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Watching Brandon

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I was spending the night at my best friend Ashley's house. She has an older brother and an older sister. Her sister was gone at a friends house. Her older brother is really cute. Ashley and her sister share a room and Brandon gets his own across the hall. You can see right into it from Ashley's room. Normally both Ashley and Brandon had their doors shut, they never really got along and argued constantly. Ashley and her sister have bunk beds and Ashley sleeps on top. Her sister was gone like I said, so I slept on the bottom bunk.
Ashley kept her room door open because it was really hot in there, she didn't have air conditioning like Brandon. So we fell asleep and I woke up at 7:30 in the morning. Ashley is a heavy sleeper and her parents were already at work. Her sister was still gone. I got up to get a drink of water. Brandon's door was shut still. I have only talked to him a few times. When I got back and laid back down to try and sleep some more, I was surprised to see Brandon's door wide open. He was sitting on his bed in his boxers and sliding his hand around on the front of them. I slowly leaned on my arms so I could get a better view but not to startle him. Ashley's breathing was heavy so I knew she was still asleep. I watched as a tent formed on the front of Brandon's boxers and he slid them off. I didn't say this before, but he has a body to die for, and then I got to see his huge erect cock now too! From where I was sitting, I would've figured it to be about 8 inches hard. He slid his hand up and down his uncut shaft carefully, sliding the foreskin up and down and breathing deeply. He carefully massaged the head and then made his way back down to the base and up again. As his speed and breath quickened, I wondered why he was doing this with his door open? It's shut every other time, why not now?
He was soon thrusting his hips and breathing with his movements. I just watched, amazed at the great show. After a second, he arched his back, let out a quiet moan and shot four thick ropes of cum onto his bare chest and laid back on his pillow, exhausted. I realized I was wet from watching, and Ashley (thank God) was still asleep. (That girl could sleep through a tornado) Brandon stood up and started to walk towards his door. I quickly laid back down from my propped up position and closed my eyes so he wouldn't think I was watching. After he walked by, I heard him walk into the bathroom and run water for a moment. I opened my eyes, replaying through my mind what I had just saw and without hearing him coming, he appeared in the hall between our doors with a washcloth and a half hard boner sticking straight out covered with cum.
My jaw dropped and I jumped in surprise. He didn't seem startled though, in fact, he said, 'So did you like it?' 'Yeah.' I answered. 'I wish I could've helped though...' He grinned and beckoned for me to follow him in his room. I took the washcloth from him and started rubbing it on his dick, trying to get the cum off and from my rubbing and massaging, he was soon completely hard again. I was ready to help him this time, I worked with my hands for awhile as he laid back, then I played my master card, I added my mouth and blew him. He said it was the best he had ever gotten. Fifteen minutes later Ashley woke up and went to the bathroom so I snuck back to her room after getting a kiss on the cheek from Brandon. I'll tell you what happens next time... ;D (sorry so long!)



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