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Watching Her at Work

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I have been reading Solo now for about 4 months and two days ago I finally had an occurrence happen that is worthy of writing in. Let me start by giving a little background. I work at a rather large company where I sit in a 'U' shaped cubicle for 2 people. My cubicle is at the end of an isle next to the windows. There are hundreds of these cubicles in the building with wall dividers between each set of cubes. The dividers though, don't go all the way to the floor. They start at the tops of the desk and are about 6 ft. high. In the next cube over sits Judy. Judy is in her late 30's early 40's. She is thin with blonde hair and kind of plain, but there is something sexy about her. Maybe it's the way she dresses. She is always dressed professionally but sexy at the same time. Anyway, I sit next to the window, I had a cube mate next to me, and then Judy sat in the next cube over next to my cube mate. About 3 or 4 weeks ago my cube mate got transferred to another department and into a different cube, which left his desk empty. It was early in the morning a the sun was just coming up when I turned to stretch and that's when I noticed I had a perfect view under the desk and right up Judy's skirt. She was sitting at her computer with her legs spread apart about 8 inches and I could see that she was wearing white cotton panties. It was glorious! I could just make out her pubic hair and the outline of her pussy lips. I didn't get much work done that day and I couldn't get that sight out of my mind. I spent most of the rest of the day turned around looking under the desk.
Over the next few weeks I couldn't wait to get to work to see what Judy was wearing. Some days were disappointing because she would wear pants but there were a couple exceptional days where she not only wore a short skirt, but either nylons with no panties or best of all no nylons and no panties, just her bare pussy. I would have a raging hard on the whole day on those occasions. She had a nicely groomed pussy. She had blonde hair on her head but her pubic hair was very dark which made it nice for me to see under the desk. She kept her pussy hair trimmed down short and had the runway about an inch wide. Every now and then she would sit with one leg under her, which left her pussy wide open. I got a great view when she would sit like that.
Two days ago was another banner day that just kept getting better as the day progressed. Judy wore a very short cream-colored skirt and a silky purple top into work. It was one of those days where she didn't wear any panties and I was in my glory as I could see up her skirt. Not long after she got there, I went to get a cup of coffee and noticed that her nipples were hard and erect and about busting through her blouse. She has small breasts but seeing her nipples poking through her top gave me an instant erection. I hustled back to my desk after getting my coffee so that I could see those tits again. When I walked by, I could have sworn she was playing with her nipples. She quickly moved her hand away when she heard me coming and looked a little embarrassed. I just though it was my active imagination.
I sat down at my desk and positioned myself to stare at Judy's pussy for a while. She seemed nervous or something because her leg was bouncing up and down and she kept squeezing her legs together and then opening them up and then squeezing them together again. I was enjoying the show just for the fact that every time she opened her legs, I got to see her pussy. To my shock she reached her hand down between her legs and lightly ran her middle finger over her slit a couple of times. I almost fell out of my chair. She continued with squeezing her legs together and bouncing her leg up and down. I realized that she was horny and getting herself all worked up. Soon she reached her hand down to her pussy again and rubbed her clit a little bit and then pulled her hand away again. She was afraid she was going to be caught by someone. Little did she know that she was already caught! Because we sit at the end of the isle, we don't get a lot of traffic so she started to relax a little. Either that or she was so horny that she didn't care. Either way she started to rub her clit again, this time for a much longer time. Every now and then she would slide her finger down farther between her legs and insert it up into her pussy and then go back to rubbing her clit. Whenever she thought someone might be coming she would take her hand away. Her pussy was glistening with wetness. I wanted to pull my cock out and jack off right then, but guys can't get away with that like she was. The show continued for about 15 minutes when I could see her legs start to tense a little and her speed of rubbing her clit increased. My eyes were glued to her pussy as she reached her climax. I heard a quite moan and then she squeezed her legs together. Her feet even lifted off the ground. I was amazed that she didn't scream out because it was a long orgasm. I almost came in my pants just watching her. When it was over she sat there for another few minutes just holding her pussy. I got up to walk by her and see what she looked like. Her face was all flushed and she was kind of leaning over her desk towards her computer. Her eyes were closed and she had a slight smile on her face. I walked around for a couple minutes to get my boner to go down and when I returned Judy was typing on her computer. I said good morning to her and asked her how she was. She smiled and said she was doing 'fabulous'. I smiled back and said yes you are! She had no idea that I had just watched her masturbate and have an orgasm. I'm glad she didn't because I don't want the shows to end. I didn't get a bit of work done that day and I found myself looking under the desk hoping it would happen again. It didn't, but I did get to look at her pussy all day long. I don't know what got her all worked up like that, but I hope it happens again. By the way, it took me about 10 seconds to shoot a huge load when I got home that night. Thanks Judy!



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