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Watching Her Cum (Secretly) on the Couch

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I've been fascinated by women who can cum from the leg squeeze technique for some time now. One thing I notice in all the women who can cum from it always have a huge sex drive.

I was at my buddies house the other night and we were all smoking and having a good time. I didn't know all the people well so I was making sure to be on good behavior especially with not having wandering eyes on the girl.

Which at first was no problem, but then I noticed that she kept opening her legs really wide with her swollen pussy staring right at me (through her pj bottoms). Everyone else was preoccupied with a laptop, video game or whatever. I then noticed that when she would close her legs she squeezed tightly and in a rhythmic way when she laid on her side.

She'd switch it up with crossing her legs, sitting indian style rubbing her mound with one of her heels, opening wide and then laying on her side squeezing secretly, after awhile I noticed her clench her legs together very tightly and stretched her upper body so her mound was pressing against a pillow she stayed like that for 20 seconds and at the end let out a nice controlled sigh as people will do sometimes after stretching, but I'm sure she came. I was leaking precum bad at that point.

After a bit of that I couldn't help it and was stealing glances of her swollen pussy, I'm pretty sure she raised the waistband a bit so it was clearly visible. It was driving me insane. Then at some point it was just me and her on the couch, that's when she REALLY opened wide with her bottoms hugging her extremely tightly. I was dying to just stare at it, but she'd have easily caught me so I was looking at it indirectly. Though after awhile I couldn't help but look and sure enough she caught me almost right away at first I had the dear in the headlights look on my face (because I wasn't sure she'd be mad, even though I'm certain she was trying to get me to look) then I turned it into a goofy grin and I'm pretty sure she smiled back and nothing was said.

When her boyfriend would leave the room she'd open wide probably fixated on if I was looking and as soon as her boyfriend came back in the room she closed her legs right away. When everyone was gone again I noticed her pressing her heel into her mound and sometimes resting her forearm on it moving it gently. Then she went for another O she crossed her legs and squeezed like no tomorrow. It only took a matter of 3 to 4 squeezes to hear her pussy crackling with juices, it was so loud she might have well been fingering herself and she didn't stop squeezing even though she was making noise, she got even more into it.

Nothing will ever happen between Karen and I, but I sure would love to see her cum again and again, even better would be for her to flash me her soiled panties via a skirt or even pulling up her pj bottoms (she was sitting on the couch with her feet on the couch and knees bent up sometimes, so it wouldn't have taken much effort to pull from the back and flash me some creamy wet spot and pull back up to fix/hide her panties.)



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