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Watching Lucy

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Towards the end of my last post-grad summer at university, when I was 24, I returned home for a family weekend to celebrate my parents silver wedding anniversary. My two younger sisters were there too-Kate and Lucy. I had not been home for well over a year, and I was stunned by how my baby sister Lucy now looked. Long rough cut blonde hair, as tall and slim as her older sister, and with her famous aqua blue eyes now set in a face of perfect proportions and set against smooth pale skin. Totally gorgeous, and almost unrecognizable as the plump, acne-faced young girl I had last seen nearly two summers ago. Given our age difference I had never had that much to do with Lucy, but now all of a sudden I was captivated by her.

During the course of that first Saturday I kept glancing at her and feeling myself stiffen with desire. She was wearing a tiny denim mini skirt that revealed her pale blue knickers whenever she carelessly sat down on the large armchairs my parents had in the living room. And her breasts, which I couldn't remember ever having really noticed before, were absolutely wonderful. Not huge, but beautifully rounded. When she had sat down to breakfast earlier that day in the long pink tee shirt that she had worn to bed (and which in the right light showed the outline of a tiny pair of panties underneath) I could see clearly the firm pert shape of her tits, as they gently moved bra-less under the thin fabric. And her nipples were beautifully obvious as they pressed up against her soft pink shirt. Everytime she moved, and especially when she leaned forward, it was so exciting. I wanted to play with myself the instant she sat down but of course I couldn't even touch myself and so had to make light conversation with her as my cock uncurled and grew stiff. By the time I left the table I had to carry a plate in front of me to cover the small damp patch of pre-cum on my pyjamas.

Lucy had her boyfriend over that evening and to my surprise he was allowed to stay the night. There was, however, no question of Todd being allowed to sleep in the same room as Lucy-in fact he had to share with me-but he was allowed to kiss her goodnight in her room. That was a process that took longer than strictly necessary and when he came back to our shared room I noticed that he had not been as careful as I had been earlier that day to hide the effect that Lucy has on men, and I could see a clear outline of his stiff cock and a small damp patch on his pyjamas. The thought of him kissing Lucy, and no doubt putting his hand up her tee-shirt to feel those gorgeous tits of hers, and maybe even slipping his hand into her little knickers and rubbing her soft mound, was enough to get me hard again.

I was hard most of that night. Everytime I woke up I had a massive boner, and although I stroked it a bit, I couldn't masturbate with Todd in there. I really wanted to cum by the morning but even though I could have jerked off in the shower, I decided to save it in case a better moment came along. And it did.

Over Sunday lunch I watched Todd and Lucy as they sat and giggled over nothing much. Lucy was wearing a red summer dress that was if anything shorter than the mini skirt she had worn the previous day.. But sadly she was wearing a bra so her nipples weren't visible. Towards the end of the meal I could see that Todd had both hands apparently on his lap, but then his right arm moved a little and I could tell that he was sliding his hand towards Lucy. From the way she reacted, a slight movement and then a fleeting smile, he had put his hand on her bare leg. And I knew of course that once it was there he would slowly slide it up her thigh until he was touching her heavenly panties. And if he could, he would then be sliding a finger or two under the elastic so that he could caress her pussy.

Was she even wearing knickers I wondered? I hadn't had a chance to see up her dress today. But I thought she probably would be wearing panties given how short her dress was. And then I wondered about her pussy. Was it shaven? I thought not, although it was a lovely idea. She was young, and her pussy was probably just ligthly covered in soft blonde hair. My cock uncurled itself and grew stiff again as I thought longingly of Lucy's young pussy.

She was wriggling about a little now, too. Was I the only one who noticed it? I looked around-everyone was just enjoying the meal and the company. It was just me who was noticing what was happening. It was just me-and presumably Todd-who had a cock that was now massively stiff. And just Lucy-I imagined-who had a beautiful wet pussy that was being gently stroked and teased.

At the end of the meal Kate and her boyfried said it was their turn to clear up so we could all leave the table. Lucy said that she and Todd were going for a walk, and asked if anyone wanted to join them. The way she asked it, and the way she was looking at Todd, made me realize instantly that they didn't want anyone to go with them. They wanted time alone. Todd and Lucy were desperate to make love.

God how I hoped that no-one would say that they would like to go with them. If they were alone I would be able to follow them at a distance and with luck I would be able to watch them doing it outside on a lovely summer afternoon. Please no-one say that they would go with them!

And no-one did. So the two of them got ready to go out. I watched them through the half open door to the mud room. Todd was holding her shoulders and she had her face looking up to his and then they were kissing deeply. Todds hands slipped down her back and then down to her bottom. He grasped her and pulled her dress up a few inches, revealing her little white knickers which although not a thong were absolutely tiny. They barely covered her lovely pale bottom, which Todd kneaded gently as they kissed. I was entranced.

Eventually they broke apart and put on outdoor shoes-Todd sockless in loafers, and Lucy in socks and laceless tennis shoes. They slipped out the backdoor without shouting good-bye. I knew they wanted to make sure that no-one changed their minds about coming with them. They needed to be alone.

I watched them through the window as they walked up the path hand in hand. I looked down at the front of my pants. My cock was now so stiff that it was almost comically obvious-as if someone had stuffed a cucumber down there. And I was so wet! I almost couldn't wait now. I even thought about going straight into the toilet and having a wank. What if I followed Todd and Lucy for hours and they never did a thing? Could I wait that long for a wank?

I would have to wait. This was too good a chance to see Lucy without most of her clothes on and-best of all-being fucked. I was shaking with desire.

The path they took across the fields was fairly open so I stayed well back. They weren't very mindful of much though and I could probably have been closer and they wouldn't have seen me. They often stopped to kiss, sometimes for what seemed an eternity. After a while I took the opportunity of one of those long kisses to move into the shadow of the hedge and take my aching cock out and give it a few strokes. It felt heavenly-really stiff and really wet. I just had to be careful not to get totally carried away and cum. I also had to make sure that no-one else was walking along the path-excited as I was, I didn't want to be caught having an outdoor wank.

After nearly an hour of walking we came into a small wooded area. It was quite overgrown and the trees were close together. I was able to get nearer to Todd and Lucy. And then when I was closer than I had been for the entire walk, it happened! Todd moved Lucy against a tree and they began kissing with a passion that was much greater than anything I had seen before. Their faces were almost anguished with the desire and longing for orgasmic relief.

Lucy's legs were already apart as if she couldn't wait for him to enter her. Todd moved a hand down to her thigh and caressed it. Lucy lifted up the hem of her short dress and I could now see how tiny and tight her knickers were. Oh they looked so lovely.

After she had lifted up the front of her dress, Todd slipped his hand down the front of her panties, and slowly rubbed her. I could see her legs buckle slightly, and Todd withdrew his hand so he could hold her with both arms. As he held her, she unzipped his pants. With a little fumbling she then managed to release his cock. Even from where I was it looked impressive. It was longer than I had imagined from the outline I had seen in his pyjamas, and it was thinner too. But god, was it stiff! It was actually sticking straight up, and nearly touching his taut stomach. The poor guy had been kissing and fondling Lucy for nearly two days without relief. That must have been incredibly difficult-how his balls must have ached!

I crept closer. There were large thick bushes between us and I found I could get closer to Todd and Lucy than I had originally thought, possible, but my heart was pounding and my mouth was dry. What if they saw me? It was unthinkable and I almost wanted to go back. But the sight before me, and my own aching cock in my pants, would not let me.

I knelt down, and carefully crawled forward so that I was virtually inside the bush. I was close enough now to hear them. Lucy's voice was a low murmur but Todd's was clear. I could hear him tell her that he was close to cumming already and if he put it inside her he might cum really quickly. Lucy was looking down at his sticking-up cock and then grasped it and began stroking it. Todd moaned.

Leaning back on my knees, I undid the waistband of my jeans, unzipped, and took out my own cock and began stroking. I wasn't sure who would cum first-me or Todd.

Todd pulled Lucy's knickers down to her knees. She was kissing him desperately and stroking his cock but then she stopped, broke away and pulled her knickers right down to her ankles and then took them off. She threw them to one side and then spread her young legs wide as she leaned back against the tree.

Todd started to gently rub her pussy. I could see now that it was just lightly covered in fine downy hair. I could see his middle finger dart into her pussy and I could hear her gentle rhythmic moans. She sounded close to orgasm.

Lucy then grabbed his cock again. She seemed unsure exactly what to do. But she did rub the end with great enthusiasm and at one point the whole cock twitched and I thought he was about to cum.

I was stroking more vigorously now and I was struggling not to moan myself. I usually make quite a lot of noise when I wank and it was really hard not to now. I was so excited I was beginning not to care about anything, and getting to that dangerous point where the orgasm was all I cared about. I might not even care if Lucy saw me shooting great ropes of cum-and the more I thought about that, the more I thought how lovely it would be if she did see me cumming.

Todd thrust his finger back and forth into Lucy, her wetness making a surprisingly loud sloshing noise in the quiet of the woods. It was such an exciting sound, and although I felt like rubbing myself wildly fast, I slowed myself down so that I was rubbing at the same pace as their lovemaking. I was so stiff and so wet, I knew I was dangerously close to cumming. But I wanted to cum when they did, and from the sound that Lucy was making-a repeated oh oh oh in her young excited voice-it was likely that we would cum together.

To my surprise Todd pulled his fingers out of Lucy before cumming, and Lucy turned around. 'Don't stop' she pleaded. I wanted to say the same thing. I was so close to cumming that I was now having to stroke really slowly. Todd turned her round and kissed her. He then undid the buttons on the front of her little dress and then pulled the shoulders straps down to reveal her bra. Such a pretty little bra with what from where I was kneeling looked like a pink bow on the front.

Very deftly for an 18 year old, Todd then reached up behind her and unsnapped the bra. Lucy wriggled out of it in a single movement and as her bra fell to the ground, the most wonderful tits tumbled free. They were firm and pale in color, with small incredibly pink nipples. Her nipples were stiff and Todd flicked at them with his tongue. She closed her eyes, and he ran his tongue over her tits. Each firm tit pointed slightly outwards so that one nipple was pointing a little away from me and one directly towards me. Lucy was moaning more intensely now. As he kissed her heavenly tits, Todd put two fingers back up inside her pussy and the heel of his hand was gently rubbing her mound and clitoris.

I knew I could not hold on much longer. I kept getting that feeling of reaching the point of no return, and each time I managed to hold it so that the orgasm retreated a bit. But not far, and pre-cum was now leaking out almost as if I was cumming. I didn't know whether to give in or to hold on for one more treat.

Lucy was now calling out as Todd rapidly thrust in and out of her. 'Ooh it feels so good, Todd, baby Todd, my baby..God, thank you, God I'm cumming oh thank you, thank you, I'm cumming...

I couldn't hold it any longer. I began wanking furiously and moaning at the same time. As I did so. Todd lowered Lucy to the ground and pulled his fingers out of her. Lucy grabbed his upright cock and gave it two quick strokes before it erupted. I saw two spurts shoot up into the air before landing as streaks of white glistening liquid across Lucy's dress, tits and face. I came at the moment of Todd's second spurt, and although I felt as if I was close to passing out with pleasure I counted four massive ropes of cum shooting from my swollen cock and into the air, before three smaller squirts landed on my thigh, leaving wet streaks on my jeans. I was dazed, and spent, and I had no idea if I had made any noise when I was cumming.

But I had made a noise. I looked up at Lucy and Todd. They were staring straight at me, or at least towards the bush in which I was kneeling and still slowly and reflexively pumping my cock. They must have heard me, and they looked worried now. Lucy was wiping cum from her chin and lips with her arm, while at the same time pulling her dress down over her still exposed pussy. Her tits were covered with streaks of glistening cum. Todd ignored the cum and buttoned up the front of her dress, squeezing her firm wet tits together to get the dress closed up. Although I hadn't seen it as I was so consumed with my own orgasm, Todd must have shot several more massive spurts over her as the dress she was tugging down, and Todd was buttoning up, was absolutely covered in long wet streaks. It was so wet it was actually dripping as she pulled it down.

Although I was still a bit dazed from my own massive orgasm, I heard Lucy's voice, calling out and asking if someone was there. She sounded young and nervous now. She was looking right at me. They could obviously tell someone or something was in the bush, but they didn't seem able to make out that it was me. My cock was still leaking cum, and I felt so spent. But good. Really good, and strangely not scared at all. If they discovered me now, then so what. They could hardly tell anyone. Todd called across, that whoever it was was a pervert and to fuck off. He gave the finger in my direction, but was clearly scared himself.

I remained motionless. Todd pushed his wet cock back into his jeans and zipped up. Lucy looked down at the copiuos quantity of cum on her skirt. 'What am I going to tell her?' She asked Todd, clearly now concerned that our mother would have little difficulty in identifying semen on her little girl's dress. Todd held her hand and led her away. 'We'll wash it in the river and then say you fell in. It'll be fine'

As they walked away towards the river Lucy looked back. She was looking anxiously at me, or at least at the bush. I don't think she could possible know or think it was me. Then again I know that I must have moaned out really loudly when I came. I couldn't help it. So maybe she thought it sounded like my voice. Or maybe she just knew it was someone who sounded familiar.

I never did know that weekend-and I still don't know-whether Lucy suspected it was me who was masturbating and watching her get fingered. Well, she may wonder but she'll never know. Or at least, she'll never know for sure unless she looks into the far back of my underwear drawer. If she were to do that then she would find the very panties and bra that she had worn and then in a panic left behind the day Todd so beautifully playing with her in the woods.

If I want to feel really excited and horny, and want to have a long, wet and really stiff wank, I get her panties and bra out and rub them on my cock and balls, and press them into my face. And as I do that, I remember vividly that day, that most fantastic of wanks. I know I'll never have one that good again-but the memory of it is almost as exciting. And not all of it is just memory. The panties and bra are real-and they're mine now!



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