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Watching My Son

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I have always been turned on by the sight of a man masturbating. When I was in college I had several boyfriends who gladly masturbated in front of me if I asked them to. I find it very erotic. My husband of 21 years has never marsturbated in front of me. I don't even know if he does it. I have asked him to do it several times over the years but he thinks I'm nuts when I ask him. I don't know if he is embarrassed or if he just thinks it is wrong. Other than that, our sex life is adequate.

This has made me have a secret life of sorts, checking out porn sites on the family computer during the day when nobody is home if I come home from work early or if I take a day off. I'm always in search of pictures that show men ejaculating. I usually end up masturbating as I look at the pictures, then I worry myself to death trying to erase the web site history in the computer. I would never want my son or my husband to know I look at that stuff on the computer. That is how I found this site, by the way.

We have a 19 year old son going to a local college. He lives with us. I came home from work one day about 30 minutes earlier than usual. I put my things away then walked through the house towards my bedroom. I noticed my son's door was closed but it was cracked a little bit. I thought he was probably napping after his day at school. I approached the door and peeked through the crack. I was totally taken back by what I saw. He was spread eagle naked on the bed with a massive hard penis in his hand stroking it. I couldn't see his head or face, but I could see his mid stomach to about his knees from my angle. I started to walk away, but I couldn't take my eyes off what I was seeing.

I haven't seen my son naked since he was about 9 years old. They get modest at that age and they don't want their parents to see them anymore without clothes. Since I couldn't see his face I knew he couldn't see me peeking through the crack. He was slowly stroking up and down, then pausing now and then to just hold it, and then he would stroke again. I was amazed because his penis is even larger than his father's penis, longer and thicker. I noticed he had a thick coat of pubic hair too.

I was intrigued and I have to say, getting turned on watching him masturbate. I didn't have any thoughts of having sex with my son, of course. In a way, I was pretending this was someone else. Another man, someone I didn't know, putting on a masturbation show for me. I desperately wanted to walk into the room and sit right beside him as he masturbated so I could watch from a close perspective, but I didn't dare do that. He would have freaked out and it would have totally embarrassed him.

Now and then he would gyrate his hips, as if he were having intercourse, while he stroked himself. My pussy started getting wetter and wetter as I watched and I placed my hand between my legs and pressed against my clit. I watched for about five minutes and finally he tensed and gushed semen all over his stomach. I was amazed at the amount he produced. I watched as he took some tissues and started wiping himself off, then I quietly tip toed to my room.

Once inside my room I locked my bedroom door and stripped my skirt off as fast as I could. I laid down on the bed and fingered my wet pussy and rubbed myself until I came in record time. It only took me about one minute.

I have a bit of guilt about one thing. I fantasized then, and every other time I've masturbated, about being with him when he masturbates and watching him, and allowing him to watch me. I know it is wrong and I know I will actually never allow that to happen, but when I am masturbating those thoughts flow through my mind and I have orgasms so quickly. I am happy I had the chance to secretly watch him. Every time I come home from work now I check to see if his door is ajar, but I haven't caught him doing that again.



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