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Watching My Aunt

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Last summer, my mother had to go on a business trip for a week. She did not want me staying at home alone for that long, she had me stay with my aunt, who lives across the state. I have seen her quite a few times, but always on holidays and always around others.

I had never been to her house before, but the first thing that I noticed was that she was wearing a robe, which I thought was odd because it was the middle of the afternoon. After a while, my mother had left and I sat and talked with my aunt for a little while. We then had dinner and I went to watch TV and she headed to her bedroom. Not too long after I had a question for her, so I quietly went up to her room and saw she was on her computer. I know she was looking at porn or something because her knees were squeezed tight and she was rubbing her toes together. Not wanting to embarrass her, I went back downstairs and called for her.

Late that night, after I went to bed, I was wakened by some noises downstairs. Not knowing what it was, I silently went down the steps and peeked around the corner. I saw my aunt moving around in front of the TV, she was putting in a tape and I also noticed that her robe was open. It turns out, the tape was an old porno, and before she went to the couch, she slipped out of her robe leaving her completely naked. I then realized that she wasn't wearing anything else all day long. After a few minutes of watching, she started touching her breasts and eventually, moved her hand between her legs and began rubbing her clit. By now, I had a raging hard-on from watching this, so I quietly pulled off my underwear and stood on the steps as naked as her, and we both were masturbating. With the sights in front of me, I didn't last very long, and carefully I blew my load into my underwear. My aunt wasn't far behind, quickly thrusting her fingers into herself, moaning and shaking on the couch in her own orgasm. I tiptoed back to my bed, and a couple minutes later, I saw her walk to her bedroom, still naked.

The next morning, I woke up kind of early, and after walking downstairs, I saw her in the kitchen reading the paper, and again her robe was wide open, naked underneath. When she noticed me there, she scrambled to cover herself and turned a few different shades of red. I told her that she didn't have to cover up because of me, and asked if she always walked around like that. It turned out, she liked to walk around her house naked constantly, but since I was staying with her, she felt she had to wear something. I told her that she could still be naked if she wanted, and if it would make her feel more comfortable, I would go naked too. She wasn't sure at first, but after some reassuring, she agreed. I quickly ran upstairs and threw my shorts into the dirty clothes, and when I came back down, her robe was on the coat rack.

The both of us naked, she said she needed to lay down one ground rule, that there would be absolutely no touching and nothing between us would happen. Other than that, anything would go, including masturbating, as long as I cleaned up after myself, which I agreed to. When she began making us breakfast, I took the opportunity to take advantage of the new rule and began masturbating right there at the table, cumming into a napkin. When I came, my aunt asked if I felt better, which it naturally did. We then ate our breakfast like nothing had happened.

The rest of that week, when we were in the house or back yard, we didn't have on a stitch of clothes between us. We read, watched TV, swam, sunbathed and even did a little yard work completely nude. When I got horny I masturbated, and she did as well, just not as often. Most of the time it was alone, but a few times we both did either on the couch or outside the pool. But as she said, there was absolutely no touching and it never went any further than masturbating.

Sadly, the week came to an end and I had to start wearing clothes again. On the plus side, though, she said that I am welcome to come back to stay with her again, which I may do the next time I have the chance.



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