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Watching Her Pee

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I often masturbate each time I remember this.


I was on holidays at the beach and was exploring the north end by myself where there was hardly anyone. I passed a girl sitting on a towel reading a book and something about her looked familiar. I looked a little closer and recognized her as Lisa, one of the girls who works in our office. She recognized me too and I sat down beside her. I guess we were both happy to have someone we knew to talk to. Lisa happened to be staying with some friends but decided to go to the beach by herself for some peace and quiet.
We both sun-baked a bit then found some shade under the trees nearby. Lisa had a two-piece swimsuit—the bottom was really a thong. I was fascinated by a few curly pubic hairs I could see poking out, especially when she bent over and I could look up her bottom. In fact I was starting to get a bit hard but didn't want her to notice. Then Lisa asked if I would mind if she took off her top. Would I mind? She did so in a matter-of-fact way and I got even harder watching her breasts swing free.
She looked so good I just had to put a towel over my erection, sneaking down a handful of sunscreen, which acted as a lube.
Just then Lisa said, 'Excuse me, I have to go and pee.' As she stood up to go into the bushes, I had this wild desire to see her naked and catch her in the act.
I said, 'I better go too,' stood up and followed her a bit but kept my distance to give her some privacy. I saw her head and shoulders disappear as she squatted down, then I lost it and pulled out my cock, moved a bit closer where she could see me and began jerking it.
Lisa said, 'Hey, I can see what you're doing,' at the same time.
I called back, 'I'm gonna come...'
Incredibly she said, 'Show me.'
So I blew my load while seeing her naked pussy for the first time. She had some tissues with her and gave me a couple while she wiped herself with one. Afterwards she told me she fantasized a lot about watching a guy come and often masturbated after peeing while she was still wet. When we went back to our towels we played a bit with each other and I touched her clit for the first time but we had to cover up when a couple passed by. So that was it for that day, though we played with each other a lot later on.



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