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Watching Friend and His Cousin

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My sexuality had just started growing, and masturbation became a daily thing for me. I was a bit of a late bloomer at 14, but I was glad to finally be able to do what my older friends had talked about constantly. I had always done the deed in my own room or bathroom, and usually to images or thoughts of other people. This was my first time seeing something live.

I was over at my friend Jesse's house, playing video games with him. His parents and mine were friends, so it meant we were friends as well. I was particularly horny that night, so I was eagerly awaiting my parents to finish up talking to Jesse's parents so that we could go home. It turns out that Jesse's cousin showed up with her parents. Jesse's cousin Natalie (like himself) was Mexican, and she was a beauty. She was average height, a little chubby, but with really big breasts that seemingly fought with her sizes-too-small top for freedom.

She came into Jesse's room and remarked that the parents were talking about boring things, so she decided to hang out with us. We played games awhile and had a good time, all the while Jesse and Natalie engaging in what I even knew at the time to be a joking flirtation with a definite sexual tension to it. I wondered what kind of history they might have had, but brushed it off to continue playing. Jesse and her started whispering to each other and I noticed their characters in the game would continually get killed while they played grabass. It was obvious they weren't paying attention to the game anymore.

Jesse told me to go get him a soda, and as I walked in the hallway to get him one, I heard his door shut and lock behind me. Being 14, I was ignorant about sex, but even I knew what was about to happen. Really wanting to finally see some action, I devised a plan: Jesse's room was set up in a way that you could access his room via his room door, or from the bathroom that was connected to the hallway. He had locked me out in one way, so I crept into the bathroom to check and see if the other way was also locked.

To my eternal luck, I found it not only to be unlocked, but also partially open. I took a risk to open it slightly more to peer through. What I saw shocked me and set me on a whole new sexual path. Jesse was kissing Natalie passionately on his bed. They were upright and kissing until Jesse broke away from her and started kissing her stomach. Her nipples were clearly visible through her thin shirt, and they looked hard as a rock. Jesse expertly lifted her shirt off and her breasts bounced out to show themselves. I was rock hard at this point and panting heavily. I shushed myself so that they would not see me.

Jesse started sucking her nipples and Natalie moaned softly. Her moaning turned me on even more and I found myself subconsciously rubbing myself through my sweatpants. With a suave move, Jesse put his hand down her pants and I saw her face change from a smirking smile to a closed-eyed expression of ecstasy. She bucked and grinded on his fingers for a few minutes till she shuddered with pleasure and laid back down on the bed. I could see the tent in Jesse's sweatpants and I figured he would be next. I practically threw my sweatpants down and locked the bathroom door so nobody would enter into the bathroom while I had my fun. I was peering in and slowly jerking off when Natalie reached over to Jesse.

He laid back and she loosed his cock. It was amazingly large, probably what I now know to be about 8 inches. Much bigger than mine at the time. She started stroking it slowly at first, staring intently at his eyes. She looked at his penis for a few seconds, and went to her purse. She pulled out some kind of lotion bottle and liberally poured it onto Jesse's cock. She started really working his cock over, and I could tell he was getting close. I was also very close and as Jesse groaned and erupted a fountain of cum onto his chest, stomach and Natalie's hands, I felt the familiar tingles. I started cumming and it felt amazing. I kept expecting the waves of pleasure to subside, but seeing this for the first time made my orgasm last about 20 seconds or so. I have never shot that much cum in my life to this day, and as I came down from my high, I noticed the door in front of me was absolutely covered in cum.

I cleaned it up with a few pieces of toilet paper, flushed the toilet, and walked out of the bathroom and grabbed Jesse a soda. I knocked on his door and they opened it. They both looked disheveled and sweaty. They looked at each other and asked if I wanted to take a walk with them. They said it was 'too hot' inside, and I suppressed a laugh as we walked towards the front door.

Thank you for listening to my story.



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