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Watching Mutual Masturbation

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Follow-up to Watching Dave Masturbate, Mar 9


Recently I submitted a story, Watching Dave Masturbate, which was a live masturbation session by my husband Dave for me and my friend Debby. Well, this is a follow-up which happened last Friday. This totally caught me off guard!

I was at work on Friday and Dave was at home alone. Since I did not have much to do, I decided to take off at lunch time and have an extra half a day to my weekend. I did not call Dave as I wanted to surprise him, but as it turned out, he surprised me! When I got home I noticed that Debby's car was parked on the street. Debby is my best friend and she was the one who watched Dave masturbate with me. Since I knew Debby was there, I decided to quietly come in the back door. I wasn't trying to 'catch' Dave doing anything because I trust him not to fuck anyone but me. But I figured he would be naked and he is always ready to masturbate so I thought I might see him jerking off for Debby again. However, what I came upon was much more exciting.

When I looked into the living room, sure enough Dave was naked and was playing with his penis in front of Debby. Debby was wearing short shorts and a button up blouse. When I looked in, she was in the process of unbuttoning her blouse. As she finished the last button her blouse fell open to reveal a very sexy bra. At that point she reached over and cupped Dave's balls in her hand while he continued to stroke his penis. She then led him over to the couch and still cupping his balls she pushed on his chest so he would sit on the couch. We have a sectional couch and it is large enough to sit with your legs on the couch and facing each other. She then told Dave to sit so she could face him.

Next she slipped her blouse off onto the floor and unbuttoned her shorts. Dave was watching her and stroking as she seductively unzipped her shorts and slowly pulled them down over her hips. Dave was totally hard and had his entire hand wrapped around his penis and stroking it without taking his eyes off of Debby. My pussy was getting wet just watching all this but I was determined to stay quiet. Since I had a skirt on, I went ahead and removed my panties and began rubbing my pussy as I watched them.

The whole time Dave was stroking his penis, never missing a stroke! By now Debby had 'lost' her shorts and was taking her bra off. As it fell to the floor, she sat down opposite Dave with her legs spread and rubbing her nipples as she watched Dave jerking. She then began rubbing her pussy and, sensing that Dave was about to cum, told him to slow down a little. After he slowed his stroking, she lifted her hips off the couch and slipped her panties off and tossed them to the floor. I was wet and rubbing my pussy wanting so much to go in there to them, but at the same time wanting to see how this would play out. I did however unsnap my skirt and let it fall to the floor as I began rubbing my finger on my clit.

Now with both of them naked, Debby spread her legs and inserted her middle finger into her pussy and Dave was rubbing his balls and stroking his cock with his whole hand. I could hardly believe that I was watching my husband and best friend masturbating to each other and me secretly watching and masturbating at the same time. It was fucking hot!!

Dave was rock hard when he began shooting his cum and he pointed his penis at Debby so the cum landed on her stomach. She now had two fingers in her pussy and she came at about the same time as Dave was shooting his warm cum on her tummy. I could no longer contain myself and I came with a loud noise and that was when Dave and Debby realized I had been watching them. I assured Dave that I was fine with him masturbating for Debby and assure Debby that I was okay with what she had done for Dave.

When I went in the room, I could see Dave's cum all over Debby's tummy and I was surprised when Dave asked me if I wanted to lick Debby clean. Neither Debby nor I are bi, but I could not resist and as I licked Dave's cum from her soft skin I could hear her soft moans. Once clean I could not help but run my tongue over Debby's pussy just once before I sat up.

It was a great way to start an extended weekend and the three of us stayed naked together for the next hour or so just talking. It is so cool watching my naked husband masturbate for another woman!



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