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Watching Maria

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There's a voyeur lurking in most of us, that often excites us greatly, even if we find peeping to be wrong. The recent story 'Always Been a Voyeur' inspired me to share this experience.


Never would I have thought I'd become a peeping Tom; I felt that peeping was deplorable. That all changed one hot summer night when Maria undressed in front of her window.

It was June, 1968, our apartment had no air-conditioning so I'd gone to the roof-top patio to enjoy the cooler night air. We had a great view of the city from ten stories up and could see storms off in the distance. It was a peaceful spot to gaze in the evenings.

The building was L shaped so the bedrooms on the ell were visible from the roof patio and most had their blinds closed. A light came on in Maria's room and I noticed that her window was open as well as the blinds. Maria was a wonderfully cheerful Greek girl and one of our favorite baby sitters.

Maria came into her room and peeled off her shirt and shorts, then sat and brushed her hair in just her panties and bra. She was only 13 but was an early developer wearing at least a c-cup. My heart was pounding and I couldn't take my eyes off her. I thought about unzipping and beating off but was afraid someone else might come out to the patio.

After brushing out her beautiful long hair, Maria took off her bra and panties and lay on her bed reading a book. I couldn't stand it any longer and freed my cock from its confines and started stroking. Her breasts were perfect with large dark nipples and her bush was full and dark. She lay reading completely unaware (I hope) that I was so turned on by her. My orgasm was intense as I spurted cum all over the side wall. It took all I could do to not cry out, but I did not want to alert her that I was there.

Later I felt disgusted with myself, promising never to do that again, but the next night about the same time I went out again 'to enjoy the cool air,' this time bringing binoculars. Maria was already in her bra and panties brushing her hair with her father naked in the doorway talking with her. I realized that their family must be comfortable being nude around each other. That night was a short show as she got dressed and left after brushing her hair and left.

The next two nights I didn't see her at all, but then on Sunday night I got the treat of my life. I was about to give up on Maria, but then she came into her room, stripped down to her bra and panties, then pulled a book out from under her bed and lay on the bed reading. The book was some sort of romance novel with a hot looking couple on the cover. I was beginning to feel disappointed when I noticed Maria slip one of her hands under her panties and begin rubbing herself. Oh how I wanted a better view of that action.

It was if she answered my desire. She stood up removing her bra and panties, then went back to her book and her rubbing. She rubbed the outside of her puss. Perhaps a finger slipped in, but I couldn't see that. Occasionally she'd reach up and rub her firm nipples and then put her hand back on the fir.

After a few minutes she put her pillow in the center of the bed, then lay face down on top of it with one hand between her legs. She started humping the pillow and her hand, this time several fingers were inside her puss. She rubbed her nipples with the other hand. I pulled out my cock and thrust against my hand in the same tempo as her humping. I came much quicker than she did, but kept watching til I heard her crying out in pleasure. Oh that I could have cried out like that.

The rest of the summer was hit and miss. My wife became curious why I was spending so much time on the roof and Maria was out a lot more either babysitting or doing something else. One night she was gone, but her sister came into her room looking for something wearing only her panties. Aleta was 16, very skinny and with almost non-existent boobs. I'm sure she must have been jealous of Maria's great body. It was exciting to see her nude, but it didn't do much for me that night.

Never as an adult have I actively gone snooping into windows, but have often had serendipitous experiences of seeing a naked woman or couples having sex that have led to masturbation sessions and awesome orgasms. I'll share more later if you want.



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