but instead I just watched a bit. I could not take it anymore, I tapped her on her shoulder. She quickly jumped off of her hands, and acted really surprised and embarrassed about me being next to her. Then I said that that was what I was talking about the other day and that I wanted her to tell me why she puts her hands there and rubs all the time when she is in her bed. She told me that she did it because it feels good, and that she didn't know that I saw her do it because her blanket covers her. I told her I couldn't actually see what was happening but that I could tell what she was doing underneath her covers because of how the blanket shifts up and down when she does it, and I reminded her of when she was little and did it with or without blankets covering her.

I told her that I didn't understand how it could be fun, I said it's embarrassing to touch or play with your private parts. She said that that was only if someone were to see you do it. Who cares what you do when you are by yourself? I asked her to show me what she does. She got out of her blanket and showed me where she places her hands and how hard she rubs and everything. Then I tried to do it in front of her, and felt this wonderful throbbing sensation. Well I was tired and returned to my bed.

Now, even though my sister just taught me this, I didn't want her to hear me or see me doing it, but I was so curious now. I waited awake till I was sure she was asleep, and then it was my turn for the first time. I think I masturbated all night.

I never noticed her masturbating anymore before she went to bed. Before that day, I always at least heard her when she was doing it. I think she started to make sure I was asleep before doing it. I too didn't want anyone to see me. Fortunately for both of us, all this was to end soon, within a few months, we moved to a bigger house, and we both had our own separate bedrooms where we had our own and as much privacy as we needed.



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