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Watching Her

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This was a regular feature in a longterm relationship just ended, and I really miss it - was I just very lucky or is this common?


She had a beautiful body, although she was usually shy with it. She was slender, dark haired, and slightly dark skinned. Early on in our relationship I got her touching herself - it was nothing new to her of course, but I didn't realise at the time. Ever since then she always knew what to do when the opportunity arose.
One of the last times she did it, I didn't even need to ask. I had been playing with her hair, then nibbling her ear, breathing gently on her neck, all the subtle touches that made her stir. She was only wearing a T shirt and knickers I think, but she was in bed, and I wanted to arouse her, not just jump in. After a while of touching her and working my way down her body, she took over. She pushed me over and pinned me down on the bed, and actually knelt on my arms to stop me doing anything (it started to hurt after a while, but so what).
She slowly pulled her top off, stretching as she did it. Then she looked down at me almost cruelly and smiled. She ran her hands along her body, staring straight into my eyes, and licked one finger before stroking a nipple with it. She could see what she was doing to me already, and spread her legs a bit further apart so that I could see more. So slow it was almost imperceptible, she pushed her right hand down towards her knickers. She stopped. I waited, tense. Then that special moment came and her fingertips passed under the waistband. I watched the bulge moving down the front of her knickers, and starting to rotate. She licked her lips and looked down at me triumphantly. I was close enough to smell her sexual scent. Then I heard the soft sound of her finger stirring her juices, squishing deliciously inches away from me but invisible to me.
Then I begged. I wanted her badly, she shouldn't tease me (of course we both knew that the teasing was the best part!).
'What do you want?'
'Let me see it'
'See what?'
'Your pussy'

'I want to see you playing with yourself...please'
'Alright, but you can't touch'
And she stood up, turned her back to me, and peeled her knickers off. Then she turned. She sank down on top of me and spread her vaginal lips just above my face:
'Do you like seeing me masturbate? Do you like seeing my wet vagina? Do you like seeing me fuck myself?'
She got the middle finger of each hand and pushed them right into her pussy, watching me watching her. She rode her fingers for a while, moist and warm and breathless, scarcely taking her eyes off me, and all the time her beautiful naked body filled my vision, from her pubic hair plastered down with her juices, to her flushed face. Her face was almost the most erotic. While she penetrated her own pussy, she was gradually losing control visibly - her eyes flickered, her mouth opened a little, her breath came in quiet sighs. But she kept watching me.
Pulling her fingers out (there might even have been three by then), she held them up, glistening. She let out a very deliberate 'mmmmm' and slowly and seductively licked the juices off. Again I begged, and again she teased. Her fingers went back down and she parted her thighs until she was nearly touching me, as she vigorously fucked herself. I breathed her in, I strained until I managed to get the tiniest taste, but then she stopped me. She held her fingers in the air again.
'You want to taste vaginal juices?' She paused 'So do I' And she licked her fingers clean, loving every second.
Then she leaned over and kissed me deeply, so that I could enjoy it too.
'Mmmm. I love the taste of pussy, I wish I could have it fresh. I wish I could taste another woman's vagina' And she looked straight at me and started to run her fingers up the inside of her thighs. When she masturbated, she used almost the whole of her hand, and she rubbed round and round, gradually getting harder and faster. Her pubic hair was slick with her juices, and from time to time she slipped a finger inside, just to have another quick taste. She soon lost herself. She knew I was watching, and it was her biggest turn on (as well as a light stroke on her bum, which had her gasping). The eyes shut, the mouth struggled for air, the whole body tensed, and her hand became a blur. Then, with a cry and a whimper, she brought herself to orgasm.



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