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Watching Lena

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Last weekend I was watching rugby at a friends house and I have a story which I'd like to share. During the game their 13 year old daughter Lena came in and was flirting around, I think she has a crush on me, but she is very fit and has a good body. She had on a tight vest and mini skirt and has the firmest set of tits ever. Anyhow, I was ignoring her as the game was in full swing. A few minutes later I glanced over and she was sat on her brothers go cart idly watching the game, she had her feet on the pedals which raised her thighs and spread them giving me a direct view of her crotch. My mind was racing and being careful not to make it obvious I stared directly at her. She was watching the game and working the pedals with her feet giving me a perfect view of her tight thighs and knickers which made me rock hard instantly, every movement of her legs made them stretch over her puss.

It was a delightful sight as I peeked at her, looking at her tits straining in her vest and the space between her legs, covered by her sweet panties, the way they bulged over her mound and disappeared behind her bum made me very horny, remembering some of the stories on here about guys whacking off in girls knickers, now I know why

Another time Lena would come around ours after school and wait to be picked up by her mum. Often she would sit in my sisters room watching TV and one afternoon I was going to get something from her room and as I approached I saw Lena with her hands between her thighs rubbing herself. At that time I began to get horny around my sister as she was developing and I found myself getting stiff checking her out, so I stood quietly on the landing watching Lena rubbing away and getting stiff, I managed a quick squeeze before she stopped. From then on I would wait until she was settled watching TV and sneak along the hall way and sure enough her hands would soon start rubbing her special spot and I would put my mine in my shorts and stroke my rock hard cock. She would rub like crazy and then flap her thighs about, rocking her hips as I guessed she got horny too. After a few times I was fixed watching her, she would sit against the headboard, knees up and spread apart showing her panties and she would start rubbing her finger up and down her groove, then as she became excited she would rub herself with all her fingers, spreading her thighs really wide, I would slowly squeeze my cock trying not to cum straight away.

Sometimes she would poke a finger into her panties pushing them up her hole and this was very horny. I trembled with excitement and fear listening out for my mum, I didn't want to get caught wanking myself off watching Lena masturbate. She usually wore quite thin cotton knickers which showed off every bump and bulge of her puss as she worked the soft fabric and it was while I watched her I had the desire to squirt my hot cum into her knickers. Sometimes I would spurt watching her and then sneak off to change my boxers.

One afternoon she was lying on the bed and I became hard looking at her, her dress had ridden up and I had a perfect view of her cute panty covered bum, the leg elastic cutting over the tops of her thighs, the thicker cotton panel in the middle sucked into her and bulging over her puss. The she grabbed my sisters huge teddy and cuddled into it, raising a thigh and resting it on the teddy fully exposing her bum and the sweet spot between her thighs. As I watched she was grinding and riding the leg of the huge teddy, her pink panties stretching as she squirmed, her thighs locking around the furry animal. I stood there for almost ten minutes watching this wonderful sight, Lena thrusting herself and flexing her cute bum, within minutes I was pumping hot sperm into my hand as I stared at her and those lovely pink panties.

Now back to watching rugby I was lost in my thoughts as I looked at Lena and those pretty white panties stuck to her, I caught her eye and smiled, she blushed and I hoped to make her crotch damp as I carefully moved my hand off my cock straining in my jeans. I watched the TV and thought I could see her checking me out so I flexed my thighs to make my throbbing member twitch. A moment later Lena got up and went to the bathroom, I fantasised she was masturbating having seen my stiff cock bulging out of my jeans. I am now determined to find some of her panties to whack off into, when I do the story will be on here.



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