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Watching My Pretty Neighbour Masturbate

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One evening after school I went next door to my friend Jessie's house to give back a book I'd borrowed. It was getting dark I noticed her bedroom light was on. I decided to tap on her window to bypass her parents and the front door. I stepped into the garden, brushed my way through the tall bushes and craned my head to peer over the windowsill. I hadn't even reached my hand up to tap on the glass when I stopped, frozen.

By the light of a desk lamp I could see Jessie, and I will never forget the sight. She was lying back on her chair, completely naked from the waist down (except, I think, for her socks). Her body was facing the window but her eyes were closed. Her knees were flopped out to the sides and her fingers traced the folds of her lovely, silky pink pussy, open wide for me to gape at.

My teenage heart beat almost out of my ribcage and my underpants flooded instantly. Jessie was pretty, with curly blonde hair and rosy cheeks. In this light she looked like an angel-but it wasn't her face I was watching. I could see every stroke of her baby pink polish-tipped fingers as they dipped between the folds and ran up and over her perfect vulva. Her pussy glistened and the soft hairs were slicked to her skin.

I hadn't seen Jessie naked since we were about six and I had definitely never witnessed another person in such an erotic moment. I was positively swooning with disbelief that I was watching Jessie masturbate her pink, pretty vagina. I had never, ever been so aroused.

I slipped my hand under my skirt and into my underpants. My clitoris stood out hot and swollen and my vagina was so, so wet. Silently I slid my sodden pink underpants down to my knees. I didn't want to make a sound but my clitoris was screaming to be touched. Screened by the bushes, I lifted my skirt to expose my pussy as I, ever so lightly, touched my hot, swollen, wet clit.

For many, many minutes I was mesmerised by the way Jessie's slit stretched as she rubbed up and down-getting faster and faster. I circled my own clit with my fingertip and could feel hot wetness trickling down the inside of my thigh. Jessie's fingers seemed to dance over her vulva and her hips began to rise. Her face was screwed up tight and I heard the tiniest gasp as I watched her bring herself to orgasm.

Her fingers slowed and her chair swivelled away from the window. I crouched down, desperate now to concentrate on my own aching pussy. My swollen clit protruded right out from the thin veil of curly hair, the wetness glistened in the soft glow from Jessie's window. My fingers slipped and slid as I rubbed my clitoris with furious and quick little strokes before and fast, beautiful orgasm splashed and spurted all over my thighs, down my legs, all over my underpants and the dark, leafy ground.

My underpants were as wet as if I had peed all over them. In my silent panting, I slipped them down over my ankles and placed them-musky, sexy and soaking-on Jessie's windowsill. Next to them I placed the book I had brought to return to her.

I tiptoed away, my hairy pussy slippery, wet and naked under my skirt. I felt the arousal rising all over again as I thought about Jessie spotting the little bunch of pink cotton on her windowsill in the morning and wondered if she'd ever figure it all out.



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