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Watching From the Deck

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Watching From the Deck
I want to share something that happened to me the other day. It is completely true. I'm a normal 28 year old involved guy with a 9-5 job.
The other day I got to bed early, but I couldn't sleep. I decided to go for a walk. I walked around my suburb neighborhood. It was about 11:30pm. As I walked past any houses with lights on, I would see if anything was going on. There was a row of houses with their backyards facing the back wall of an apartment building parking lot. There was a strip of grass between the two, which was fairly secluded. It was obscured from the apartment building by the wall and could only be seen by people in the houses. Anyhow, I noticed a light on in one of the houses on the ground floor (the living room, I suppose). First I saw the TV which was in direct view from my position. A girl was sitting on a couch, watching. I could only see the back of her head, but she had nice straight, long, light-brown hair and was slender. She looked like she was doing something else and was only paying half of her attention to the TV. I could see exactly what was on the TV.
She was channel surfing through many boring cable channels. She seemed to be alone. I watched her for a few minutes and decided to keep walking elsewhere. I left and walked around for about another 30 minutes and decided to check up on the TV girl again.
When I returned, I could see that she was still watching TV. Except this time what I saw on the screen made my eyes almost pop out of their sockets. It was a porno! I couldn't see her head. Then, I could see just the top of her head. She was slouched down in the couch enjoying her tape. I became instantly aroused and excited. I decided that this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to catch a woman (hopefully)masturbating to a porno and that I had to get a better view. So, I looked around the side of her house and noticed a small gate through the fence. There was a large fence between the grass area where I was standing and her backyard. It would be too loud and dangerous to climb the fence, so I opted for the front gate plan. I quickly ran around the block to her street and approached her house from the front.
I let myself in (very quietly) through the gate and tiptoed to her back window. The porno was still going. There was a wooden deck at the back of her house. I stepped carefully on to the deck without making a sound. She had the windows closed, so I couldn't hear anything, but that was probably better since she couldn't hear any noise I might make. As I stepped into position I had an excellent view. She was slouched down into a leather couch. Since the couch was right up against the window and I was just outside the window, I was actually only about 2 or 3 feet away from her!
She wore some thin nylon sport pants and a white cotton shirt. She had white socks on. The remote control for the VCR she placed on her stomach for quick access. Her legs were spread with her knees bent. I thought her technique was interesting (different from how my girlfriends had done it). She was using two hands on the outside of her pants, one on top of the other in a steady, vertical motion. She would speed up a little sometimes. Every now and again she would stop and grab the remote to rewind a scene or to skip a scene of the porno. I noticed that the scenes she seemed to prefer were those of a cock being sucked or closeups of one ejaculating.
She was fully dressed throughout the whole thing, but just watching her use her hands to pleasure herself as she fantasized about her favorite scenes made me rock hard. I decided to join in. Right there on her deck, in the dark, I unzipped my pants and unleashed my cock. I stroked it slowly. In a kind of wild way I imagined her catching me and inviting me in to watch each other. More realistically, she would probably freak out, so I just enjoyed the free show. When she stopped to grab the remote, I could see her hands. She had some of the most beautiful hands - long and slender, soft skin, and nicely manicured nails. Watching those perfect hands stimulate her body was amazing. Then, I saw her dip her hands inside her pants. I suspected she was getting hotter. I hoped she would just strip those pants right off, but it didn't happen. I can't complain, though. It was amazing to watch.
Then, I saw her with her hands working up and down between her legs, slowing down a little. She brought her knees closer together and arched her back a little and then slowed right down. This must have been her orgasm because she stopped the VCR and resumed channel surfing the boring channels after that. I waited a few minutes and hoped she would resume, but it was clear that she was finished. I watched her breathing slow down as she calmed down from her obviously much-needed orgasm. Then, I noticed her caressing her stomach. I had not paid much attention to it, because I was watching all of these other wonderous things, but she looked like she was pregnant! She caressed her stomach a few times. At first, I didn't know what to think, then it turned me on even more. She must have been about 25, although never saw her face.
After all of that I decided that it was my turn to cum, so I pumped my cock up and down with my hand and thought about the incredible sight I had just seen. Then, I felt my own knees weaken as my own much needed pleasure approached. I came right there on her deck, just outside her window and it felt incredible.
Then, I walked home in shock, thinking about what I had seen and done. After my long walk (which was supposed to help me sleep), I climbed into bed with my girlfriend, but I still couldn't sleep. I kept thinking of the girl getting herself off in her living room. I had to jerk off again quietly to calm my nerves and then I finally went to sleep. I hope to catch her again sometime.
I would like to hear from any women who can relate to this woman and/or this experience.



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