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Watching My Daughters

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Recently, I've been noticing my two daughters (Kristen 16 and Jamie 14, not their real names) going down the kitchen stairs which leads to the garage. They would go there every so often and spend quite a bit of time downstairs.

One day I wanted to see what they were up to, it seemed suspicious to me. I quietly opened the door which goes to the garage, removed my shoes so I wouldn't be heard, and went down a few steps till I saw them, I was startled for just a moment.

They were both naked and Kristen was exploring Jamie. The younger one was standing as Kris was kneeling and looking her over and doing touchy-feely things on her.

'Oh my' I thought. Luckily there was darkness where I was standing therefore they could not see me. As I watched I remembered doing similar things with a girl when I was about 12 or 13. I was about to leave and let them play but I was also curious as to what they will do so decided to stay and spy on them for a bit.

Jamie was still standing facing her older sister. I watched as Kris glided her hands over Jamie's slightly parted legs and kissed them. She kissed her stomach, Jamie giggled, and said 'It feels nice' Kris replied 'I'm glad you like' and asked her to turn around. When she did, Kris still kneeling planted some soft kisses on Jamie's young butt cheeks. Jamie let out a soft 'mmmmm'. She said 'I'm gonna open them up OK?' Jamie simply replied 'k' and Kris leaned forward to look.

It was odd but seeing all this in the shadows from the stairs was very erotic. Hearing their playful laughter, giggling mixed with their heated breathing it didn't take very long for me to feel that familiar throbbing, stirring in my pussy. I unsnapped the top button of my jeans. I suddenly stopped and just watched to see if they would react, to see if they heard that snap. No, they continued in their playful sexual explorations. Quietly, a bit nervously and very slowly unzipped the jeans and slid my hand down and inside my red panties.

My fingers felt the moisture on my hairs and the inside of my panties. Mom's 36-year-old pussy was very aroused as I caressed the plump lips. I kept watching them.

They were standing now facing each other, Jamie asked if she could feel and kiss Kristen's breasts and nipples. Kris put her arms around Jamie and pulled her against her body. As Jamie fondled and kissed them Kris let her head go back and moaned.

Then hand in hand they walked over to an old leather chair. I cautiously went down a few more steps to get a better view. Jamie reclined on the chair and Kris squatted in front of her and opened up her younger sisters legs. 'Show me again how you play with your pussy' Kris said. Jamie was all smiles as she lowered her hands and showed Kris what she wanted to see.

From my angle I could see Kris had her own hand underneath and was more than likely doing herself as she watched.

My breathing was heavy as I slid two fingers deep inside my tunnel, continuing to watch their sexual play.

Kris was fixated on Jamie and would lean forward to kiss Jamie's legs and thighs while wiggling her own fingers down beneath.

'Your pussy is so pink and pretty' Kris told her, I could here Jamie breathing hard now; smiling and not smiling Jamie had a determined expression on her face. Kris whispered 'Make it cum for me Jamie, make it cum'

When I heard her say that I was on fire. I was imaging what Kris could see as Kris's fingers moved more furiously in and out beneath her.

My own fingers were teasing my clit and lips, I was on the verge, it was such a wicked turn on to see my two daughters doing this. My fingers were drenched as my whole body shook from one of the biggest orgasms I ever had.

I nervously let out a deep sigh of relief and immediately went back upstairs, still unbuttoned and unzipped.

That was the only time I watched them. There have been temptations to watch again as I see them go down those stairs. When asked what they are going to do down there, the reply is something like, 'You know, look at some of those old records dad keeps' or 'We love those old vintage clothes you have Mom' I smile and say, 'OK, have fun'.



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