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Watching My Ex-girlfriend and Her Sister

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I started going with my ex, Amy, since junior year in high school. I got very close to her family and was allowed to sleep over every now and then. We were only allowed to sleep in the living room, but we had to be apart. We were already sexually active, but on this one particular night I learned something new about her. We had both fallen asleep after watching some videos and left the TV on. I was on the coach and Amy had fallen asleep on the floor below me. For some reason I woke up in the middle of the night and looked down at her and noticed she was laying on her back with the blanket covering her. I noticed the blanket was moving around the area between her legs. So I watched for awhile and realized that she had her left hand between her legs and was playing with her pussy. I started to get turned on watching her. I have never seen her or any other girl play with their pussy before. I just lay there watching her and soon was rubbing myself through my shorts. I began to wonder what she actually was doing under the blanket. I wanted to look but I was afraid I would wake her by lifting the blanket and also afraid of getting caught by any of her family. Then I remembered that Amy was a very heavy sleeper and that her mom had a hard time waking her in the morning to go to school. Finally I decided to it. I got off the coach and lay down next to her. I remembered that she wore only a long t-shirt when she went to sleep. I slowly started to lift the blanket and saw her legs spread apart, her right leg straight and her left leg bent at the knee. When I finally got the blanket high enough to see, her shirt was laying on top of her stomach exposing her pink cotton panties with her hand inside them rubbing her pussy. Because her hand was in her panties, I could see in from the side that she had her middle finger rubbing up against her clit. I couldn't believe that she played with herself when she was sleeping. As I lay there watching her, I pulled my dick out of my shorts and started stroking myself. I didn't care if anyone saw me. I was so worked up watching her rub her pussy I even reached out and lifted the side of her panty so I could see her fingers slide up and down her slit. When I did this, I realized how wet her pussy was. After I had seen that, I couldn't take anymore and started stroking harder until I finally came all over the floor. After I came to my senses, I cleaned up my mess and laid the blanket back over her and got back on the coach. She never woke up and kept on playing with herself under the blanket. I watched her for about 10 more minutes when I noticed her squeeze her legs together and then stop. I guess she had made herself cum but even after that she still never woke up. The next morning, we both got up and she never knew anything. This was the first time I got to see a girl masterbate. I found out after sleeping at her house more, that she did this every time she slept but she never knew she did it. We broke up a year after high school. I never said anything to her about it. I just loved watching her play with herself.
What's weird is, one night her older sister, Ann who was 30, and her family slept over at my Amy's house because of a party the next day. We all slept in the living room. Ann's husband and I were on the couches. Ann and Amy were on the floor. I woke up later and found Ann was laying right next to the couch I was on. I also noticed the blanket moving between her legs. She too was playing with herself while she was sleeping. I couldn't believe it. She wore just a nightgown to sleep in so I was dying to see under the blanket. I carefully reached down and slowly lifted the blanket. Now Ann's older with three kids but she still looked good. She was a little overweight but that just added to her figure. As I lifted the blanket, I found she wasn't wearing any panties and she had her right hand playing with her pussy while she was sleeping. I could not believe that Ann and Amy did this in their sleep.
That was the only time I watched Ann masterbate.
I still see them around but I know their little secret when they sleep at night!!!!!



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