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Watching Dad

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I hadn't intended to spy on my father while he was masturbating under the sunlamp in his bedroom, it just sort of happened. I had been meaning to talk to him about something but for some reason, I looked through the keyhole in the door before going in and what I saw was him, lying on his back under the lamp, legs spread, slowly working his cock into an erection, lubing it with suntan lotion.

I'd seen his cock before in the shower or whatever, but I'd never seen it hard and of course I'd never seen him jerk off- I definitely wasn't going to miss this because by about that age (I think it was 16 or so) I'd developed a real fascination with cocks.

As he slowly stroked his cock to it's full hardness, which looked to be about 8 inches, I felt my own dick start to harden in my pants. I wanted to cum so badly watching him but I was worried I'd miss something so I just let it get hard, deciding to take care of it later.

He was working his cut cock from head to balls with his right hand and rolling his sac with his left. I really couldn't beleive what I was seeing. His cock was slick from the suntan oil and looked awesome. I knew he and my mother weren't fucking much, so he must've had a nice, full sac of cum to shoot. Sliding his hand up and down his cock, I could hear him softly moaning and this made me almost want to shoot in my pants. I couldn't believe I was watching my father stroke that good-looking piece of meat only about 10 feet away from me. I wanted to open the door and replace his hand with mine so I could feel that hard piece of cock in my hand. I wanted to gently squeeze his balls and make him moan and shoot his cum all over me but I didn't dare. I stood there, mesmerised by the sight of his shiny cock standing up out of his patch of jet black pubic hair.

He was starting to quicken the sliding motion up and down his shaft and I knew he was close to cumming. He and I jerked off in pretty similar fashion and I could imagine exactly what he was feeling, as the cum starting boiling inside him. Faster and faster he stroked, while I was getting harder and harder myself. I could feel the precum on the end of my hard, 16-year old cock and I was dying to beat off with my father. Instead, I continued to stare at his cock, the cock that had produced me, the cock that slid in my mother's pussy, the cock that she'd sucked and drained the cum out of. His hand soon became a blur as he worked it up and down his shaft. Fuck, here I was watching my father about to shoot his load!

His hips started to twitch and come off the floor and it was clear he was ready. With a few more strokes, he came, shooting thick white spurts of cum all over his chest. Why didn't I go in there? I could've helped him clean up the cum, I could've cleaned his cock for him or maybe even get him hard again and have him cum all over me! Instead I just watched him come down, his cock slowly losing its hardness. Fuck, I was so horny (and am now)- I just had to cum!!

Downstairs to my room I went, without even bothering to close the door or even look through one of the many hardcore porn mags I usually jerked off to. All I could see was my father, working that beautiful cock until it came all over his chest. I had my cock out in seconds and took the briefest of moments to admire it. Cut, about 7 inches, nice big head- fuck, I love my cock. With about a dozen strokes, I shot a load of my own all over my chest. It was one of the strongest orgasms I'd had and I was lightheaded for a couple of moments.

Lying there, with cum all over my chest, I almost wanted my father to walk in on me so he could see that we were both really into jerking ourselves off and cumming anf that we both shot nice, thick loads of cum.



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