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Watching Her Roped

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This sort of follows on from my first story


I told a version of my 'Magic Show' story to my friend Emmy. She's my closest friend at work and we have talked about sex and stuff before plus we have a mutual interest in 50's clothes being different sizes (I'm busty with a small waist and hips while Emmy is more hourglass but a bit smaller on top than me) we can find stuff for each other rather than fight over the same thing. Anyway Emmy asked if I had ever thought about bondage and that sort of thing. I told her I'd watched a couple of videos but I had found them silly lots of people shouting and so on. She said she found some of them hot but agreed that they were silly.

Anyway a couple of days later we went out shopping after work and then back to my place for a bite to eat. While we were eating Emmy said. 'Jenn I have a confession to make.' I smiled and wondered what it was. 'When you were talking about the Magic Show and how turned on you were I wanted to tell you then.' She continued 'I've been to see a woman who does rope bondage a couple of times. I really enjoy being bound.'

I wasn't sure what to say but I was curious.

'Really why though?'

'I don't know it's just I guess something in me. I wanted to ask would you come along next time I want you to be part of the experience?'

I shook my head 'I don't think I would enjoy being tied up.'

'I just want you to watch while I am roped. I'm sure you would get a kick out of it.'

I told her I would think about it and we finished eating by then, time we finished I told her I would come along.

So on Sunday afternoon I went to a small warehouse apartment in midtown. Emmy had gone a bit before to prepare the way and I wasn't sure if my being there would be okay or if I'd be sent home. I pushed the buzzer and introduced myself and the door opened. I was greeted by a japanese woman wearing a black kimono. Emmy was sitting at a table wearing a silk robe she smiled at me. The woman introduced her self as Kimiko and ran over some ground rules. I was then told to change into a robe. I went behind a little curtain and stripped off and put the robe on then went back out into the room. We were then led by Kimiko into a second room which was a bit darker there was one light and a table which had a lot of rope over it. All organized neatly. I was directed to an arm chair so I sat. Emmy was told to stand in front of me which she did. Kimiko then told Emmy to remove her robe. Now I have known Emmy for a while but I had never seen her naked before. It was a bit of a thrill to have her standing nude in front of me. Kimiko then started to tie rope around the top of Emmy's arms and chest once this was done she turned Emmy around so I could see her bind her wrists together behind her back and then tie them to the rope around the top of her torso. Another rope was passed under Emmy's breasts then Kimiko tied a rope around Emmy's waist to this she braided another rope which she passed between Emmy's legs creating a sort of rope pant effect. Kimiko was both quick and meticulous and soon Emmy was fully roped up. The final thing that Kimiko did was to put a rope though a chuck above Emmy's head, then tie this to the ropes around her back and lift her just off the floor. Kimiko then left.

I was dripping with excitement. But I thought I would have some fun with Emmy. I slipped my left hand into the robe and started to massage my nipple I then slipped my right hand into the robe and started to gently stroke my pussy.

'It really is a big turn on to see you like this. Would you like to watch me bring myself off or shall I keep the robe on?' I asked.

'Please let me watch' Emmy said.

I stood up and untied the robe letting it fall to the floor. I knew that Emmy hadn't seen me naked either so I gave her a little bit of a twirl.

'What do you think' I asked.

'You look hotter than I thought.'

I sat on the edge of the chair and spread my legs wide. I started to massage my clit with my left hand while licking my first three fingers on my right. I was dripping wet and I pushed the fingers in and massaged myself deep inside while still stroking my clit. Normally I close my eyes but this time I kept my eyes open and focused on Emmy. I could see she was enjoying the show. I soon managed to reach an orgasm. I'm a quiet one so I guess all Emmy knew about it was a shudder and that I removed my hands. I took a couple of moments then put the robe back on. I rang the bell which was the signal for Kimiko to come back. I sat back down and watched as Kimiko skillfully untied Emmy. Once all the ropes were gone Kimiko again left.

'Oh god Jenn I am so turned on' She said as she sat on the floor and opened her legs wide and started to stroke her own pussy while rubbing her other hand over her chest, she told me later that after her skin is super sensitive. Unlike me Emmy is noisy and soon reached a noisy orgasm. Once she stood up and put her robe on I gave her a hug and we smiled at each other.

This was a lot of fun and I think it will be the start of something. Kimiko runs courses so I'm hoping the learn to tie Emmy up myself. Maybe sharing stories might well be the best thing I've done.



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