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Watching My Friend's Brother

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Since I was a girl I have been turned on by pictures of nude women. While I have come to appreciate the beauty and sensuality of the photos and women themselves, what really gets me going is thinking about all the men that are jacking off to those same photos. I realize that there is some nude photography that is done for art's sake, but come on. Most is purely for masturbation inspiration.

My obsession probably started when I was in Jr High school, back in the '70s. One Friday night I was spending the night at a friend's house. We were in her room getting ready for bed, when we heard her brother go into his room. She told me to be quiet and follow her. She lead me into her closet and up onto a makeshift step. There was an A/C vent in the closet and through the grating, we could see into her brother's room.

She whispered to me, 'He's going to jack off to his Playboys. He does it every night.' At first I didn't believe her, but my pussy started getting moist at the thought of it.

A minute or two later he undressed (He was a high school jock. He had a great body and was real popular.) He then pulled three magazines and a jar of vaseline from under his mattress. He sat on his bed and opened two of the magazines. The third, he lay beside him to flip through the pages, while he toyed with his hardening cock. Shortly, it was totally stiff and he spread the vaseline all over it and into his hand. With his hand and cock fully lubed up, he really started stroking, while he was totally absorbed into his magazine. Every now and then, he would turn the page of the other two in front of him. My pussy was gushing and I was dying to stroke it.

'Is this making you horny?', my friend asked.


'Go ahead and stroke yourself. It's OK.' she said. I slipped my hand into my panties and rubbed my clit, while I watched him beat off to his girlie magazines. After a few minutes he started grunting and groaning. He spewed his cum all over himself. I had a great orgasm as he did.

The next morning, we heard him rustling around in his room. 'He likes to do it in the morning too.', my friend said. We climbed up to watch him again. This time he was seated on the side of the bed with a magazine beside him. His pants were pushed down to his ankles. He looked so hot stroking that fat, greasy cock. This time when he came, he came into a tissue. He cleaned himself up, put away his material, threw the tissue away and went off to work.

After he left, my friend and I snuck into his room. I found the tissue. I felt and smelt cum for the first time. We looked at his magazines. Some of the pages were stuck together. My friend explained that they were stuck because he came on the pictures. We laughed and joked about how gross it was, but I was dying to go and jerk myself off.



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