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Watching My Friend Do It!

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I watched my best friend jack off once, and, looking back, it was one of the most exciting experiences I ever had. It happened when we were both thirteen.

We lived in the country and enjoyed an idyllic swimming hole in the summertime. We were there alone that day, and laying next to each other on a big rock, after we got out. I couldn't help but notice that my friend started fondling himself through his trunks! I was watching him do it, but didn't say a thing. He eventually starts telling me that he is really horny and says, 'Do you want to jack off together?'

I had gone through puberty and was ejaculating, but I was way too embarrassed to do it with him. However, I was suddenly very excited at the prospect of seeing him do it and secretly hoping that he would! So I acted very nonchalant; like it would be no big deal if he did (when, in reality, I could feel my own erection growing and my heart starting to pound!). I told him I didn't want to, but he could if he wanted.

He didn't say a thing, and just slipped his hand into his trunks: OMG! My friend was beating his meat right next to me!

I had to see his dick, so I said, 'Wouldn't that be easier without your trunks on?'

'Yeah, a lot easier', as he pushed his trunks down and exposed himself! I had never seen anyones dick before, much less hard! He was a tall skinny kid, with shaggy blond hair and very fair skin. His dick was amazing; long and skinny like him, and he had blonde pubic hair!

The most amazing part was that although I was circumcised, I didn't at that time know what circumcision was; I assumed every dick looked like mine! So seeing his long, pale and un-cut penis was a total visual shock; his didn't look anything like mine!

I had never seen a foreskin before. His completely covered his head and then puckered to a cone with a little hole at its tip. I lay silently next to him pretending my eyes were closed and that I wasn't at all interested.

It didn't take long however, before I knew he was going to actually ejaculate! He apparently wanted to savor the pleasure, as just when I thought he was about to do it, he stopped masturbating for a second and pulled down on his meat. When he did, his foreskin stretched back just enough to reveal his much pinker and marble sized head, poking out from its sheath!

A drop of pre-cum glistened on the slightly protruding tip and then oozed out of his foreskin when he rolled it forward. His hand again sped up and his breathing turned to panting; OMG! My friend was going to make himself cum in front of me!

The tip of his dick was now poking out with every stroke! A tiny bullet of his jizz suddenly flew over his shoulder, followed by a creamy explosion that sent my friends cum flying in every direction!

When he was done, he just got up and jumped back into the water. We never said anything about what happened that day and it never occurred again. It was however, all I could do to wait until I got home that afternoon and relieve myself; thinking of him ejaculating, and kicking myself in the ass for not doing it with him!



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