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Watching My Step Dad

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I'm glad I found this web site, because I've never told anyone this, not even my friends, and now I can just spill it out. This happened two years ago, when I was fourteen.

That year I normally stayed late at school for band practice, but band had been cancelled so I got home early. My mom works, and my step-dad works at home, so he's usually around when I get home, and this time I could hear him in the shower when I got to our front porch. This isn't unusual, since he often runs in the afternoon, and he always showers after.

What was different this time was that when I got to my room I could see that the door to the master bedroom was open at the end of the hall. My step-dad practically never leaves the bedroom door open when he showers, at least not when I'm around, but one time before he did, and I got a glimpse of him naked in the bathroom. This is because there's a large mirror on the wall in my parent's bedroom, and if you stand in the hall just outside the bedroom, the mirror will reflect right into the bathroom. That first time I saw him step out of the shower and start to dry himself off, but then he closed the bathroom door so I didn't see much.

My parents are only eighteen years older than me, and my step-dad has a great body, and seeing him naked coming out of the shower pretty much turned me on and definitely made me want to see him that way again. So this day, when I saw the bedroom door open, I went down the hall to where I could peek in. Looking at just the right angle into the mirror, I could see that the bathroom door was also open, so I waited, figuring that he didn't expect me home so soon and might not think to close the bathroom door this time.

After about a minute, I heard the shower water turn off, and then I saw him step out of the shower and grab a towel. I remember feeling my heart pounding, hoping he wouldn't close the bathroom door, and he didn't, he just dried himself all over with the towel, and I got to see him completely naked. I got pretty much turned on watching. It was the most I ever saw him naked, and I really liked spying on him that way. It made me feel sort of powerful, having that secret on him.

When he was done drying himself, I figured he'd comb his hair or something and I wanted to watch as long as I could, but just in case, I was ready to rush back to my room so he wouldn't catch me there. Instead, he just hung up the towel, and turned to lean his butt on the sink, and while I watched, he actually began to play with his penis! Looking in the mirror the way I was, his entire body was facing me, and I could easily see that he was getting an erection, and that he was starting to masturbate.

I couldn't believe my eyes! I masturbate a lot, starting when I was about twelve, but I never figured he did! Or that I would ever see him do it!

By that time I was really wet, and I couldn't stop myself from shoving my hand into my pants and masturbating while I watched him from the hall. It didn't take long. In minutes I managed to come just as he did, and as I watched him react, I thought my whole body was going to explode. It was the most incredible orgasm I've ever had, even since.

But as soon as I came, I had a sudden fear that he would catch me there, so I quietly rushed back to the entry, and opened and closed the front door real loud. I stood there just catching my breath waiting, and finally after a minute or so, he came down the hall, dressed but his hair still wet. He looked surprised to see me and asked why I was home so early. I told him there was no band, and tried to look normal. He didn't look very normal. He was looking pretty nervous, but like he was trying hard not to.

I asked him what's up, and he said, 'I was just thinking of you.'

I actually felt my jaw drop. I said, 'Really? what about me?'

He sort of just shrugged and smiled and said, 'Nothing particular, just how pretty you are.'

I'm sure that made my jaw drop even more. I couldn't believe it! He really was thinking of me! I could see it in his eyes! I stared at him, trying to think of something to say, maybe give him a clue or something that I had seen him, and masturbated myself watching him, but I was still too nervous and embarrassed about the whole thing, so I didn't say anything, just went past him to my room and closed the door.

That was the strangest thing that ever happened to me, and it was probably the most exciting, especially after I got used to the idea that he was thinking about me when he masturbated. I mean it's really a turn on, that someone would fantasise about me like that. I think it changed my relationship with him in some ways too. I figure that if he thought of me that way once, he probably still does, and sometimes I've done things to encourage it without being too obvious, like it's made me a little less shy about letting him see my body, especially when we're alone in the house. But I never wanted to go too far, because we get along pretty good, and even though he's not my dad I do love him, and I don't even really know that I would want anything more to happen. It's a pretty complicated thing.

But I have thought about that day. A lot. Mostly I've thought that I would like it to happen again. It never has. When I masturbate now, I often imagine that we're watching each other do it. Sometimes I think I really could let him watch me masturbate, and I've tried to figure some way to let him catch me doing it, without being slutty. It just hasn't happened.

Maybe it won't ever. But maybe it will.

Actually, it would be great if he read this story here. Maybe he'd know it was me.



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